Mercury Retrograde–yes, Again

May 27, 2015

Mercury Retrograde, etc.

It’s that time again–happens three times a year, for three weeks each time, so yes, we do get used to it after a while.THIS Mercury Retrograde has some special features though. First of all, it’s in its own sign, Gemini. That means Mercury things get more screwed up that usual. Merchandise, communication, thinking, transportation are at the top of this list. Neptune is providing the first big zinger.  It’s in early Pisces, and Pisces squares Gemini.  AND Mercury will cross the exact degree of Neptune during the Retrograde. Neptune is NOT of the bricks and mortar world. It can bring great insight or big lies… or just confusion, so don’t buy everything you hear. This combo is notorious for forgetfulness or misinterpreting things, so double-check important details. One MORE thing–the day after Mercury stations direct, Neptune stations retrograde, prolonging the confusions.
If that’s not enough, the Full Moon of June 2nd is also squaring Mercury and Neptune from early Sagittarius.  At least the New Moon of June 16 is  very LATE Gemini–so it isn’t muddying the water beyond recognition.
I don’t think we’ve seen the ends of floods though. Keep buckets under any leaks and sniff for gas leaks, too. These are Neptune’s doings.


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