The Secret of Happiness

November 5, 2009

—and the planetary energies of Winter 2009-10.

THIS IS THE ISSUE OF NOW!  Saturn/Pluto energies are the keys to this discovery.

Yesterday I talked to a friend who hit a classic Saturn/Pluto crisis issue.   Saturn is fear things won’t be the way YOU think they SHOULD be, and Pluto is fear that you have no control at all.  (pssst–a secret:  you Don’t).

As we’ve said before, Pluto’s cycle is so long that no humans have lived through an entire cycle.  Only a few of the very oldest humans, and only in some generations, have even lived through a half-orbit of Pluto.   If you think of Mars’ two-year cycle and the infamous “terrible twos” of children awakening to the energy of their own Mars, and then you think of know-it-all Jupiter’s 12 year cycle and a 12-year old kid’s know-it-all attitude as they complete this first phase, you can begin to get an idea of how important the complete cyclic experience is.   Not one of us will ever have this understanding of Pluto.   It is beyond our control and also truly beyond our comprehension.

And it usually brings upheaval.  Why?  Because Pluto’s aim and goals for us are so far beyond our comprehension that we just don’t “get it” when our wonderful boss gets replaced by an ogre, or our company’s health insurance policy, on which our life seems to depend, is seriously reduced.   We aren’t capable of seeing the long view here.  And with Pluto, the long view WILL be good, as long as we stop trying to control what we can’t control.

The kind of control we can have when Pluto is involved is Self Control.    Recently an acquaintance set off my Pluto buzzer in a trivial, but still intense way.   By attacking my friends, I feared he was changing an amiable and nurturing group into a dangerous place where people would be fearful of expressing themselves.   In a dream, I saw a mother protecting toddlers by placing a mason jar over a scorpion.   When I woke, I went to my cupboard and found a Mason Jar.  ATLAS MASON, it said.   I turned it upside down on my coffee table to contain “his” dangerous energy.   A few days later I realized that my enraged fury was the scorpion that needed to be contained.  So now the upended ATLAS MASON jar is a reminder for me to control my over-reaction.

The irony about Pluto reactions is that they are SO intense, and SO sudden, that even someone as obsessed with Pluto symbolism as I am can be overtaken by the flashfire of reactivity before recognizing the true cause.  It’s totally absurd—here I was, obsessed, angry, unable to think of anything else, unable to sleep — this level of intensity can ONLY be Plutonian…  and it took me days to recognize that my only path was Self Control… and trust.

Now we’re getting to the secret of happiness.  Only one more detour.

Have you ever seen those advertised seminars that tell you how this or that spiritual technique will make you rich, or how getting rich is an indicator of spiritual advancement—and taking this or that seminar will get you there?   (Shades of Calvinism!)  Why do people want to get rich?  Why do people want to “get spiritual” for that matter?   Really–Why!   It’s because they think this will make them happy.   When we are going through an intense Pluto time we want things to be different, because we think if things are different we will be happy.  Have you ever seen a truly happy person?  (To be picky here, maybe the word “happy” isn’t the right word, as it suggests “happenstance” and thus temporary conditions.  Let’s use the word JOY.)  Look at the Dalai Lama.  His presence is surrendered to happiness.

Why are we unhappy?  Because things aren’t the way we think they SHOULD be (Saturn).  The Abraham teachings say that we must be as happy now as we will be when the desired condition manifests.   That, they tell us, will bring the desired condition to us.   But if the point is to reach happiness, it doesn’t matter if the condition ever arrives.  If we are happy now, we are happy now.   If we have joy now, even if the desired condition never arrives we will always be in a state of joy.

I have the deepest respect and admiration for Byron Katie, who has reached a state in which every single moment and every single circumstance coming to her awareness is seen as “perfect” and as a cause for joy.  She can live this despite a rare corneal ulceration in both eyes causing her extreme pain and intermittent periods of blindness.   This is truly a Saturn/Pluto joy.   She has SURRENDERED (Pluto) her idea of how things SHOULD be (Saturn), and in this surrender has found the TRUST that the larger picture is perfect.   In our yin/yang universe, all is in balance at all times.  All is in perfection at all times.  The tragedy of one spot is balanced by the celebration in another.  The answer is not to erase both tragedy and joy to reach a homogeneous condition of stasis.  The rocking motions between yin and yang are part of the ongoing perfect creation of our multiverse.

If you can create the happiness within you that you believe you would have if all your dreams came true, you have created the miracle.  Truly, all your dreams HAVE come true, even if not a single atom of your physical life has changed.

Pluto creates such deep discomfort in us that we are forced into new situations.   It is experiences like this that make people say that suffering brings enlightenment.   In periods of such discomfort, Pluto holds the promise of joy.   After long periods of pain in my life, I finally decided that my next “lessons” would come through Joy.   It’s a decision.   It’s possible.   How?

When you find yourself in a place of pain, look around your inner and outer landscape and use your imagination to find something to do that will give you peace, joy, or happiness in this very moment.  It could be making cookies.  It could be taking a walk in the park and deeply breathing the seasonal air.  It could be listening intently to your favorite music.  It is anything which involves all your awareness and all your senses.  (It is NOT watching TV or eating one more pint of Ben & Jerry’s.)

This is the beginning of the path to total joy.   This is the secret of happiness.   It’s very simple and not always easy, but always joyful.   By following this path, the joy of the universe will open to you…  “the peace that passeth all understanding”.    And who needs anything else?


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