Towards 2012

July 28, 2010

Changing the Hearth

Here’s what I’ve been thinking:  The powerful planets lining up in repeated collision patterns this summer are important, I know, because they are all crossing “Zero Cardinal” in the tropical zodiac: The World Point.  But of course, I’m also a Vedic astrologer, using the sidereal zodiac.  In that system, these planets are playing around 23 degrees of mutable signs.  So why do we consider these important degrees?

Wheels within Wheels

Because….  These are the cornerstones of the earth in time.  The planets of this summer are crossing and recrossing the solstice and equinox points: The four corners of the year.  The foundation stones of Earth.  Solstices and equinoxes link our planet to the sun and moon and solar system.  They measure our earthly calendar, orienting us in both time and space.   THESE are the points that are being rocked this year.

The planets involved in this pattern (Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and sometimes the faster planets) were tangled up with each other in the mid 1960’s as well.  Certainly those were years of tumult, change, and new ideas entering the zeitgeist.  But at that time none of these big planets were crossing the Solstice/Equinox points–what I’ll be calling the “cornerstones” here.

The Mayans describe the end of a world age as a “changing of the hearth”.  Suddenly I’m seeing that they are speaking quite literally.  The cornerstones of our understanding of time and space are very much our spiritual “hearth”.  And the summer of 2010 is the peak point of applying metaphorical planetary sledge-hammers to the cornerstones.

To put this into an even larger perspective, let’s look at some more issues of the Mayan system.  Their calendar was based on the cycle of Venus.  (Venus has an interesting geometrical cycle, by the way.  It’s path through the solar system creates a perfect 5-pointed star.)  A notable part of the Venus cycle is its periodic “occultation”.  Basically you can think of this as a Venusian/Sun eclipse pattern.  It takes 184 years, and the cycle ends with two “eclipses” within 8 years of each other.   The most recent one was in 2008, and the next is 2012.

Something else happened in 2008.  This was the year that Pluto crossed the cornerstone point, went backwards over that point again, and then moved forward over the same point again.   If you visualize the cornerstones as the edges of a giant concrete slab, Pluto spent months sitting on this slab with a metaphorical jackhammer, then rested, then went back for more, then rested, then went back for more.   This was the beginning of the pattern of 2010, where many other planets started ganging up on the other corners.  This was the beginning of tearing down the old hearth in order to install a new one.

There’s another interesting piece to the dynamic of these years.  All of the planets (except the Sun and Moon) have periods of retrograde motion as seen from the earth.  At various times, if you’re a sky-watcher, you’ll see them move backwards, against the normal rotation of the stars and planets in the sky.  When measured across the 30-degrees of each sign, there isn’t a

Time Travels…

June 1, 2010

First Experience….

It was the early 1980’s when I first started reading about past lives and recovering memories of them.  These were pretty traumatic years in my life.  My dad died in early 1981 and my marriage was a mess.  In 1984 my husband gave me an ultimatum:  Move out and give him space to get his head together, or he’d simply file for divorce and force the issue.  I was addicted to this patently dysfunctional relationship, and I was still fighting to keep it, so I moved into an apartment complex close to my work.

One evening, lying in bed in the early evening in abject misery, I asked to see a lifetime that would shed light on the relationship between me and my husband.  I had been lying there, quietly pondering the state of my life at that time.  I wasn’t meditating, and can’t explain how I was simply “dropped into” a very clear vision.  Oddly, the images that came did not directly answer my question at all.  They simply showed me a different time, place, and life experience.   If I were to relate it to my current life, it seemed specifically to address my relationship with my second sister.  Sarah was born when I was a physically mature 11-year-old (so I pretended she was “MY” baby), and she died of an accidental drowning when I was 13, shattering my life and that of my family, and turning my faith in the goodness of life upside down.  This has been the defining “issue” in my life.

So here’s what I saw.  At first, I saw myself from outside, like watching a movie.  Then the perspective shifted and I was inside my body, experiencing the scene from the first person, including the surprising sensory experience of smelling the environment.

First, I saw myself, heavily pregnant, getting ready to cross a narrow street.  I was dressed in “plain” clothing:  homespun material in a dull grey-brown, with a white cap tightly covering my hair and a white apron, worn high over the great mound of my belly.  My clothing was not the popular style, but was a proud signature of my religious beliefs.  Unfortunately, I was pregnant without a husband.

