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June 2010 Issue 12; 2010.4
In This Issue
1. Astro-weather words and video
2. Class reminder
3. Anne’s next IONS lecture
4. Podcast: Hypnogogia
5. Podcast: Laughter
6. Astro-Remedies for Tough Times.
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Dear Anne,Are you ready for change?   I hope so!  This summer is full of it.  I think 2010 is the year that we’ll look back on in 2012 and say “Oh, THAT was when it happened.”This newsletter has podcasts, videos, and announcements, so here’s

what you’ll find in the articles below:
  • Astro-weather Notes and Beversdorf Briefing (video)
  • Class Reminder (Thu, June 3; Thu June 17)
  • Anne IONS Lecture announcement (Austin)
  • Podcast: Hypnogogic States:  Dr. Sirley Marquez Bonham, Ferme Lab physicist, speaks on hypnogogic states and spiritual experience.
  • Podcast: Mark Iberg offers us the experience of laughter as a healing modality (with research thrown in because, as Mark says “we’re supposed to mention it”).  You can learn to heal here.
  • Astro-remedy book
  • How to reach me, get a consultation, etc. (please do!)


And remember, rates increase June 8th, so schedule your appointment soon!

Much love to all–and keep dodging the ‘skeeters!


1. Astro-weather notes and Beversdorf Briefings
Photo by Joe Bergoiata

Click the Beversdorf Briefings link for a quick video on the continuing astro-weather.  The general picture?

Uranus and Jupiter are both entering Aries–Uranus on 5/28, and Jupiter on 6/6.  Aries is an impulsive sign and Uranus is the planet that brings surprises, shocks, innovation, upheaval.  Jupiter just makes things bigger, in this context.  These are huge energy patterns by themselves, but they participate in the world-changing “cardinal climax” with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto all entering cardinal signs.  What do cardinal signs do?  They act FAST and they act on the world stage, so this is a year of (yes, even more) dramatic upheavals.  The lunar eclipse of June 26 ties all these planets up with Mars (aggression, action) and packs a punch.  If you have planets in early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, these energies are changing your life too.  If you don’t know your chart, you can probably guess by the level of upheaval in your life–or you can call me for a consultation…  email me here.

2.  Astro Class Reminder:
Thursdays: June 3 and June 17

Contact me if you need directions to the class location (far NW Austin).
A quick reminder for the 2nd and 3rd classes of this series.  If you missed the first one, you can step in now and not be lost.  We’re still looking at the esoteric underpinnings of the 12 signs of the zodiac.  And on June 17, we’ll start studying the linkages between signs and planets.  This is the beginning (for those who’ve asked) of a study of dispositors, and their importance in getting the deeper meanings out of a chart.The first class was recorded.  Nothing fancy, but if you want an mp3 of the class for $5, email me here.

We’ll start promptly at 7 pm
Cost of class:  $15 or donation.  If you don’t have the money, offer what works for you and come anyway.

3.   IONS LECTURE, June 22, 2010
by (yours truly).
Learning the Dance Steps to Life:  Recognizing Archetypal Energy Patterns and Learning How Not To Get Your Toes Tromped On.

Tuesday, June 22, Austin Center for Spiritual Living, 4804 Grover.  6:30 pm, gathering; 7 pm lecture

Have you ever had a day where you were so confident you felt like you could do anything?  Have you ever felt burdened by responsibilities or fatigue that simply won’t go away?  Have you ever laid awake night after night while your mind spins like a gerbil in a cage?  Have you ever felt like your life just entered a fog-bank, and you can’t see where you’re going and lose all sense of direction?  Have you ever felt like everything in your life was spinning out of control and anything you do to “fix” it just makes it worse?  These are all signatures of specific archetypal energy patterns, and when we don’t learn the archetype’s dance, we can get out toes tromped on.These questions and more apply to archetypal energy patterns the world is encountering this year.  And you’ve encountered at least a few of them in your lives already.This lecture is not about astrology, although astrology offers us the archetypes of planetary energies to hang a story on.  This lecture is about recognizing energy systems with at least the precision of recognition weather fronts.  When you learn to activate your inner observer, learn to recognize the system you’ve encountered, and learn the alternate ways to utilize the energy pattern, you can turn lemons into lemonade, or turn a blizzard into a cozy encounter by a fireplace.

The music is already playing.  Are you ready to learn the dance?

(This link includes not only the podcast, but also a wonderful bibliography and additional links to a paper on the topic.)

Using introspective experiences to develop skills like Remote-Viewing, Lucid-Dreaming, Out-of-body Experiences, or for the development of Spiritual Experiences Hypnagogia is a generic label given to sensorial perceptions that happens “automatically” – without conscious control – while falling asleep, or while awakening from sleep. Hypnagogia may also happen while a person is meditating – or while in trance-like situations.

In this talk Dr. Bonham explores what can be learned from the perceptions we encounter during the sleep/wake thresholds, and from trance-like situations usually encountered in introspection practices like, for example, meditation and hypnosis. The most common and accessible skills that can be developed through situations of hypnagogia are lucid-dreaming and out-of-body experiences. Dr. Bonham offers various examples of situations where the explorer discovers him or herself in contact with something that could be interpreted as a higher-self, or by a surprising meeting of a spiritual teacher or guide to help along the way.

(This link includes the podcast as well as Mark’s fabulous bibliography on laughter and consciousness.)

Gelotology, the study of laughter and laughing, has revealed in no uncertain terms that laughter has multiple and measurable beneficial physiological consequences.  In addition, Positive Psychologyhas shown that emotional states have physical repercussions.  The good news is that through conscious effort, we (the species…not The Species) can control internal states [of consciousness, mind and body] as opposed to being at their mercy. The lecture includes discussion and experiential demonstration of therapeutic laughter, beneficent emotion and also introduces the Shibashi form of Qigong. This gentle, powerful and ancient practice is one of many practices useful in strengthening ones conscious awareness and control of the internal state.

If an argument against the power of consciousness on wellness is made based on science…much evidence is being ignored.  Paraphrasing Dr. John Shinnerer, author of Guide to Self, “There are literally thousands of peer reviewed studies demonstrating the role of emotion on physiology.”  Just as we are affected by external environmental characteristics, our internal state is, at minimum, as significant and definitely more within our control.

“Astrologicical Remedies for Tough Times”    E-Book (Only $9.00)
ebook The ancient Vedas not only include astrology (“the science of light”)… they also include ways to shift the energies in your life to a more harmonious, healthful, and happy pattern.   In this ebook you’ll learn which weekday is Your best remedy day, and you’ll learn lots of creative, interesting, odd, inexplicable and effective ways to shift the energies at work in your life.  (Yes, odd as it seems, they really work.)

You can learn more about astrological remedies here, and you can order the ebook by sending me an email here.  You can use paypal, a credit card, or send me a check–just state your preference in your email.

Contact Anne for an in-depth astrological reading, or use the “Catch-Me-If-You-Can” option for quick answers to immediate crises.   Clients rave about Anne’s deep insight into their personal lives and the practical ideas for moving forward.
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Thanks for being here, and ’til next time…  may all life bring you joy!
Anne Beversdorf
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