San Diego Constellation Workshops

September 22, 2010

I’ll be in San Diego from Oct 7-12, 2010 for several events.  The weekend features the Essene Universalist Temple’s annual esoteric conference, where I will be speaking and conducting two constellations.  This is a fabulous conference with a great speaker lineup, and you can find more info about it here.

On Monday, we’ll have an afternoon/evening constellation workshop, with 4 openings left.  The end of this session will include a special constellation for the healing of all participants.  For more information about this please drop me an email at anne (at)

I will also have limited time available for in-person astrological readings while I’m there, so if you’re near San Diego, it would be a good time to connect personally!

I look forward to seeing all my San Diego friends!


One Response to “San Diego Constellation Workshops”

  1. Patrice on October 11th, 2010 2:04 pm

    So wonderful to see you this last weekend for the Esoteric Conference-loved your insightful, humorous presentation. Good information and what synchronicity–the Essene Group was an added bonus and inspirational also. Finally I have a place for worship, healing and sweat lodges–all in one evolved spot! This is the way of the planet as the ascension process acelerates after 2012 and the light gains momentum 🙂 Thanks so much for all you do and I will come see you in AUSTIN 🙂
    lots of love and healing light on the path….

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