Changing Astrology?????

January 30, 2011

I can’t begin to tell you how many questions I’ve received about the recent spate of “news” stories about the changing zodiac.   I confess that my irritation (not with the questioners, but with the source) shows.  This is SO stupid!   In fact, every few years, some astronomer figures he can get his name in print and bash astrology (about which he knows nothing) with this very same story.

There were actually two stories in one.  One was that the zodiac has been changing, slipping backwards, so that the sign you think you are is suddenly no longer your sign.   Why this is suddenly news —well, we had some slow news days.  This has actually been happening for over 2000 years.

If you want to be literal about constellations and zodiac signs, the sign of Aries would be about a week long and Pisces would be almost two months long.  SIGNS are not the same as CONSTELLATIONS.  Constellations don’t arrange themselves in the sky in equal-size 30-degree chunks.    The zodiac is a circle of symbols.  Circles have no beginning and no end, but in order to talk about them, we have to point somewhere and say “Start Here”.  Western astrology starts by linking the beginning of Aries, the first sign, with the first day of spring: the spring equinox.   India-n astrology usually starts by linking the beginning of Aries with a spot in the sky opposite the star Spica.  The Indian system doesn’t drift because it’s linked with a star, rather than with the earth.  Both measurements have a complex system of rules and procedures for interpretation that are internally consistent and are different from each other.

And what about the “NEW” sign, Ophuichus???  Well, if you run a chart for the year 0001 CE, you’ll see exactly the same thing you see today.    And what is that?

First, imagine a map of the orbit of the sun around the earth.  It will look a lot like the equator, but it’s in the sky (and in a different place).  This is the ECLIPTIC, the linear path of the sun, that stays the same each and every year.  Spread out across the Ecliptic,  you’ll see the 12 constellations that give their names to the Zodiac signs.  These constellations are ALL laid out, SPLAT!, right across the Ecliptic.  The line of the Ecliptic goes right through the MIDDLE of these signs.

And 2010 years ago, exactly like today, one TEENSY corner of another constellation slips over the line.  ONE STAR of the large constellation Ophuichus crosses the Ecliptic.

When you have 12 constellations neatly bisected by the ecliptic and one more, with the toenail of its little toe crossing the Ecliptic, and when this pattern has NOT CHANGED for way over 2000 years, you tell me how this is suddenly news!


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  1. Patrice on February 10th, 2011 4:49 pm

    Right, Thanks! Because I became Ophiuichus (spelling alone was prohibitive)! And while being a healer which fit–between being a Sun (Sag)sign and LEo Vedic sign–I was having an identity crisis…LOL! Whew…Miss you my friend!

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