Saturn Retrograde: The Vedic View

March 10, 2011

Saturn Retrograde…. and Remedies

Saturn went retrograde on January 26 this year, and will not station direct until June 12-13 (depending on where you are in the world).  Why does this matter?  Planets are stronger when retrograde.  KN Rao teaches us that retrograde planets make aspects from their sign and from the previous sign, meaning they will give twice as many aspects when they are retrograde.  And a strong planet is not necessarily a good planet.  It is stronger to do what it will, whether that be good or bad.   This year’s Saturn station was particularly strong.  Saturn stationed in Virgo, Mercury’s sign. If we use Virgo as Lagna, all four angles are occupied.  Mercury, Saturn’s ruler, conjoins Rahu in the 4th, with Ketu in Gemini in the 10th.  Saturn is very strong, and Mercury is very weak.  Saturn will overpower Mercury:  Authority and Power will overcome Thought for the period of this retrograde, and all will carry the weight of Saturn.

What do we generally think about Saturn?   Well, usually it’s not good.  But Saturn does offer some gifts and it must be respected.

Here are qualities of Saturn when it’s strong in a positive way:  Authorativeness, discipline, responsibility, conservatism, practicality, realism, durability, constancy, consistency, perseverance, prudence, frugality, endurance, industry, thrift, power to keep secrets, stability, self-control, dutifulness, faithfulness, chastity, ability to concentrate, longevity.

Here are problems that come from Saturn being strong and bad:  Pain—especially bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, teeth; diseases due to coldness, consumption, paralysis, chronic illness, bone diseases, eczema, timidity, diffidence, anxiety, fear, bad dreams, poverty, instability, shame, delays, humiliation, inhibition, loneliness, isolation, depression, mental or physical rigidity, stinginess, disappointments, resignation, melancholy, suspiciousness, doubt, difficulties, laziness, lethargy, idleness, tendency to be easily discouraged, sorrow, misfortunes, death, and excessive use of the “good” expressions—e.g., too much discipline, authority, etc.

So if you are experiencing too much Bad Saturn or not enough Good Saturn, you must befriend this greatest of all visible planets.   The easiest way to befriend Saturn is to ask to do Saturn pujas for you, but you can also take action yourself.  The principle for propitiation is to give a Saturn-related item to a Saturn related person or place on nine consecutive Saturdays.

For example, you can give your TIME and visit the elderly, shut-ins, or prisoners on Saturday, bringing them dark-colored foods (think coffee or rye bread) or purple flowers.  Or you can give these things to a homeless person on Saturdays, or feed crows dark seeds or rye bread.   You can light a dark blue candle on Saturday morning, surrounding it with pictures of old people, grandparents, laborers, renunciates, and with purple flowers, rye seeds and blue stones.  Take a few moments to recite at least nine Mrityunjaya Mantras, (see Mantras under Astro-Remedies) or spend two minutes repeating Om Nama Shivaya.    You will be surprised at how quickly the situation begins to improve.


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