I looked across the narrow street.  This was a proud city–no dirt pathways here.  It had cobblestone streets and impressive (to me, though to my modern mind they looked primitive), two-story, graystone buildings on each side.  The streets were no more than 10-12 feet wide, and while there were curbs on each side, there weren’t exactly sidewalks.  The curb was no more than a narrow step off the streetlevel:  barely enough room for walkers to get out of the path of oncoming carriages.   There was a shop sign I could see clearly, although it conveyed its message wordlessly.  A bright red painting of a tomato on a brown wooden sign announced exotic foodstuffs.

I was visiting this small city from a countryside home.  I’d ridden in on a rough wagon with someone–my mother?–driving it, and this shopping expedition was meant to be swift and practical.  Right now I was on my own, my attention directed to a shop across the street where I meant to finish my business.   As I crossed the street a great noise and clamour precipitated the “story” that would unfold before my consciousness.  Faster than I could think, a carraige with four horses raced through the street at a madly reckless speed.  In shock and fear I ran the last few steps to reach the curb and get out of the way, but my skirts were caught by the horses hooves and I was pulled under the carraige.

Now my center of awareness shifted.   I was inside my body, looking up.  I could smell the pungent and rotting combination of horse dung, night-soil, and rotting vegetation in the street around me.  I could see the chartreuse green satin breeches of a “fancy” man and sensed that he was trying to get the gathering crowd to step back to give me air.  Then I lost consciousness.

When my awareness returned, I was in what seemed like a hospital ward, under street level.  There was a row of very narrow cots under a series of high windows through which you could see the feet of passersby on the pavement level above.  The ward smelled much worse than the street. The street smell was alive, even though it smelled bad.  The ward smelled of death: seriously rotting flesh, a sharp, throat-biting smell that could have been fresh blood, perhaps combined with some pungent chemical–lye perhaps?  [The words “carbolic acid” came to my mind, though my subsequent research indicates this wasn’t known til the mid 1800’s and my imagery seemed much older.  I’d guess the late 17th century.]

Then I could see someone carrying away my baby.  She (I think it was a girl) was wrapped in a white cloth that trailed on the floor.  (My modern mind thought it must have been a sheet, but years later I learned that in early enlightenment England, babies wore long white gowns that trailed on the floor.  My vision wasn’t focused enough to be able to discern the difference.)   I saw two women, also in “plain” clothes, who seemed to be related to me–mother and sister?–holding each other and weeping.  I kept calling for someone to bring me my baby, but no one could hear me.

Then the ‘vision’ ended.  I lay there astounded by the smells and the vivid realness of what I’d just experienced.  Little did I know that this was only the first of my travels through time.

I googled images  for 16th and 17th century villages.  The scene I saw would be kind of a combination of these two images.  The narrow street was similar to the French village picture, but the color of the stones is wrong and the street seems to be unpaved.  The British picture shows a modern highway, but the buildings are more like what I was seeing.

British 16th century buildings

The stones are not as dirty-gray as those in my vision.

Provencal village, 17th century

This narrow sense of streets, with no curbs or sidewalks is similar to “my” village.

Beversdorf Briefings: all of ’em

May 28, 2010

This link will take you to a page with all of the Beversdorf Briefings on one page.  I can add to them as more are produced.  Hopefully this will make it easier for you to find them.

Beversdorf Briefing, May June 2010

May 28, 2010


May 12, 2010

Ok.  I said I’m open to romance, would like to meet a wonderful man, and got feedback that I needed more pictures of me on my site.   So I put some up….here, and got this response from one correspondent:

  • “Wow. This aging thing may be the most universal of stories, but it is nonetheless shocking to witness. Transformation before our very eyes, but without our seeing it most of the time.”

Reminds me of the time my much much younger brother, on seeing pics of Mom when I was a kid, saying to her…

“Mom!   You used to be a Beautiful Lady!”

Well!  I guess “facts is facts”.  Oh dear.

Baking a Cake?

May 2, 2010

Listening to Tom Kenyon’s Hathor-composed Heart attunement (from the future) and had a personal insight:  Remembering the powerful effect of many processes in my life (Ishayas, Ormus came immediately to mind), and wondering why I don’t continue with them now, I realize that making a life is a bit like baking a cake.  We add and mix ingredients at just the right time.  Just because we particularly like the sugar/butter/chocolate mixture doesn’t mean we should keep adding more of it.  The cake won’t work.  Each step is appropriate for its time, and adds to the richness and perfection of the final form.

