By Definition: The Stars INFLUENCE Us

July 26, 2011

I had to get out my Oxford English Dictionary for this one.   My dear friend and fellow astrologer, Deborah Parker, called me this week and read me her newest blog (and you should read it too– here it is.  Her commentary is sublime!)  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and like Deborah, ran for my dictionary.    The question?   What is the definition of INFLUENCE??

Here’s what the OED says.  There are 2 entries for “influence”.  Here’s from the first entry and the first two definitions:
Word background: 
“13th century, emanation from the stars4th Century, Firmicus and Pico di Mirandola: The astrological sense: ‘astral influence.'”
Definition 1. “the action or fact of flowing in, said of the action of water and other fluids, and of immaterial things conceived of as flowing in.”

Definition 2. “a.  the supposed flowing or streaming from the stars or heavens of an ethereal fluid acting upon the character and destiny of man, and affecting sublunary things generally.  In later times gradually viewed less literally or as an exercise of power or ‘virtue’, or of an occult force, and in late use chiefly a poetical or humorous reflex of earlier notions. 

“b. The exercise of personal power by human beings, figured as something of the same nature as astral influence.” 
One might argue that these notions (a ‘fluid’ emanating from the stars) are hopeless scientifically outmoded–but actually, new physics are restoring the concept of the ‘ethers’, now positing the vacuum to be a rich medium of energy and energy transference, and some subatomic particles (the neutrino, the tachyon are examples) far exceed the speed of light, and in particle/wave form (fluids?) move through matter emanating from all objects in the universe to pervade all others.

So the next time someone asks you if you REALLY believe the stars “influence” people and things on earth, you can tell them “Actually, that’s the literal definition of ‘influence’.  So yes, by defnition, the stars influence us.”     Wow!


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