Merc RX survival and more

March 9, 2015

AAAARGH!!!!  This has been one of the craziest Mercury Retrograde periods EVER!  I’m FINALLY functioning again–computer blew up JUST before the retrograde, forcing me to purchase a new computer the day before, with a stationary Mercury squaring my 6th house Pluto (work issues!)  What can you do??  Well, in my case, WAIT would have been the right answer.  I ended up finding a great computer tech guy in Austin, which I needed, and who got me out of total disaster, but I still have bunches of weird problems.  I hope I can get them solidly fixed.

Then, still RX, my multiply-handicapped brother (autism, blindness, hearing loss) slipped on ice and severely broke his right arm. Bad enough that he needed shoulder surgery, so I ended up in Indiana for what I thought was a a few days but ended up being over a week, because of his onset of a severe gastric distress.  ‘Nuf said.  It sounds so heroic to do this, but I must confess I was reluctant and grumpy for a while.  Not grumpy to Brother tho. Glad to be back home with my sweet pup now, and thanks SO much to Chuck and Karen who cared for him despite CHUCK’s mulltiple shoulder surgeries while I was gone.  WHEW!!!

And the computer??  Well, I’m still stumbling into problems almost daily.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.



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