Astroweather, Nov-Dec 2010

November 6, 2010

We’ll all be glad that Venus is getting better.  As the planet of desire, pleasures, love and money, her retrograde journey in Scorpio (NOT her favorite sign) has been compounded by sharing much of that journey with Mars in Scorpio, where it’s home and powerful.   This means she had no good influence at all.  Her rulership of money was used against her desire for harmony as money purchased our elections.

And did October feel like Merc Retrograde?  It almost was.  Mercury was in Libra from Oct 3-19, acting like Venus.  Since Venus was retrograde and weak in Scorpio, This means Mercury was acting retrograde and weak because Venus is Libra’s ruling planet, describing what Mercury can do.

Good news comes slowly, but it comes.  We’ll get a bit of a break with Venus in Libra, starting Nov 7 (but this day brings some delusions, or even outright lies, as Neptune stations direct, square Mercury.).  She stays retrograde til Nov 18, and stays in Libra til Nov 29.  Then she’s back in Scorpio, but at least no longer sharing it with Mars, and no longer Retrograde.

The theme for November will be some blend of “Magic, Illusion, Delusion, Lies”.  At best, we can experience personal breakthroughs.  At worst, we’ll waltz into a mass delusion together.  How come?

All month, Neptune, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus will be dancing a waltz, with occasional cut-ins by Mercury and the Moon.   These are excessive, idealistic, fantastic (as in fantasy or amazing) planets, and in general are associated with huge spiritual breakthroughs.  I’m not optimist enough to predict a global breakout of higher consciousness,  but these combos could do it.  Most likely it’ll be a widespread series of individual mini-awakenings, but these do add up.   Here’s the planetary reasoning:  Nov 7:  Venus stations, square Neptune station, square Mercury.  Nov 18:  Venus stations direct, trine Neptune.  Nov 21: Full Moon opposite Venus, sextile Jupiter and Uranus and square Neptune.   Whew!   Find an ashram!  Get an energy treatment.  Have a meditation retreat!

December will bring us some sharp wake-up calls, compounded by Mercury Retrograding for the entire holiday season (Dec 10-30).  The chart for Dec 10 demands self-discipline.  If you don’t have it, no one will.  Rage, anger and potentially violent outbursts are described by a chart with Mercury, Pluto, Mars and the North Node all together within only 3 degrees (click here to read more).

The big story starts with a Dec 5 New Moon, sextile Saturn.  Just to let you know this cycle is SERIOUS (Saturn).   On the same day, and bringing shocking surprises and a tendency towards mass anger, we see Uranus stationing direct, conjuct Jupiter and square Mars.

The story amplifies on Dec 10, when Mercury stations Retrograde conjunct Pluto, N. Node, Mars, and sextile Venus.  Jealousy, envy, out-of-control rage will be the substrate for everyone, so I’m reminding you now to deliberately KEEP YOUR COOL on the days around Dec 10.  This pattern has uncomfortable similarities to the 9/11 chart, so hold on to your hats.

If this weren’t enough, Dec 21st gives us a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse, squaring Uranus (the revolutionary) and opposite Mercury.   A message to be delivered, and a shocking one.

It could be, and we can pray and direct energies toward this outcome, that all these amazing energies are simply a build-up to some dramatic scientific/engineering/technological inventions that will surely come our way once Uranus re-enters Aries for most of the next decade.   Quite often these inventions happen below public consciousness and it’s only later that the public recognizes their significance.  So let the breakthroughs begin.  I’ll vote for that!


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