March 2015: BIG ASTRO MONTH!

March 9, 2015

Uranus Pluto Mars Sun Moon, Eclipses

     I don’t usually pay much attention to the EXACT date of slow planet aspects.  It’s kinda like saying two semitrucks heading into an intersection won’t have a bad crash unless they are EXACTLY centered on each other.  Naaah.  It’s still a serious crash, even if they are way off center.
This month is different though.  We get Mars, and the Sun and Moon in a lunar eclipse all involved in this last exact aspect, and that makes all the difference.  I’m predicting earth events–earthquakes, volcanoes, explosions even, or even an earth-damaging solar flare.  Why?  Mars, in Vedic astrology, rules land.  Mars and Uranus together are always accident/explosion/event related, and this time they’re exactly conjunct, in fire-sign Aries on March 11th–though again, the confluence of all these events within 9 days means that from today forth, March is “all bets are off”.
Mars has NO patience and Uranus is generally pretty hot to trot itself.  Now add a square from the power-death-rebirth planet, Pluto, and we’ve got life-and- death changes to land, of an explosive or fiery nature.  And on the 20th, a Solar eclipse at 29 Pisces brings the martyr/sacrifice energy in.  This is followed by a Lunar Eclipse on April 4th at 14 Libra, which echoes the Mars/Uranus/Pluto square that just (almost) ended.  This combo suggests danger to a female world leader, and the Sun’s involvement, also in a fire sign, raises the concern of increasing Solar Flares.
If you’re an ordinary person, this is a month for high caution.  Accidents will be ready to happen–so don’t clean the gutters or climb tall trees.  Don’t rewire sockets without turning off the power (Uranus rules electricity and technology).  If you have planets at 14-16 Cardinal (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn), you are already feeling the pressure here.  I surely am!
The key to survival is releasing resistance.  And the next article will outline my own process these last weeks…


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