Dental Enlightenment

April 27, 2016

I’m not gonna say how MANY years it’s been since I’d seen a dentist. Finally did though, and was pleased to have NO cavities, but I did need an old one replaced and some “deep cleaning” done. Now, I’m completely terrified of dentistry, so the only way I can get through it is bring my music and earplugs and ask for gas, the hope being is that I can lose myself in the music. Once in a while more happens.

This was one of those times. I’m beginning to realize that much of what I experienced simply can’t be shared–it was beyond linear mind. Lots was happening at the same time, and all of it was connected. Two concepts downloaded strongly enough that I can apply language to them, and one affected the way I interact with the world outside me–so I’m sharing these with you:

1. Consciousness is everywhere, and is exquisite in every form. I used to think that there were levels of consciousness–as in, people had more or ‘better’ consciousness and animals somewhat less and plants have just a little bit. What I was seeing is that EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE is conscious, and that level of consciousness is absolutely exquisite. A rock receiving drops of water is exquisitely (and obviously non-verbally, non emotionally–in human terms) conscious of the soaking water shifting its essence. Sand is exquisitely conscious of our footsteps. The difference isn’t how conscious they are, but what they are conscious OF–and whatever they are conscious of, it seems (and in fact IS) infinite. Linking the universe is the one thing that everything in the universe is conscious of: Loving Goodwill.
As we interact with nature, the world outside ourselves and other people, we can affect their experience profoundly by treating everything with personal, loving goodwill. When I kick the rock off the sidewalk so folks don’t turn their ankle, I do it with goodwill for all. The consciousness of the rock matches that loving goodwill and the unexpected movement is a move toward good. I interrupted the dentist at this point and asked her to write down “Rocks, earthquakes and Love.”

2. The next words I asked her to write down were “Love puts the balance on everything.” I was noticing I would move my mouth and then notice she was saying something to me, and THEN I realized she was asking me to move my mouth. I couldn’t hear her over the music, but my body responded as if I did even before I was aware of her communication. I watched this happen for a while and then realized two things–1. that since we were both people of kindness and goodwill the communication was automatic. My attempt to make the process easier for her AND me made me physically receptive to her requests and 2. I could stop worrying about what she was saying because my body was handling that for me. (WOW–I could just pay attention to my ‘trip’ and trust my body to take care of itself!). The concept of loving goodwill also means that we must treat ourselves with loving goodwill, and when something feels wrong in our body we must adjust in a way that allows us to blend non-confrontationally with All-That-Is. (Hmm… so we’re to fight Illness with love–not destructiveness!)

3. … and then, over the past few days, I realized something else: This newly recognized ability to trust my body even when I had no words to hear or other info, and realizing my body was doing exactly what the dentist wanted me to do makes me realize how often my body is sending me messages I ignore because my brain has another idea. I have started responding to my body as a loving carrier of messages. When I feel “icky” about something I am responding to the “ickiness” instead of some idea that I “should” follow through on it. It seems to be making my life run more smoothly. Very interesting :-).



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  1. Paul Cragg on November 21st, 2016 5:21 am

    Dear Anne,

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

    What a wonderful vision. Love. Love Love. All is all consciousness. All is all Love!

    How can I keep in contact with you? This article is from this year but your newsletters seem to finish in 2014 when I click on newsletters on this website.

    I would love to share this on Google Plus…’s getting much more popular and very fast…but there is no share button even on “more”

    (Since writing words above….I just read article by article by you….the one on Pluto. Guess what happened? I couldn’t stop the exhilaration of the wonder of self discovery…..Seeing myself, the energy that I am in the stars and at the same time the stars in me. I must have said “Wow” to myself inside twenty times. Pluto has always been on of the most mysterious aspects of who I am and why I do what I do….and of course what he is doing to the global political and financial system right now)

    So now I’m connecting with you in as many ways that I can from a computer point of view (My light and heart nature are deeply bound up and will draw us together physically I am sure….I’ll be in the States next year)

    Hopefully, Lord Saturn will allow me some time that also suits Mercury’s diary before then!

    In love and gratitude


  2. admin on November 21st, 2016 3:04 pm

    Hi Paul. Can you email me? [email protected]. I am SO appreciative of your post and also absolutely need help with my website, which, in my ignorance, am jerry-rigging as I go and it’s hard! We need to talk!

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