Whew! Mercury’s definitely retrograde.

May 19, 2009

This weekend I wrote Part Three to the series Joyful Anticipation: Converging Trends toward a Changing Future.   It took several hours, and then several more to upload it to the website and get the pictures in.   Then a friend told me it wasn’t there when he looked for it, and sure ‘nuf, it was all html gibberish.

Now, 18 hours of labor later, I’ve finally got them all up—I hope.   There’s one more to write, which I’ll get to, I promise.  But Geez Louise (as my friend Paul used to say)!!!   It was a NIGHTMARE!   I’d upload things, only to find other paragraphs–entire pages, had disappeared.   I’d reload those pages to find another set of pages had somehow repeated themselves.   Repeat.  Then repeat again….  From vanishing pages to self-replicating…   I’m not so sure this IS a good way to publish!    It took me at least 5 times as long to get the pages up as it did to write them!

OK.  Just venting here.   FRUSTRATION CITY!   I keep trying to remind myself that this is All Voluntary.   Hopefully someone will find the articles useful.   PLEASE let me know if you do!



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