Reorganizing Podcasts

April 30, 2010

I’m working on the May 2010 newsletter, and realized that there were way too many Podcasts under the main menu bar.   Here’s what I’ve done:   I made 2 new pages:  Anne’s Astro Lectures, and Anne’s Lectures (not astrology).  These pages show up under PODCASTS (try it now if you want–you won’t leave this page if you just run the cursor over PODCASTS).   When you click on either of these pages, you’ll find each individual lecture titled, and you can click the title to reach the full podcast and description.   I hope this makes things simpler to navigate!

March 4th

March 4, 2010

Today is March 4th, or as my music teacher mother would say about today:

“March forth in 4/4 time.”

Astrologically, it’s not yet the time to march forth though.
Mars, the planet in charge of marching (and aggressive and assertive behavior and taking direct action of any kind) is still in retrograde motion and is slowing down to a visual Stop on March 10.  If you have your Sun or any planets near 0 Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, or Scorpio, expect to be increasingly hair-triggered (or encounter those who are) until the middle of the month.
Mars gets (or gives?) punch-drunk when it’s standing still in a fire sign.   The good news is any project that’s been stalled since December will have the brakes released after the 10th.  It may feel a bit like a stone from a slingshot.  Be ready to take action!

Class Recordings: Meeting the Archetypes

January 17, 2010

Recordings are now available  for all the sessions in the class, Meeting the Archetype on the Road.   If you are interested in listening to all of them, email me at [email protected] with the word Archetype in the subject header.  I’ll send you a bill via Paypal, which you can pay from your bank or with a credit card and I’ll send you the password and link that unlocks the downloads.

The cost for the whole series is $45.00.  If you’d like to listen to a sample, check out the podcast called Knowing Pluto, in the drop-down list under Podcasts.

Here’s the link to the recordings

Jan-Feb Utube forecast

January 17, 2010

Here’s the forecast for Jan-Feb. It got posted after the earthquake in Haiti, which is not really a part of the astrological pattern described…  we’d need to look at the chart for Haiti to see how Uranus and Mars got empowered in this picture.  What I WILL say about the quake, is there is a lot of power manipulation behind the scene.  The two that I can see peeking through are elevating the USAID into a major coordinator for disasters for one, and the second is what I perceive as unconscionable racism by Gates, who is delaying life-saving health for “security” concerns–fearing people who need food and water will cause riots when it appears, and allowing the situation to get much worse because of these xenophobic fears…  a repeat of the Katrina upside-down priorities.

The Future creates the past?

December 20, 2009

Well, more like the future crystalizes the past via the moment of the present.   Wow.   Check out this fabulous physics article at Technology Review

As an astrologer, I sometimes tell people our future is pulling us toward it.  This is a different tweak on the idea, which combines the concept of multiple future possibilities which “condense” into actuality.   (Which is why astrologers see possibilities, strong possibilities, or weak possibilities, and can characterize the energy footprint of those possibilities, but the details are being created by the sequence of NOWs between the present and the future event.)


Video: Beversdorf Briefing

December 1, 2009

Less than 10 minutes to look ahead at trends for late Nov-December and early January.

Click HERE

New IONS Podcast

November 28, 2009

Look under the PODCAST heading on the menu bar for the entire series of IONS lectures for 09.   The podcasts for Mark Sebasta’s Shamanism and Shapeshifting into a New Era is up, as well as October’s Mary Mansfield, Bridging Science and Spirit.

Podcast: Knowing Pluto

November 1, 2009

This is the 5th lecture in the class series on “Meeting the Archetype on the Road”.   It is about Pluto, which is a major player in the archetypal energy soup we are swimming in between 2008 and 2012 and beyond.   If you would like the recordings for the rest of the class series, please contact me directly at [email protected]  .  The series will be available shortly on these pages.

November Energies

November 1, 2009

I’ve been asked to say a few words about the astro-energy we’re traveling thru this month.   Here’s what I can say…   First, I’m not comfortable making specific world-oriented “predictions”.  A great “mundane” (meaning “about the world”) astrologer, Judy Johns assidiously collected birth data of all country leaders, of countries, watched CNN non-stop for defining events, and was really quite good at making specific predictions.   Asking me for world predictions is kinda like asking a psychiatrist to do brain surgery… they both have MDs and deal with the brain but….

