Anne’s Austin Astrology Lecture 6/17

June 5, 2011

“Dancing with Transcendance: Music from the Outer Planets”

Lecture by Anne Beversdorf for the Astrological Society of Austin

Friday, June 17, 6:30 pm, Austin Texas
Remedy Center for Healing Arts
4901 Burnet Road
Austin, TX 78756-2609

The “outer planets” are often called the “transcendental planets”.  Their energy is undeniable in the lives of those who have opened their awareness to CHOICE.  These energies mediate between the fixed fate of the material world, on the one hand, and the gods’ (or OUR) abilities to negotiate everyday reality on the other hand.  But this choice only comes with awareness.  You only get the choice if you know their dances and don’t get caught in their traps.

There are two major shifts happening right now.  One is big and frightening (which doesn’t mean Bad) and the other is subtle and possibly confusing.  Most of us are aware of the Pluto dances (see Anne’s article in the June/July The Mountain Astrologer magazine).  An equally powerful but far more subtle dance is with the other-worldly and imaginative Neptune.  The world is changing here as well.

All of the transcendental planets are highly active in the sky these days, which means that all of us are feeling their influence.   The wiser we are in dealing with these dance partners, the better the future we invite.  Come engage in the dance!

($7 members; $10 non-members, to support ASA)


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