Responses to March Experiences

March 15, 2015

This month is hitting a lot of triggers for people.  First–thanks to those of you who sent the NASA newsletter about a big Solar Flare hitting us the 11th-12th and knocking out a few global computer systems.  Just inconvenience, but a direct predictive hit.

Some folks were freaked about the earth-related predictions I made.  I wasn’t freaked when I wrote that–earthquakes happen all over the world all the time, as do volcanoes and other events–even huge fires.  And BIG ones happen fairly regularly.  I didn’t intend to suggest that the event would be so big the whole globe would experience it, but I think we’ve still got something coming that we’ll all be aware of and, therefore, feeling.

The BIG theme for this month is the feeling of death.  Whenever feelings of death start overwhelming people, they tend to become frightened, and tend to want to shut down those feelings.  But we’re dealing with Pluto here.  Pluto is about symbolic death and rebirth, and if we resist Pluto’s “death” we are resisting the rebirth, and that’s when Pluto moves from symbolism to real things.  It’s VERY important to acknowledge the feeling of death.  Pluto demands that some part of our identity die.  It’s saying something we identify with very strongly is actually holding us back, but to let that go we have to drop some part of our personal sense of self, too–and that’s the thing that’s hard to do.

Another thing that can make letting go of what’s ready to go more difficult is we don’t always know what’s going to replace it.  We don’t know what’s coming.  Sometimes, in fact, we don’t know for sure what it is we are being asked to release.

The only process I’ve found to work for this goes as follows:

1.  Allow feelings of death and/or loss to overwhelm you for a while–a few minute maybe, or an hour.  Whenever they come up, allow them to move through you, watching the feelings, looking for clues, and telling yourself that this is OK, it’s part of processing deep change.  (It is NOT about aging, or your own imminent death or the death of loved ones unless this is an obvious ongoing part of your life at this time.)

2.  Use a mental mantra or prayer that goes something like this:  “I am willing to let go of whatever must be released. I surrender my will to a higher will to guide me through this shift.  I open myself to new delights to replace old patterns.”

And repeat.  Shampoo, rinse, repeat.  That’s it!


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