That said, what I CAN do is describe the aroma of the energy soup we’re all traveling through, and I can tell you, there’s a lot of jalapeno in this soup!   Thursday, the 29th, Saturn entered tropical Libra, creating an even more tense pattern with Pluto.

Saturn is the “fear things won’t be the way I think they SHOULD be” planet, and Pluto is the energy of “fear of loss of control.”  Additionally, each of these planets ramps up fears in general, so there is an increased generalized tension having to do with fears that the world is running out of control in a way you don’t personally like.   Since this is a very strong energy pattern, and it WILL be impacting many people, we are likely to see public acting out of this fear pattern.  Sometimes this can take the form of outside agencies promising that taking certain socially disruptive (or even violent) action will help restore the status quo.  The problem is, this is inchoate energy.  There is no single focus of discontent.  There is simply a large number of people who are strongly unhappy about their own idiosyncratic issue.  We’ve seen this lack of focus in the “Tea Party” movement, where largish numbers of people gather to protest… well, to protest almost as many things as there are people standing there.

This Saturn/Pluto/fear energy pattern doesn’t affect everyone directly, but each of us will be standing in the general energy “soup” and watching others react as this energy pattern gets stronger and stronger through the month of November.

If these energies do happen to affect you personally, you will be aware that things in your own life are moving in a direction you believe is WRONG, and as much as you may try to control the situation, you can’t.   Pluto’s purpose here is to get you out of the rut that has so completely stunted your vision that you literally can’t see beyond it.   If you are in one of these crisis-like situations my advice, going against every grain of passion in you, is not to fight the situation.  Winning will cost you more than surrender.   And surrender will lead you to your own personal Elysian Fields once you leave the rut that’s binding you.

After writing this to the group who requested it, someone wrote me privately asking when the Elysian Fields come, how we get there, and how we recognize them.   First, the “Elysian Fields” as a metaphor is a bit hyperbolic.  Generally what I hear is “That was the most difficult thing I’ve ever lived through, but I have to say I’m not sorry it happened.  As a result, I got shifted into a whole different place in life that I could never have imagined before all that, and which is a much better, happier, and more authentic place for me.”  (The “Elysian Fields” doesn’t mean “happily ever after”.)

The metaphorical Elysian Fields comes after the surrender.  We’re dealing with situations that are literally beyond both our control and our understanding.  One effect is to push us into an area where our horizons are expanded, and we can see new possibilities.  The path to the Elysian Fields is deliberately and (with Saturn’s help) with discipline, to recognize when we’re in the obsessed fighting state and do anything possible to find one activity that brings joy.   Maybe it’s walking by the creek.   Maybe it’s staring at the moon or dancing with friends.  It’s not about something that gives you escape, or that your automatic pilot thinks is joyful (like ice cream or just another mystery novel, or even an expensive cup of coffee).  The key is the experience of joy, not the “rule” that something ought to bring it.

So if you’re in the depths of a personal Pluto-Saturn crisis, drop the struggle, surrender the battle, and make your spiritual path the immediate, present-tense experience of joy.

Podcast: Sabian Symbols and Saros Cycle

October 30, 2009

Here is the podcast for my September Lecture at the Astrological Society of Austin.

Sabian Symbols can be used to determine one’s life path and direction, and to fine-tune goals and resources for each year of your life.   The lecture offers background on the symbols and uses audience charts to demonstrate the process.

Saros Cycles are based on eclipse patterns.   Your prenatal eclipse will “present” certain personality and event situations for your life.  What makes this so amazing is that the interpretation of the prenatal eclipse is based on the chart for the first eclipse of that Saros Eclipse cycle—which could be almost 2000 years ago!   What a thought–an event 1500 years ago, or 900 years ago (or whatever is the original eclipse in your own case) is actually affecting your life today.  Again… audience charts provide examples.

Health Care Worries

October 13, 2009

Just a few words here on health care worries in this country as opposed to others—say Sweden and Great Britain specifically.

I have clients all over the world, who educate me on different perspectives, quite without meaning to.

