Sri-Yantra and Uranus-Pluto Astro-Weather

June 24, 2013

a.  Sri-Yantra/ Star of David
b.  Another exact Uranus Pluto square.

There’s no question at this point that the world is in a process of change.  Whether we’re talking about droughts, floods and epic storms, or the increasing distance between government and the people, or the over-reaching powers of corporations who seem to be buying laws that benefit them and squelching laws that help individual citizens, we can see that things are out of balance.  More than that, they’re in the process of change.

In most periods of personal change, our nostalgic desire is things to “go back” to how they used to be.  However, I’ve never seen this wish fulfilled.  As the patterns in the world around us change, our wish for things to “go back to how they were” is a dim hope, indeed.  What we need to recognize is that change is a process of growth and evolution, and can only move us forward.  Birth is a messy and painful process, but each one of us must experience it.

a.  Mutating Sri-Yantra
We’ve got some help this year.  Between July 20 and 30th, we will experience the development of an extremely rare Star-of-David, or Sri Yantra, pattern in the sky.  This means that one planet will be at each point of a six-pointed star pattern.  On the 24th, all but one of these planets are “traditional” planets, meaning planets from Saturn inward.  The only “modern planet” filling one of the points is Pluto, and therein lies a tale. The ancient planets, bound by the physical world materiality of Saturn, delineates events in the physical world of things and action, and not just in our perception of things.  But Pluto in Capricorn (still squaring Uranus) speaks to a profound death/rebirth process on the perceptual level.  This is about our personal responses to the perception of dramatic change..

On a global basis, I don’t expect this to produce a singular breakthrough of any kind.  My teacher used to remind me that the world as a whole cannot advance to a level higher than reached by the vast majority of its citizens.  But what we DO get at this time is an opportunity for enlightened action on an individual level.  Enlightened because of the balancing effect of the two entwined triangles, and action because the traditional planets have to the world under the limits of Saturn:  physical, material, bricks-and-mortar reality.  This action is likely to be impelled by one’s awareness of potentially catastrophic change.   If you have planets near  3-10 degrees of water and earth signs (representing our ability to RESPOND to situations) you will be profoundly assisted by this pattern.

b. Uranus Pluto squares.
November of this year will deliver the 4th and 5th of the seven exact Uranus/Pluto squares that occur between 2012 and 2015.  This year is the turning point, and I do expect some large system failures at this point.  This is a good thing.  To the extent that we anticipate changes and prepare for them we are easing the birth of the new, which is caused by the destruction of the outmoded.  Pluto challenges us to the exact degree that we hold on to outgrown concepts.  Start now to examine what is no longer working, both in your personal world and in the world around you.  What alternatives can you introduce?  How can you prepare for the better future?  We’ll talk more about this in the months ahead!


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