Mars’ Station and ME

February 1, 2012

If you’ve noticed anything about astrology (past your Sun Sign), you’re probably aware that the SLOW planets pack a wallop.  Planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  Why?  Because they take their sweet (or not so sweet) time to deliver their full message.  What other planets are slow?  ANY planet that stations retrograde or direct.  It’s just plain not moving at all.
   And when a stationary planet is exactly conjoin one of your natal planets, you’d better believe something will happen. The last time this happened to me, Mercury stationed exactly on my 6th house Pluto: 6th house–pets.  Pluto–police; powers that are bigger than you are.  On that day, I had gone to a conference at a hotel which, the year before welcomed pets.  So I brought my ‘baby’.  They told me he wasn’t allowed.  I explained my confusion and they granted me a reprieve til the end of the day, when I had to drive back to my home (fortunately in driving distance) and drop him off.  On the way home, I was ticketed by a police officer as I changed lanes “too close to the intersection”  (two car lengths before the intersection…???!).   Not a fun day.
… So when I saw that Mars would station retrograde at 23 Virgo, exactly on my 23 Virgo Venus and 23 Virgo Ceres, I knew that something would happen.  …..Feeling a bit like a rabbit in the headlamps, I asked a few friends what they would project, and while we came close with the theme, nothing prepared me for the detail.
Venus rules my Moon, which is in Taurus, in the 2nd house.  Venus rules my 3rd house, and Libra is intercepted in my 8th house.  The second house is about value systems. Third is siblings. The 8th is death and rebirth.  Moon, of course, is mother.   Ceres, in my experience, is about a mother-who-lost-a-child, or a child-who-lost-a-mother.  It’s also about in-law issues (Ceres/Demeter being Pluto’s mother-in-law.)
Two friends suggested that there might be something about my mother’s value system…  and I admitted that I had been shaken up a bit by her Christmas announcement that she is, at age 87, in love.  I wondered if this was a way to avoid thinking about the anticipated birth of her first grandchild in May.  She also confessed that she is afraid to connect to this grandchild, as much as she has wanted one.  The backstory here is that this brings back the trauma of the accidental death of her 2-year-old daughter 50 years ago.  (Ceres!) More backstory:  this was the child born after my menstrual cycle began, and there was a lot of joking that I had taken over so much that it must be MY baby.
Here is what happened:  On Jan 23, the day before Mars turned around, my brother and his wife delivered a 22-week baby at 1 pound, 3 oz.   We have all been in ‘fear and trembling’ hoping for the best, whatever that might be.  I immediately talked to Ben Collins at to have protective ceremonies done (they began that very night).  Little William is still alive and has had no emergencies so far, so we’re beginning to hope.  (Venus ruling my 3rd house, representing my brother, and Venus lives in my 7th house–5th from the 3rd–his children.  The Mars station popped out William, with Aries rising!.  And of course, this child lost his mother too early, in a manner of speaking.  We can only pray that the mother won’t lose the child.
Then, on Jan 24, my mother (still age 87) announced that she will be getting married!  My Moon in Venus’ sign, with Venus entertaining, so to speak, the stationary Mars.  I begged her to wait til Mars goes direct.  She will.
Stationary Mars.  Mars as the spark of life.  Mars, representing brothers in Vedic astrology.  Mars as blood.  Venus/Mars as the archetypal love affair.  Ceres Mars, the danger of childbirth.  Mars the creator, and Mars the destroyer; Mars the lover…
Since these weren’t the only things that happened this week (married roommates moved out, Jeanne Avery went into a nursing home and I’ve been involved in placing her doggies, taking one myself), I am apologizing already for the lack of organization in my writing here….  but here it is.
COUNT on stationing planets when they are exactly on your own.  They will make stuff happen, guaranteed!


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