Visions of Light: MY March Experiences

March 10, 2015

Personal Responses to March Astrology
This has been a month presaging huge changes for me.  As I rolled around in the emotions of these as-yet-unknown changes, I caught a vision of myself in a golden tunic holding a light that was blindingly bright–and which seemed to come from within my chest.  Hmm.  There’s definitely some astrology behind this:First, my natal Mars is at 15 Cancer.  This means that Uranus, Mars, and Pluto at 15 Aries and Capricorn are absolutely challenging my Mars.  What does this mean?  Well, in whole sign houses (and my Indian chart) Mars rules my 10th house–career.  It lives in my Koch 5th house (creativity? romance?) and Aries is solidly contained in my Pisces 2nd house–money.  In whole signs it rules the 3rd house–siblings.  Uranus turns things upside down–usually quite suddenly.  Pluto challenges how my ego lives with my life.  So those issues have been restless which makes them very uncomfortable.  In the meantime, Pluto in Cap is quincunxing my 6th house (work, health) Pluto in Leo–almost exactly.
The February Merc Rx broke my computer and my multiply-handicapped brother broke his shoulder in an icy fall, requiring surgery during the Retrograde.  I ended up in Indianapolis for the coldest week of the year, all of which made it hard for clients to reach me.  He needed the help, and all ended up OK there.  THIS month, my wonderful sister will be here for a week from New York.  I AM looking forward to that.
Pluto DOES threaten one’s identity, but that’s not the only thing going on.  Saturn is my chart ruler, and my natal Saturn is being exactly opposed by Neptune right now–the classic “WHO AM I” question.  Neptune is also opposing my Mercury, meaning intuition is working better than nuts-and-bolts language at the moment.  [A former client and professional accupuncturist has just moved back into town, and since we’re both low on clients at the moment, we’re exchanging work.  He’s a Pisces and his skills perfectly address the Neptune in Pisces opposite Saturn in Virgo story. Jampa Stewart–call me if you need him!]

In addition, Saturn in the Sky is on my Midheaven, approaching a square to my natal Saturn:  Get your career in gear is what it’s saying, but Neptune opposite my Saturn is saying “Huh???”  The square suggests it isn’t something NORmal that I’m looking for.  Perhaps a higher faculty of intuition used in my analytical readings?
So I sat in bed worrying, really feeling the fear, grief, loss, and a sense of emptiness that I couldn’t explain or understand.  Then I thought, if there’s an empty space, what can fill it??? And that’s when I caught this vision of myself.  Sequins and beads glittering over an intensely golden tunic, worn over a long, white skirt, and my hands met at my center in the center of this blinding light.  I thought I was carrying the light, but then realized it was coming from within me.  So I mentally reached into my chest cavity and ripped open my ribcage (Uranus/Mars/Pluto) and the light got brighter and brighter and felt profoundly fulfilling.  I realized that whatever is changing now, something empty is leaving and something inspiring is coming.  I wish I knew the details, but the message from Pluto is always “surrender the ego needs and walk into the light”.   So there we have it for the time being.  If and when it becomes clearer I’ll be sure to let you know.  In the meantime, I’m VERY open for business!



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