Eclipse reports…

June 28, 2010

Just have to share this amazing story.  Last week, during the course of a different conversation, a client mentioned a triathlon to be held in Philadelphia starting at 7:30 am on June 26.  A friend had asked her to come and watch him perform in it.

Good grief!  7:30 am on June 26 in Philadelphia was the exact moment of the BIG Lunar eclipse:  The one exactly on Pluto and participating in the giant T-square between Pluto (and Eclipse), Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter.  What an awful time to start a triathlon!   I said I didn’t think this event would conclude safely.  It would likely be stopped before the finish, and there was likely to be a bad accident associated with it.  I was concerned about water because of the dangerous lunar (watery) eclipse.  I wished that he wouldn’t go (the eclipse negatively affected his chart), and told her to avoid it herself if she didn’t want to be caught up in an awful situation.

Today she reported in:

“First, my friend told me on Friday ( the day before the June 26 eclipse/triathlon day) that he decided NOT to particpate at the last minute.  He said he felt like his body wasn’t up for it!! You said that his energy wouldn’t be right. Second, part of the triathlon  – the SWIM- had to be stopped and cancelled in the middle of the race b/c one of the swimmers was missing under water.  They had the police and rescue boats there, and unfortunately, the person drowned!! So the race could not be completed!!”

Isn’t astrology amazing!


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