Vedic Remedies: Lecture Podcast

May 30, 2012

When life gives you lemons, is there an option other than Lemonade?  Yes.  There is.  This lecture illustrates the effectiveness of using Vedic life remedies to enhance our journey through life.  I compare our life experience to going through the grocery store using a cart with a wobbly wheel.  It takes so much effort to avoid crashing into things that we forget our purpose and the journey becomes a struggle.  Vedic life remedies metaphorically repair the wobbly wheels in our lives.

The remedies are based on ancient principles from the Vedas, with specifics updated for modern western lifestyles.

Lecture for United Astrology Congress, New Orleans, 2012

Anne Beversdorf

This conversational lecture got great reviews.  It’s about principles of remedy systems and how to improve one’s life with remedies based on Vedic principles.



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