In this country, a health care crisis in the family ALWAYS means financial pressure, if not a full-blown financial crisis.   This is so pervasive that we are quite unable to think in terms of health crises without thinking financial crisis.

Recently a young man from Sweden called me with concerns about the financial crisis he was experiencing.  He mentioned how difficult the past year had been, including the multiple bypass surgery of his unusually young father.   I sympathized with him on his father’s health and the additional financial pressure this must have brought to him.    His reaction was total surprise.   He said there was no financial burden at all—it was all covered by national health.  He was concerned about his father’s health, and it was a stressful year, but his father has recovered now and is doing better than he had been for years.   He just mentioned it because it was an emotional stress.

I was shocked!   In this country a family with limited resources would have been bankrupted by a multiple bypass episode (if, indeed, they even managed to get the surgery… chances are they would have just waited for the heart attack to kill the father).  But this man was solely concerned about his father’s health.  Not the financial life-or-death of the family.

What a Dickensian world we live in.   (Where is Charles Dickens now, when we need him!)  We could write story after story of families remortgaging homes, falling behind, being thrown out on the streets in futile attempts to pay for medical care to save the life of a parent, or a child.   I had been so immersed in this Dickensian culture that the very idea that a dire health crisis would have no effect on an impoverished family was inconceivable to me until my client pointed it out.

I have had clients from England with similar stories… total freedom from financial catastrophe caused by medical expenses.  I know this freedom exists in ALL the industrialized countries of the world except for ours.   And yet I was still so embedded in our cultural assumption that WE have the best of everything here that I was shocked when my clients, in their intimate and personal tales of worry were entirely free of the fear of the catastrophic effects of getting life-saving health care.

My god—when are we going to wake up!

Newsletter 6

September 30, 2009

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LECTURE (Austin, TX):

Pssssst!   Explore the Cosmos!Secrets of Sabian Symbols and Saros Cycle Symbols.

Audience-Participation session—bring your own birth chart/birth data!

Many astrologers have glanced at Sabian Symbols, but did you know that Dane Rudhyar outlined a way to use them to determine your life goals and the process best suited to reaching them?  What’s more, you can apply this technique to your progressed chart to understand approaches, goals, and processes for each year of your life.  Bring your chart/chart data with an exact birthtime and raise your hand….

And did you know that an eclipse taking place 1500 years ago actually has resonant links to your life today?   We’ll look at the Saros Cycles Symbols for your prenatal eclipse (based on the first eclipse of the over 1500-year eclipse cycle) and get a glimpse into your own “preset” personality or life conditions.

These are easy techniques to learn and use, and this session will teach in an audience-participation session, using audience charts for examples.

WHEN:  Monday, Sept. 28 at 7 pm,
WHERE:  Carver Library (1161 Angelina), Austin Texas

Angels of AbrahamThe 2012 Global Mind Shift: Consciousness Changes at the End of the Mayan Fifth Age

According to the Mayan Calendar, we are already in the period of time leading to the close of the Fifth World Age.   And according to the evidence of your senses, we are clearly living in a time of profound global change.   Forgetting for a moment all the apocalyptic hysteria, what might we expect from this shift?   A world age shift doesn’t happen overnight.  Despite having an “end date” in mind (and there is scholarly argument about this exact date), the years preceding that date imply the ending of the old age, and the new date is only the beginning of the new.   What can we realistically expect to change?
Click here to read the rest of this article

Beversdorf Briefing:  September Video

Fractal Science and Astrology:
Fractal Progressions

(This article first appeared in The Mountain Astrologer in the 90’s.  It still stands as both an interesting way to understand astrology and as a practical tool requiring no charts or heavy calculations.)

With an MC in Sagittarius, an Aquarius ascendant, and a Leo sun, I consistently find myself proselytizing avant-garde or unusual concepts.So, of course, as an astrologer,I’m often in the awkward position of trying to get my skeptical friends to see why astrology is a valid and meaningful discipline.Skeptics say they don’t “believe in” astrology, meaning that they do believe it doesn’t work.It’s tempting to say “If you don’t believe in gravity, does that mean gravity doesn’t work?”, but everyone can SEE the effects of gravity, and one can’t see the relationship of astrology to human life without knowing something about astrology.The challenge is, how can you show an astrological virgin something about astrology in their own life without bombarding them with the meanings of signs, planets, and houses, and how all that symbolism relates to life on earth?And how can you give them a rationale for how this works that compares to something they can accept?I’m beginning to realize that the new sciences, combined with some ordinary common sense, can help us take a giant step in this direction.   (click to continue…)

“Astrologicical Remedies for Tough Times”    E-Book (Only $9.00)
ebook The ancient Vedas not only include astrology (“the science of light”)… they also include ways to shift the energies in your life to a more harmonious, healthful, and happy pattern.   In this ebook you’ll learn which weekday is Your best remedy day, and you’ll learn lots of creative, interesting, odd, inexplicable and effective ways to shift the energies at work in your life.  (Yes, odd as it seems, they really work.)

