Fall Classes Begin!

September 7, 2010

Fall Classes Begin!

Schedule, Thursdays, 7-9 pm:
Sept 16
Sept 30
Oct 14
Oct 28
Nov 11
Dec 2

In this series of classes we will continue working with “dispositorships” and rulerships, and we’ll compare western charts to their Vedic counterparts to see how the pattern works. We may even take a peek at the Human Design System, which combines astrology with the I Ching, chakra systems, and Kabalah.

If you have not attended previous classes, all is not lost.  If you have any astrological background you’ll be able to keep up.

Usual class prices are $15 each, but I know how tight money can be, so classes are offered on a donation basis. If you’re planning on attending (or if you need location info), email me by clicking HERE.


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