July 1 Eclipse

June 29, 2011

Eclipses come in cycles, called Saros Series.  And July 1st is a NEW eclipse cycle!  This eclipse sets the tone for every new eclipse in this cycle for the next 1200 years!

[There are 19 (x2) eclipse cycles and it takes 18+ years (with 2 solar eclipses most years) to cycle through them all.  Saros Series 13 South ENDED 19 years ago, with an eclipse at the North Pole.  Saros Series 13 New South begins on July 1st at the South Pole.]

This is a profound and powerful eclipse chart.  The Sun and Moon are in highly challenging relationship with the Biggie planets–meaning those that have been wreaking havoc and causing change all over the earth these last few years, namely Pluto, Uranus and Saturn.  Overall, the eclipse represents huge generational endeavors, and active world stress.  Bernadette Brady says this eclipse brings the end of long struggles and midpoints involving Neptune and Jupiter bring difficult issues to gentle conclusions.  We can hope so.

This eclipse also happens among fixed stars which ancient astrologers associate with the death of a king.  Countdown for Qaddafi?


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