01/04/09 What’s Up with this Blog.

January 4, 2009

Another cold front blew in last night.  I wonder if that’s what got me up so early (for me–5 hrs of sleep is early no matter what the time!) and totally excited about working on my web sites.   And blogging.

Right now, the biggest thing on my mind is learning more about Photoshop and WordPress, which you don’t want to hear about.   So what I’ll do instead of telling you what’s on my mind is tell you what I’ll be blogging about, which, this post aside, will be blogging about what’s on my mind.

For years I’ve been known to read, hear, or just plain think about something odd, and then tell everyone I run into about my current monomania.   My interests tend to cluster around the “new” sciences, future studies, astrology (of course), astrology sessions with clients that make me think something new-to-me about the human condition, politics (recently especially, but I won’t go into that much here for now), and my own personal Aha’s (psycho-spiritual personal growth).  

This Christmas, the whole family was here in Texas–first time since 1964.   It was really a spectacularly successful family get-together, if I do say so myself.   And of course, I noticed–again–that our family’s style of conversation is generally sequential monologues on whatever topic is the current obsession of the individual family member speaking.   It works for us–we’re all used to it.   It will possibly work for blogging, too, even as I welcome you to add your own comments.  The only way it can possibly work in conversations with friends is if I’m either interested enough for them to keep listening, or they’re patient enough to put up with it.  

Sometimes my brainstorms get sent off to someone as an email.   I think some of those may be worth reposting if I get stuck.   This is a work in progress, and the more folks involved the merrier it will be for all.  

For now…   this is enough!



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