Tibetan Healing, cont.

November 18, 2010

After waking from the dream, I decided to practice the technique.  In a minute I’ll try to describe more clearly the internal process, but I’m still trying to figure out if this is ‘real’.   So first I tried, in the shower, with my vision (which isn’t great).  It might have been my imagination, but it seemed like I could see more clearly.  Then I tried thinking of a friend with some chronic health issues, including exhaustion and frequent depression.  I practiced on her, and was simply filled with a sense of love and joy as I did the process.  Then I remembered another friend whose husband had been in a serious motorcycle accident.  I “rolled him around” in my brain a bit.  And then I emailed them both.

That evening I got a phone call and an email.  The friend with chronic health issues was bubbling over with energy.  She said she was in a circumstance that afternoon that was usually unpleasant and challenging, but suddenly she realized she was incredibly happy.  And her energy levels went up, and she kept apologizing for talking a hundred miles an hour, but she had so much energy…    And the email, the husband had noticeably less pain that afternoon.

I don’t know if this does anything long-lasting.  I don’t know if it’s supposed to.  But I’m still playing with it.

More Description:

As I said before, trying to describe the process the teacher was showing me is SO difficult, because it took place entirely on a non-verbal and non-physical level.   But I can’t describe it without referring to physical things–like a blast of water, or pushing it around with fingers.

It’s more like an energy blob of indeterminate shape is placed in a spherical chamber inside my awareness.  As my attention is on the blob, energy pressures in the chamber knead the shape, changing it.  In the process, the blob shape twists and rolls in the chamber, with parts of it seemingly pushed in, others bulging out.  I have no idea what the shape is, or why there needs to be this twisting or rolling, but the Teacher would reach inside my mind and nudge it one way or another as a way to demonstrate what I was to do.

I think it’s OK to use familiar images, like blasts of water, or manipulating the blob with imaginary fingers, but I also get that the visuals connected to the world we know are a film that may interfere with the process.

I’ll let you know as I continue to play with this.   If you want me to do this during a reading, I’ll be happy to.


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