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November 6, 2014

Subject: November ’14 Stariel News
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Stariel Astrology Newsletter
November 2014   
Issue 42: 2014:4
In This Issue
*Uranus-Pluto Winter Warning
*More Views on NOW
*Astrology Tips: Vedic Prediction
*Mom’s 90th Birthday
*Quantum Healing
*Lecture Recording: Soul of Cosmos
*Newsletter Archives
*Discount on my top-reviewed book
*Audio Mantras (free)
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Hello friends
Three main stories this time and one correction (added bibliography).  First, what’s going on now: aspects and energy systems this fall and winter and what they mean (and links to interesting world-change and time-travel testimony); Second, some technical goodies for the astrologers out there: — tips on predicting with Vedic astrology;  Third, adventures in quantum healing; and Fourth, just a special, celebrating my Mom’s 90th birthday in September (including pics of the woman who can STILL run circles around me!)

Correction:  The article promising an “afterlife bibliography” had a nonworking link.  Here’s the bibliography.

And here’s wishing you a rich and happy Thanksgiving and peaceful run-up to the series of solstice-related holidays.


1. Winter–Astroweather and Energies

    You may have noticed how totally weird the energies are this fall.  October’s powerful eclipses marked a turning point.  The Lunar Eclipse was especially powerful, with Uranus (sudden change) and Venus (love, money, values) on the eclipse points and with Uranus in a grand trine (easy energy flow) with Mars (action) and Jupiter (optimism).  As a result, many of us shook off a bunch of restrictions and gained a renews confidence that we have what it takes to get through it all.
And that’s a very good thing, because we’re about to experience the most intense part of this Uranus/Pluto cycle.  Starting in November, both planets will be at 15 degrees of cardinal signs.  This is a VERY important degree, because it is on what Uranian astrologers call “The Aries Point” aka “The WORLD Point”.  This means that these disruptive energies will affect the world as a whole, regardless of your own personal chart.  The light in the tunnel is the fact that a 15 degree Aries point also participates in trine energies, as well as the dualistic square energies.
When is this most active and what might we expect?  Read on… 

2. Getting Through This Time Period
Here are two interesting links, definitely of an “out-there” nature, on what we may expect and how to move through the months ahead.
Tom Kenyon and the Hathors Tom’s insights have been consistently prescient.  Here he talks about this period as “the chaotic nodes and the dismantling of 3-D reality”.  I am sensing a shift of exactly this nature, which does not mean I believe we’re about to “ascend” immediately, but that the division between physical and non-physical realms will become more obvious to our senses, as physics suggests anyway.  Tom offers us a sound frequency recording that helps us align with the new realities.  It’s free.
Andrew Basiago, Time Travelor and Presidential Candidate  This link takes you to one of many YouTube interviews with Andy.  You can find much longer ones, and there are also short excerpts available in the YouTube listings.  This Seattle lawyer is one of the most down-to-earth, fact-based, articulate “oddball ideas” person I’ve ever heard.  I’m reasonably convinced of the truth of his claims that he and his defense-contractor father participated in DARFA’s early time-travel and teleportation experiments in the early 70’s. starting when Andy was about six.  These stories are fascinating in their detail, and in Andy’s efforts to verify the information he learned.  According to Andy, 2015 will likely bring to light a CIA/congressional payola scandal of such massive proportions that the American public will throw out candidates of BOTH major parties in the 2016 elections.

3. Astrology Tips: Vedic Astrology
Prediction (part 1)

  A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from a friend who is a longtime student of Vedic Astrology. He  made an interesting observation which basically outlines the basic practical difference between Vedic and Western astrology.  He said he’d been failing miserably during years of trying to predict events in his life, and guessed he was relying too much on the effects of transiting planets.  He was right.  Here’s my short lecture on the process of quick predicing with Vedic astrology.
First, depend on the dasa system.  If you have an accurate birth time, the dasa system, which assigns each portion of your life to the guardianship of a particular planet in your chart, is the first place to go for long and short-term predictions.  (click here for more) 

4.  Norma at 90
HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY, MOM!    Sept 9, 2014



I only hope I’m as “with-it” in mind/body/spirit at her age.  Or heck, I hope I’m even Here!  She can still outrun and often out-think any of us.  (She explains that with vertigo she can’t walk slowly or she falls over, but she can run!) She and her husband of 2 years are both hale and happy together.  The whole family showed up to celebrate–both sides–hers and his, and there were no less than FIVE parties celebrating the acknowledged “Queen of Meadowood”.

5. Quantum Infinity Energy/Biofeedback Healing App–FREEBIES

I’ve been using this app for myself and others for about four months now, and continue to be impressed (and to hear rave reviews from others) on its effectiveness.  If you’re dealing with hard-to-treat health issues or are involved in alternative healing modalities, I urge you to try the 15 day free trial of this app, Quantum Infinity.  I can knock out a backache in 20 minutes and have found asthma relief, lethargy relief, and general healing from an unexpected cascade of reactions to supposedly simple standard practices of western medical treatment (appendectomy and blood pressure meds).  You can find out more here.

6. Archetypes, Astrology and the Soul of the Cosmos (by Anne B.) (Recording)

OK, bottom line here:  If you really “get” archetypes, you can read the mind of the universe.  This lecture will trace the path that brought me to this realization, and will offer you practical ways to use these patterns to understand and improve your life.

7. Newsletter Archives now EASY to find
 This is now the sixth year of Stariel Newsletters. ‘Til now, finding back issues was pretty hard.  Not anymore.  Some website housekeeping has put ALL back issues together, easily available at my main web page, They’re under a main heading called NEWSLETTERS.  You can’t miss it.
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9. Audio Mantras
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I‘ve recorded and uploaded a series of Mantras to my web site.  If you are interested in astrological remedies, you can find planetary mantras at my website under “Astro-Remedies” and then selecting the planet whose mantra you’re seeking.  A full page of long mantra links can be found HERE.  Words are included.

My most-frequently used mantra is the Mrityunjaya Mantra.  You can listen to it, and to any of the others at the link above.  Thank you, Ricia Doren, for the Ganapati Mantra audio!

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