Review of Anne’s Lecture, Jan 10

January 10, 2012

Audio AND Video of this lecture/powerpoint presentation will be coming soon.  In the meantime, Jeannie Goldwire wrote to an astrologer’s group on Facebook:

“I went to Anne’s lecture for the IONS group. It was So packed, I had trouble finding parking! And I sat on the floor for part of it (gladly so). Anne is one of our best diplomats — spreading the word — making astrology appealing and palatable to the more general public (although I must say IONS people are definitely more open-minded that the regular general public). Every time I hear Anne talk, I feel validated in my experiences … like I am not crazy, there really is a reason why certain things have been going on. If you read her newsletter, you will find the same will be true for you. Example: my To Do Lists nowadays are empty threats and I often don’t follow through on them (= Saturn’s ways don’t work as well anymore); my “bug antennae” are my best guide for what is to be my next step (Neptune ingress to Pisces).”


WOW!   Thank you, Jeannie!


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