Update: Watch Out for March

March 3, 2012

     March has definitely come in like a lion and may not go out like a lamb.  Mars is still retrograde, of course, until April 14.  So the principles of action, assertion, and aggression–all themes of moving forward, are being characterized by awkwardness at best and idiotic immaturity and angry impulsiveness at worst. With the New Moon (new beginnings) of March 8 conjunct Mars, these themes are re-energized for the next month.

   On March 12th, Mercury goes retrograde until April 4. This is more than the usual Mercury RX, because it will be in Mars’ sign, while retrograde Mars will be in Mercury’s sign.  This mutual exchange means we’ll be seeing a lot of screwed up messaging of the sort where one person (or country, or political party) dramatically retaliates against another for something they later discover didn’t happen.  This gets exaggerated big-time by the energies building toward…

  March 13. The 13th brings us a volatile and very exact grand trine.  Trines are an easy flow of energy between planets, and this trine isn’t pretty. Mars (action/assertion/aggression) trines Pluto (the plutocracy, the power bigger than we are, also rage, obsession). Mars and Pluto paired can be extreme violence. And this Mars is more confused than ever because of the double-retrograde connection of Mars and Mercury (miscommunications–possibly dangerous ones.) On this day they both trine Jupiter, which makes things BIGGER.  I hope we aren’t looking at an explosion in the Iraq/Israel/USA situation. We may see other outbreaks of violence.

     Jupiter on this day is pretty close to Venus, (these are the two planets which have been so visible in the night sky). Venus controls money issues, young women, and desires.  We can expect more outrageous silliness over the supposed morals and sexual actions of young women, and more outrage over banking and bureaucracies.

     That’s not all either. The Full Moon (full expression of the theme started on March 8) on March 22 will be right next to Uranus (shocks, revolutions, accidents) and Mercury (speech, communication, travel).  This energy pattern is being challenged by Pluto, and whenever you have Pluto and Uranus squaring off (watch out for June, too), you can count on outbursts. If you’re a media watcher, this will be an entertaining display of over-the-top statements from all sides.  Whew!

     As always, if these degrees interact closely with your birth chart, you’ll be in the middle of it.  If not, you get to watch from the sidelines.


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