2013 in the Stars: Part 1

May 10, 2013

Well, first there was that week in February... when a meteor exploded over Russia (and hit ground, too), and a comet (or asteroid, depending on the report) passed INSIDE the orbit of the the Moon, and the Pope resigned on the same day that lightning struck St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican….  Those were symbolically huge events and in other years might have stood out as highlights, but so much more has happened this year that they recede into the background.  My pre-2013 notes were unclear.  Words for early February included changes of power and authority figures, long time associations, and big-money and power plays.  Then Mercury went retrograde on February 23rd, which combined with the Pisces energy of February and March made much of the next month’s news illusory at best.

In March North Korea scared much of the world by declaring that the truce with South Korea (and the USA) from the 1950’s Korean War is now over, and they’re getting ready to launch nuclear weapons at the US.  Remember that the tropical zodiac had a huge stellium (clustering) of planets in Pisces–typically connected with illusions, delusions and lies.  Sidereally this cluster was in Aquarius, indicating North Korea’s status as a rebel against the rest of the world.  Nevertheless, the warning was delivered and received.  Pisces is also related to contagion, and China brought us news of the first deaths from a new avian flu, along with the bizarre news of 12,000 dead pigs found in Shanghai’s water supply, the Huangpu River; and 1000 dead ducks in Sichuan’s Nanhe River.

Also in March, the Vatican selected a new pope:  Pope Francis is the first Jesuit and the first Pope from the Americas.  Though he is conservative on much church doctrine, his care for ordinary people is unprecedented.  In my notes for 2013, I marked March 17 as a day with world healing energy.  Turns out this was the day Pope Francis made his first speech as pope. 

Mid March, Mercury went direct (the 17th) and we not only had a clustering of planets, but the Sun and Mars were in a very long dance together,  with the entire bundle moving, at month’s end, into abrupt, aggressive Aries and building into conjunction with explosive Uranus and a square to death-related Pluto.   

Which brings us to April: For the week of the 15th my notes said “Rage, danger; surprises, shocks.”  The Boston Marathon bombings, the fertilizer factor explosion that devastated the town of West, Texas near Waco, and the ricin letters sent to politicians all took place in that week.  The culprit was the Sun with Mars and Uranus, squaring Pluto–along with a bundle of other planets in impatient and angry Aries.  Uranus and Mars are a formula for explosions, and putting them both in Aries just makes  it all bigger.  The twice-yearly “eclipse season” also began in late April, with a Lunar eclipse in early Scorpio on the 23rd.  Fairly close to Saturn, this tamped down subterranean anger which we may yet see explode on the larger scene.

I’d thought the Solar Eclipse of May 9 would give us another eruption of anger.  Taking place in mid Taurus, the Moon’s exaltation here may have softened the blow, but my notes bring more shocks thru the 13th and a strong likelihood of major flooding between the 14th and the end of June.  There’s cause for optimism around the 27th of May…  and I’ll round out the year in the next newsletter.

BTW, Kudos go to Naomi Bennet, astrologer from Austin, who predicted amazingly high stock market numbers for this spring.  Indeed, the Dow Jones has reached and is holding its highest numbers EVER right now.


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