Predictive Astrology–Classes

June 5, 2011

Summer School Astrology Class:
Cherry-Picking Predictive Techniques
8 Weeks, beginning Wed, July 6, 6:30-8:30 pm

I’m a “cherry-picker”.  I use lots of techniques, thanks to computer-generated charts, and I pick up the most blatant and obvious clues from each technique.  By comparing the blatant clues from myriad techniques, you can get a very good idea of upcoming energy patterns, and often, details of specific events, as well.   What’s more, it makes it EASY to use predictive techniques.  We’re looking for the obvious here! 

In this class we’ll use YOUR charts to demonstrate and illustrate the techniques.

Techniques: Transits, Progressions, Solar and Lunar Returns, Graphic Ephemerides, Sabian Symbols, Dasas, and Saturn/Jupiter aspects (also Ingresses, Retrogrades, Eclipses, Pre-Natal eclipses).


Come, expand, and fine-tune your tools for seeing into the future.  Contact me HERE for location and directions.


$15/class or $90 prepaid ($30 savings).  HOWEVER, if cash is tight, don’t stay away.  Payment will be on the honor system, and anything at all will be appreciated.  I love teaching an


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