April-May Astro-weather

April 4, 2010

This is an intense and busy spring, setting us up for an intense and busy summer.  This is the summer of the FearStorm, and we are already in the build-up to this storm.  Why is it important to talk about a FearStorm?  Because fear spreads rapidly, like fire, and if we aren’t paying attention it can rage out of control.  So April and May are perfect months for practicing good emotional hygiene and for innoculating ourselves from the FearStorms ahead.

What is Fear?  For one, it’s a cute acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  Unless you are being attacked by a bear, or are in a similarly immediate life-threatening situation, fear is always imaginary and is never about the present moment.  Even if you have stage 5 cancer, your fear does not refer to the knowable present.  It is about the future.  Fear may be about what others might be doing in the present or what someone might have done wrong in the past, about what might happen, about how you might feel. It’s always about something you do not know to be true.    What you know may bring you sorrow; your physical body may bring you pain, but only what we do not know brings us fear.

Good emotional hygiene can innoculate us against a FearStorm.  What is the personal hygiene to counteract fear?

  1. Keep your awareness in the present moment. When fear approaches you, ask if it relates to the present.  Bring your attention back to the present moment.
  2. Separate fear from reality. Ask yourself if there are alternatives to the scenario you fear.  Most fears are concatenations of disaster scenarios:  First This awful thing, which will trigger That awful thing, etc.  What if there is This wonderful thing, which will trigger That wonderful thing and etc.? Why does one version of an imaginary future seem more real to you than another?  They are both fantasies.  Neither is real.  Fear is our response to the unknown.  Choose what makes you happy
  3. Recognize how you’ve coped with past situations. Whether your fear is personal or is related to grand social issues, remember how you’ve coped with difficulties in the past.  Whatever comes up, you will be able to deal with it when the time comes.  You don’t have to deal with it now.
  4. Choose your emotions thoughtfully. Even if the worst of your fears comes true, will staying in a state of fear between this time and that make the situation better?   Taking action may make it better, but taking action is not fear.  If something bad were to happen in XX years, would you rather worry about it for all those years ahead of time or just handle it when it happens?   How many things have you feared that have not happened?  CHOOSE to avoid fear.
  5. Reallocate your emotional energy. Fear is a gradient emotion.  When you face a huge rollercoaster you may feel fear, but it takes the form of excitement.  Fear can morph into excited anticipation.  Fear can morph into an urgency to take action.  Fear can morph into the determination to envision the world you want!   (Be sure to read Anita M’s Near Death Experience!–and you might enjoy Ricky Gervais’s movie The Invention of Lying).  Reallocate the energy of fear into the excitement of Joyful Anticipation!

In April and May there will definitely be punctuation dates in the process of changes that are inevitable in any life.   Globally, we still have the collision aspects of Pluto (transformation/power), Saturn (authority, big businesses, rules), and Uranus (freedom, individuation, rebelliousness, revolution).  We’re in this dance for the next few years, but punctuations come this summer.

April 6:  Pluto, the planet that triggers fear and resistance, stations retrograde, greatly magnifying its influence.  It makes this station in a collision aspect (square) to another planet of fear, this time adding the theme of regulation, Saturn; and in a smoother relationship (trine) to Venus–the planet of values, including love and money–and Mercury, representing thought and communication.   Expect to see explosions about regulations of the finance system.  Or personal fears about money and finance  (remember your fear hygiene.  It’s all in your imagination!).

April 14:  This is a new moon at 24 Aries.  Time to take action for new beginnings.  No real crises showing up here.

April 17:  Mercury stations Retrograde.  The station point is 12 Taurus, so if you have planets near that point (or 12 Leo, Aquarius, or Scorpio) expect action in the days surrounding this retrograde point.  Why?  Because a station point is intensely powerful energy.  Even more pointedly, this time Mercury stations collides with (squares) Mars, creating the potential for angry (Mars) words (Mercury), but also for sharp (Mars) thinking (Mercury).  (It’s also sextile Pluto, just to spice up the situation with power plays.)   Your choice here.  Mercury stays retrograde until 5/11.   This is NOT a time to sign new contracts, start new projects, send out your advertising flyers–unless you were born with a retrograde Mercury yourself.

April 26:  Saturn (authority, the old way, big business & banking) is in an exact opposition (think collision) with Uranus (the new, rebellion, high tech, freedom) –again.  As it was on the day of Obama’s election, for one thing.  Which will still be in effect on….

April 28:  Full Moon at 8 Scorpio.  This lunation is in collision with Mercury and Mars and is sextile Pluto, so expect some confrontational energy from the crazies out there.  Practice FearStorm hygiene.

May 11:  Mercury stations direct at 2’40” Taurus.  Uber power here, as it harmonizes with Pluto.  Expect a very powerful message from a very powerful source.

May 13:  New Moon in Tropical Taurus… The moon “likes” Taurus–a lot.  It is stable there (and stubborn), and this lunation collides with Mars (action?  anger?) but harmonizes (sextile) with the most generous Jupiter and with responsible Saturn (trine).    The start of something solid and reasonable?

May 27:  This Full moon at 6’33” Sagittarius isn’t particularly notable except that the very next day…

May 28: Uranus (freedom, individualism, rebelliousness, “my way or the highway”) enters tropical Aries (the action principle… and what kind of action?  WHAT *I* WANT).   Tickle this with the full moon energy and remember that this brings ALL three Fearstorm planets (Pluto, Saturn, Uranus) into cardinal (action-oriented) signs, and we’ve upped the ante on acting out from folks who have little or no emotional hygiene.

May 31:  Neptune stations retrograde–the powerful degree here is 28’42” Aquarius.  And it collides with (opposition) Mars, the planet of action.  Neptune is nothing if not nebulous, so this can bring a period of delusional actions, or simply the inability to act—sometimes the impulse is there but the carry-through gets waterlogged.

Ok, that’s it for now.  Stay healthy, emotionally, physically, and spiritually!


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