November Energies in review.

November 28, 2009

As I mentioned in November, we are building toward a major planetary traffic jam, and November and December are big months.  We saw the Saturn Pluto energies in two major ways:

One was the tragic shooting at Fort Hood…  In my opinion, the cultural and career stresses on Hasan (the shooter) were a recipe for a breakdown.   Just imagine, American born, deciding that serving the military was a reasonable career choice and getting a degree in psychiatry through military funding (an aside here:  it isn’t uncommon for people who have suffered psychological trauma to be attracted to psychiatry in an attempt to heal themselves.  We don’t know Hasan’s psychological background.)   His birth country is now in a war which is loudly proclaimed by extremists as a war against Islam–Hasan’s own religion.  He is placed in a position in which those who have been most traumatized by the horrors of war are bringing their broken spirits–and their horror stories from the front–to a man who has already been the brunt of anti-Islamic prejudice.  Then he is told they’re sending him to the front.   This series of events twists and torture every familial, religious and cultural loyalty the man ever had.  It is a recipe for a schizophrenic break—and, getting back to the astrology, the Saturn Pluto energies:  Fear of events you can’t control, and Fear that things won’t be the way they absolutely SHOULD be, in your opinion, came together in a perfect FearStorm for Hasan.

The second was the announcement that a major state-owned bank in Dubai has declared a moratorium in paying of tens of billions of dollars of debt.  A financial announcement that also triggered a FearStorm across the world’s financial markets.

Look ahead to December in the next post.


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