You can learn more about astrological remedies here, and you can order the ebook by sending me an email here. You can use paypal, a credit card, or send me a check–just state your preference in your email.

This is a meditative activity to help you manifest your desires.  I’ve been getting great feedback on it, so I’m offering it as a rerun.

Check it out (and enjoy the gorgeous artwork by Vandorn.)  The image at left is titled
The ONE is the Many” by Vandorn

LEARN MORE …about getting an astrological consultation from Anne Beversdorf!  Clients rave about Anne’s deep insight into their personal lives and the practical ideas for moving forward.  A recent client commented “I came to you in deep despair and even though nothing has changed, I’m leaving this session with renewed joy and optimism”.
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Class Announcement

September 7, 2009

Subject: Class Announcement

Class Announcement and Details:
Meeting the Archetype on the Road
Anne Beversdorf, teacher
Class Overview

Meeting the Archetype on the Road:
(How to recognize archetypal energy systems and what to do with them)

This is an astrology class for non-astrologers as well as active astrologers.  I will NOT be teaching technical astrology.  The basis of this class is for you to learn how to understand archetypal energy systems when you encounter them.   In other words, What does it FEEL like to get sideswiped by Pluto? What does it FEEL like to get swamped by Neptune?

We are always on the planetary dance floor, and wish it or not, these archetypal energy systems are always engaging us in a dance.   Times when you’re full of energy and optimism are easy.  Times when you’re angry and lashing out aren’t so easy—but the same archetypes are involved.   Our goal in this class is to learn enough to know how to recognize energy opportunities so, without needing to consult an astrological chart,  we can recognize energy patterns and choose to experience the the preferred side of the archetypal pattern.   We’ll also cover specific remedy systems (from the Vedic tradition) to ameliorate difficult energy patterns.

Just after announcing this class, I learned of a fabulous new journal, ARCHAI announcing a new approach to astrology, from Richard Tarnas.  He speaks of “archetypal cosmology” and is introducing, in an academic way, what we will be doing in a practical way in this class.  If you would like to subscribe to this journal (FREE), click here.

When, Where, How Much?

WHEN: The class will be 6 consecutive Thursday evenings, 7-9 pm, starting October 1, 2009.

WHERE: Northwest Austin, Texas;  location to be announced to class registrants.

HOW MUCH: The classes will be $15/class, or $75 for all six if prepaid. (This gives you one free class, and is the perfect answer if you Think you’ll attend all, but are not sure.)

WHAT WILL I GET? (Aside from the practical life-benefits, of course.) You’ll receive a copies of your own birthchart (both western and vedic charts), handouts for each of the planetary energy archetypes we’ll cover, and handouts for specific activities to ameliorate the effects of particularly difficult energies (based on vedic remedy principles)

BRIBE:  FREE HALF HOUR added to a first reading or follow-up reading for any student who prepays or who attends 5 classes!

REGISTER NOW (click here). Please type Class Registration in the subject line.  Clicking this link does not require prepayment.  It is simply your registration for the class.  To receive the prepayment discount, let me know in the body of your message and I’ll arrange billing for you.

Class Topics:

Oct 1:  Introduction to archetypal energy patterns, what it feels like to be possessed by an archetype, Introducing Solar and Lunar archetypes, how to recognize them, how to utilize them, how to remediate them.

Oct 8:  Reviewing Solar/Lunar archetypes–your experiences.  Introducing archetypal patterns associated with Mercury, Venus.  What happens when a planet “changes direction” (planetary stations).

Oct 15:  Mars and Jupiter archetypes. They both have good and bad sides.   Better find out!

Oct 22:  Saturn and Uranus archetypal patterns.   Now we’re getting into serious territory.

