Planets Now…

August 12, 2016

Astrological Conditions—The biggest factor in the astrology of Now is the Saturn/Neptune square, with some extra punctuations. Saturn is the Status Quo. Neptune is the idealizer and the dissolver. So on the one hand we have a energy that strives to dissolve the status quo entirely, and on the other energies that idealize the status quo. The extra punctuation comes at the tail end of August. MARS, the actor, anger, aggression. After a long retrograde and an equally long shadow period period this year, Mars finally passes its shadow on August 22. Late that day and on the 23th and 24th it will be at the very same degree of Saturn. This is a recipe for frustration. Saturn means STOP and Mars means GO. Saturn is Authority, and Mars is Anger. We’ll probably see correlated world events around this time.

Oh yes—we do have 3 eclipses coming up soon: 8/18 a Lunar Eclipse at 25 Aquarius. It rattles around several other transiting planets in the mid 20-degrees so if you have chart-points at this degree this will impact your emotional stability. 9/9 a Solar Eclipse at 17 Sagittarius. Mars is close to this degree by transit. If you have chart points at this degree be prepared to allow an ‘eclipse’ of that issue in your life.  9/23 another Lunar Eclipse, this at 0 Cancer. This is a ‘world point’ and will bring world events. Hunger or flooding come to mind.

Please remember that of all the terrible news stories we hear, almost NONE of them will be in your neighborhood or the homes of your families. This is an awfully hot summer—so please do your best to keep cool and calm!


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  1. Patrice on August 12th, 2016 3:27 pm

    Thanks for your ever insightful astro updates! Miss you my stellar friend!

  2. Fantasys on March 31st, 2019 10:52 pm

    For people interested in astrology the current positions and movements of the planets are very important and can give you a clue into how you are feeling and how your day is going to pan out. For astronomers, it’s equally important to know where the planets are so that they can observe them. For others, getting an understanding of where the Earth is in relation to the Sun and moon and planets is just, well, sort of nice to know. If you’ve ever sat outside at night and got into an discussion about whether that bright star is actually a planet, and if it is – Which planet is it? , then this site might help narrow down the options!

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