03/29/09 Forgot to write about HAIL!

March 30, 2009

I realize, somewhat belatedly, that one thing you’re supposed to do with a blog is write about things that HAPPEN.   Well, Wednesday, Hail Happened in NW Austin.   I was in my car, on the feeder road on N. 183, only a few miles from home, when little hailstones started to fall.  Then they got big, VERY BIG, Fast!   Near-baseball sized hailstones were pounding at the front window.  The noise was deafening, and scary, too, as each wind-blown collision between hail and car-metal sounded like a gunshot.  And seeing those things coming straight at my face, hoping the windshield wouldn’tbeautiful-hail-pic break, and wondering what I’d do if it did….  well.    I was looking for shelter, but was in the wrong lane to get under a freeway overpass.  Finally I pulled off where I saw some big trees.  Some strip mall had a grassy area with trees and I jumped the curb (along with about 4 other cars) and parked under a tree, hoping the leaves/branches would at least slow down the hailstones.   (The windshield held).   The car is thoroughly pockmarked and today I’m driving around dealing with insurance issues.

Maup was in the car with me.  He shakes like a leaf when there’s thunder, but was frozen still with the battery of hail (louder than ANY thunder could be).  After the hail stopped, some thunder rolled by, and THEN he started shaking.

When I got home, about a half hour later (temps in the upper 60’s), I took some pics.  The area looked like a packing-peanut factory had exploded.   By the time I got home hailstones were starting to melt, and the largest pictured here is “only” golf-ball sized.    Here are a few more shots:hail-pics

Astrology?  I looked at the chart.  Could make a case for the storm, but couldn’t have predicted from the chart.  If anyone wants to look, check out 3/25/09, sometime around 6 pm, Austin, TX.

A little fiddling with the time (which is approximate) could put Sat on the Asc; or Mars on the Desc. or Moon sextile Vertex.  Sun/Venus/Merc were square Pluto in general, and Merc had JUST entered Aries (which may be the significant timer).



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