Congresswoman Giffords, and trends of 2011

January 8, 2011

Over the holidays I’ve been asked what we might expect for 2011.  I answered that I haven’t done a serious analysis of the year yet, but the one thing I do see is the possibility of political assassinations.

Unfortunately, the assassination of a judge and attempted killing of Congresswoman Gifford of Arizona bring this closer to home.  This follows the assassination of a Pakistani Governor by only a few days.

The reason for this involves planets that were active in the series of assassinations in the Mid-1960’s.  This time the rebel planet Uranus, about to enter angry and impulsive Aries, is traveling with Jupiter, the planet that makes things bigger.  These planets are squaring the phoenix planet Pluto, the planet of death-rebirth, or total transformation.  The square is a challenging aspect that forces action.  And Uranus is in an OPENING square to Pluto, which is a crisis of action.

These are long, slow aspects, and I expect to see more ‘revolutionary fervor’ (e.g. political violence) after Uranus enters Aries again in March.  Most of this year will be a collective reaction to these planetary positions.

What’s the point in making predictions like this?   Collective events are a result of individual consciousness.  If we are to contribute to sanity here, each one of us must learn to recognize our own anger and reactivity.  Not only must we act sanely, we must THINK sanely and FEEL sanely.  If a room of angry and upset people contains a few who do NOT lose their cool, who can stay on the scene and stay calm, the nature of the group will change.  Most of us choose to leave the reactive group and hang out with others who can stay cool, and while this is not bad, we only indirectly affect others this way.   IF you are one who can stay calm and centered around others who have lost their cool, your greatest contribution is to mingle with others.   Either way, our  job now is to stay calm, cool, collected, and centered.


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