Oct 29:  Neptune and Pluto.  Hell or transcendance?

Nov 5:   Interactions of multiple archetypes (life issues rarely come “one at a time”), review, conclusion.

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The 2012 Global Mind Shift

September 6, 2009

Consciousness Changes at the End of the Mayan Fifth Age

According to the Mayan Calendar, we are already in the period of time leading to the close of the Fifth World Age.   And according to the evidence of your senses, we are clearly living in a time of profound global change.   Forgetting for a moment all the apocalyptic hysteria, what might we expect from this shift?   A world age shift doesn’t happen overnight.  Despite having an “end date” in mind (and there is scholarly argument about this exact date), the years preceding that date imply the ending of the old age, and the new date is only the beginning of the new.   What can we realistically expect to change?

First, we need to understand the nature of the “old age”.  According to Mayan cosmology, the existing world age began approximately 3000 BCE.  Interestingly, this coincides closely to our consensus western understanding of “world history”.   Most contemporary historians still look to ancient Sumeria for the beginning of writing.  Interestingly, this was also in the 4th millennia BCE—the beginning date for the current Mayan world age.  In fact, some fundamentalist Christians claim that the entire world began somewhere within that same era.  In this sense, they’re not too different from historians, who claim that non-written records of the past are unreliable and therefore don’t qualify to be called “history”.  These “undocumented” versions of the past are called “prehistory”.  Of course, this assumes that written records are more accurate than oral histories, which is just another result of intellectual dependence on what can be pinned down to a physical source.

Not coincidentally, the earliest Sumerian records were records of trade—the records of buying, selling, and making (or losing) money.  It seems reasonable to characterize this age of “written history” and “buying and selling” as an age of materialism.   Even our science has been based on what can be seen, measured, and touched, and the extent of materialism has been growing ever more dense during this world age.

Scientific materialism has become the dominant world view witin ithin the last two hundred years.  This paradigm enshrines the materialistic worldview into the sole source of Truth.  Let’s explore our recent history to track this theme.  Until the mid 19th century, for example, anyone who thought about the world and how it physically worked was called a “philosopher”, not a “scientist”.  Those who thought about the physical world were called “natural philosophers.”   But since natural philosophers were holistic thinkers, meaning their thoughts included the unseen world of thoughts, of forces like “gravity”, the idea of what held the stars in the sky, their thinking soon ran them into collision with the power of the Church in the western world.   The church as an institution can be dated back to the middle of the first millennium CE.  It’s a pretty new part of the existing world age, and historically had a lot to do with buying and selling and making money, as well as gathering worldly power into its own purvue.

The Church and Natural Philosophy collided in a way that concretized the materializing trends of this world age.  How did this happen?  The Church claimed all authority over unseen things.   Natural philosophers were relegated to measuring the HOW of the natural world, but were prohibited from addressing any questions of WHY it worked.   The WHY was only the province of religion.   This division led to a divorce between philosophy (holistic) and “science” (physically measureable world).   Therefore Galileo could LOOK at planets through his telescope, but was prohibited from offering an interpretation of what he saw.  A natural philosopher who continued to philosophize about the whys and the unseen interconnections of the natural world was at risk of torture and death by the Inquisition (which was not dissolved as an arm of the church until late in the 19th century!).  This was a profound shaping of how the scientific mind works.  The message was loud and clear:   “Think about more than the measurements and you may be tortured to death.”

This led to what Stephen Schwartz (via Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions) called the “Grand Material Worldview”, or the “The Materialist MegaParadigm”.   A paradigm is the shape within which all thinking must fit in order to be considered “acceptable” thinking.   The current Materialist MegaParadigm posits that

  1. The mind is a result of physiological processes.
  2. Each consciousness is a discrete entity
  3. Organic evolution has no specific goal
  4. There is only one time-space continuum, providing for only one reality. (ref. Stephen Schwartz, The Secret Vaults of Time, p. 269.

The resulting of this thinking is the tautology, repeated by many “scientific thinkers” of our time:    “If it’s unseen, it’s not science.  I’ll stake my life on that.”    (This is pure PTSD [post-traumatic-stress-disorder] on the part of rational thinkers, caused by latent memories of the Church’s promise:  “If you offer thoughts about the nonphysical you may be tortured to death.”)

