Eclipse Season

June 5, 2011

This is one of those rare years when we get 3 eclipses within the span of a month.  Sometimes these are two Lunar Eclipses with a Solar Eclipse in the middle, and sometimes, as in this year, the first and last eclipses are Solar Eclipses, with a Lunar Eclipse in the middle.

The first eclipse in this pattern was June 1st, at 11 Gemini.  In a Solar Eclipse, the Sun is hidden, so we look for a world (or life-event) pattern where the symbolism of the Sun is darkened.  The Sun can represent Ego, Consciousness, Visibility, the quality of direct energy (rather than the indirect Lunar energies).  Eclipse events are triggered up to 2 weeks before and after the event, but the actual day remains significant.  This eclipse coincided with the rather ridiculous news (Gemini) of Senator Weiner’s Tweeter account being hacked with a crotch-photo of a man wearing underwear.  Since direct energy is compromised in a Solar Eclipse, there is reason to believe the “it was hacked” story–the underhanded action of an eclipsed Sun in Gemini.  But it was also a terrible blow to Weiner’s ego, not least in his poor handling of the communication (Gemini).   In your chart, see what house is ruled by Gemini.  That is where something may be cut out or eCLIPsed.

The second eclipse is Lunar, at 24 Sagittarius on June 15.  Here the feminine, subconscious, reflective and indirect energy of the Moon is eclipsed, in the sign of expansion.  We may see lack of reflection  (Moon) as suppressed emotions (Lunar Eclipse) expand without limit (Sagittarius).  Look for the house ruled by Sagittarius in your chart to see where activity takes place.

The third eclipse is the doozy here.  July 1 at 9 Cancer, creating a grand cross involving Pluto, Saturn and Uranus.  Conscious activity (Sun) is darkened as Homelands (Cancer) are irrationally (Solar Eclipse) defended.  Since this plays out close to the Solstice/Equinox Axis Mundi, these events will play on a world stage–except for the events in your chart in the house ruled by Cancer, and also the houses ruled by the other Cardinal signs.

There’s plenty of other stuff being written about this summer–and there are lots of other intensifying events, with retrogrades, sign changes, etc going on…  so hang on to your peace while others grab for their “piece”.


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