But the fifth world, the world of the material, is coming to a close.  We are leaving behind the divorce between science and Nature.  We are leaving behind the divorce between This and That; Self and Other.  The new paradigm sees the universe as a whole, full of promise and mystery, and guided by what is good for all.

THIS is what is shifting in our shift of ages.   The material world is beginning to reflect our dawning realization that the Materialist MegaParidigm is tattered and broken.  The infrastructure lies in tatters and the megalopoly of buying and selling is disintegrating around us, but the new paradigm hasn’t yet birthed our “new world”.

Wayne Dyer tells us “a change of thought precedes a change in society”.  Obviously, the structures of society have not yet accepted a new paradigm.  Those people whom Ray and Anderson (authors of The Cultural Creatives:  How 50 million people are changing the world) call the “cultural creatives” are already aware of the new paradigm.  Their values and impetus toward change actually pull society in the direction of the new paradigm.  While the bureaucratic structures of society may be resisting this change,just as obviously, the system is breaking.   We are likely to reorganize ourselves around what the cultural creatives would recognize as the dawning paradigm.   New breakthroughs in physics are leading the way to a new way of understanding the world around us—a way in which the previously materialistic and deterministic interpretations are expanded and eventually discarded.   These new breakthroughs show us a new way of envisioning our environment in which thoughts, previously unthinkable, are forming a new organizing principle.   Here are a few of them.

  1. The mind is separate from the body.  The brain is the vehicle for the mind in the physical world, but the mind exists independently.  Mind may be the preeminent operating principle in the universe.   (Oddly, this is not a new idea.  The Corpus Hermeticus states that the first creation of God was The (universal) Mind.)
  2. Everything is connected.  The entire universe is a single organism, and the fate of any part affects the whole.
  3. Organic evolution is shaped by the Mind of the Universe for the goal of the universe’s well-being (e.g. the well being of all, since all parts of the universe share in the wellbeing of the entire cosmos).
  4. There are multiple, overlapping time-space continuums, and time is a dimension in which may be able to move as easily as one does in space.  In fact, time itself has many qualities, and is not simply the strictly linear ticking of seconds that we once thought it was.  (Pre-clock cultures already recognize this.)

What will be the results of this kind of paradigm shift?  Clearly there are many more than I could list or you’d wish to read, but just to get your juices flowing here are some results of such a paradigm shift:

  1. People will realize that all their actions affect all others.  Actions causing pain to any part of the cosmos will cause pain to the individual taking the action.   Therefore testing cosmetics on animals would be unthinkable.  Not watering your plants (or planting things that don’t naturally grow in your environment) would be unthinkable.  These would be things that cause pain to living beings.  Conversely, caring for and nurturing and giving joy to any living being adds to the joy quotient of the universe, and the person taking the action quite literally would feel this increase in joy.
  2. Government organizations would truly focus on the good of the all, because pain in any part of the world would truly and immediately affect the lives of leaders and lawmakers, and the positive results for others would bring joy to the actors.
  3. Short-term gain at the cost of long-term suffering would not be possible, since the long-term suffering will cause a ripple of pain in the universe.
  4. The health of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, would all be important.  (Space junk may not be a viable way to decommission old satellites.)
  5. The exploration of the entire cosmos may be possible through meditational and psychic means.  These means will become acceptable tools for discovery.
  6. The holographic link between every part of the cosmos (physicist Nassim Haramein’s new black hole theories) provide evidence for the psychic link between all of us.

These are just a few thoughts about where the new metaparadigm might take us.   As we remove ourselves from a strictly materialistic “truth detector”, we will become open to other ways of knowing, honoring the information gained during meditation, holotropic work, and other altered states of being.  Our understanding of the nature of reality itself would expand from only what can be measured by instruments of our devising, to include valuing the metaphysical and wisdom experiences of those whose contributions to the world increase its well-being for the long term.

If the Mayan ages do shift within the next several years, we can’t expect this new Meta-Paradigm to emerge, full-blown, from the chaos of the dissolving world.  Children being born today will be lucky to see the beginnings of a new social structure based on these concepts.  Still, it seems reasonable and consistent with current patterns of change to anticipate this kind of intellectual and consciousness revolution to become ever more apparent as we cross the divide of anciently-measured world ages.  And as we move into this ever-more-chaotic period of changes, it is useful and comforting to have a sense of where we may land when we reach the other shore.

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