01/25/09 Raw Lecture Notes: Nonlinear Events Convergence

January 25, 2009

Nonlinear Systems:   Like weather.  Don’t start at point a, move to point b and c and end up at point d.   Influences from all directions subtly change their directions.  Example:  Weather—classic nonlinear system.


Weather statistical studies led to the formulation of Chaos theory:   At the point of greatest disintegration, a whole new pattern, never-before-seen, suddenly forms from the broken “molecules” of previous systems.


Current Convergence of nonlinear systems includes:


1.      Economic system:  John Peterson of Arlington Institute says it has become SO Gi-normous that NO ONE knows how it works.  

2.      Climate change

3.      Species die-offs

4.      Collapse of infrastructure

5.      Old energy systems failing (and new ones unfolding—Hal Puthoff founder of Austin’s Institute of Advanced Studies recently PROVED the Kasimir effect—applicability of zero point energy (from vacuum) in creating usable energy.


Related thoughts:

1.   “punctuation” points in the biological evolutionary process—non-linear jumps

2.   convergence of 2012/end-of-world myths

3.   WHETHER project of Arlington Inst,; and Halfpasthuman.com’s monitoring language usage on web—new predictive modalities that scientism can’t explain OR deny.  (halfpasthuman predicts a total collapse of the American gov by mid-year.   Just imagine a handful of mega-katrinas and even the best intended attempt to respond)

4.   Potential tax revolt…. Already growing “failure to file” situation.   Add anger about TARP to failed personal economics…

5.   Nassim Haramein’s new Black Hole Theories… Black holes are not collapsing stars sucking everything in.   They are THE creative points that CREATE their galaxies.   More in a minute.

6.    Noetic Science lecture 16 years ago…   Jim??  10 billion turning point:  10 billion atoms, 10 billion molecules; 10 bill cells, 10 billion ants, 10 billion bees,  10 billion plants (they communicate); 10 billion humans (maybe some no-longer-living can count—Sheldrake’s morphic resonance; morphogenetic fields)

7.   New world leadership focused on interdependence, fairness, dignity, value of each human life.  (I’ve been pinching myself with every new executive order since 1/20)



METAPHYSICAL Convergences.

1.      12/21/2012, South American monuments, like Stonehenge.  Astronomical condition plus ancient awareness of its importance = ? (black hole theory redux)

2.      “Indigo” and “crystal” children (hate the labels, but…)

3.      Astrological indicators, already discussed

4.      You are Truly Loved:  Glenda Green.   Fire= energy of destruction.  

5.      Puthoff (and other electrogravitic energy systems) ARE energies of Attraction




Pluto in Cap—American Revolution.

Peterson says we are getting ready to go through something SO MUCH bigger than the American Revolution we can’t begin to imagine it. 

2012—I’ve resisted “magical thinking” about this date for a long time.    But I’m rethinking the possibilities in light of the previous information.


Haramein’s black holes:   Points of vast creative principle.   His math (peer-reviewed, published within last month) also shows that every atom contains a black hole, every human being contains a larger black hole.


Dream… Uranus/Neptune…  (1st 2 planets past Saturn) and what they told me.    Ergo, Gaia = not only a huge black hole but a very conscious one.


What happens when resonance hits?   Bridge collapse for example….   12 21 2012 WE hit resonance, with NO interference from galaxy, with Galactic Center.


Peterson says he anticipates a new human being—that we will shift, to become highly psychic, with values of interdependence, caring, etc., and will operate simultaneously in the physical AND the non-physical world.    Can you already feel this?





Convergence of positives:


1.      Obama’s tone of leadership—transparency, kindness, extended hand of friendship, concern for all, not just powerful few

2.      Indigo, crystal children, the shift is happening

3.      New energy systems about to break in (more than geothermal, wind, solar)

4.      2012 alignment

5.      simultaneous breakage of old, dysfunctional forms.





Money and property will eventually be gone:  People will have the power to build, create, etc., combined with the awareness that all creation should benefit all.   Those driven to exceed basic survival will also be driven to help more people.  The richest people will be the most magnanimous in helping all.


Shared homes, resources.   Hands out to help each other, not to grab.


Strength of small local communities, augmented by mind-sharing across the globe (internet, plus psychic).  Psychic travel replaces jets.


Heightened ability to create physical reality based on highest-good dreams.   Intention for good allies with ability to manifest dreams into physical form.


Don’t expect to wake up and see this tomorrow.   First we’ve gotta become caterpillar goo.   Which can be scary.    When fear hits, just remember it’s caterpillar goo and the butterfly will follow.    As we approach 2012, the conscious and consciously cohesive intention of those of us with a modicum of enlightened awareness will create the shift, so for the good of all, turn fear into caterpillar goo and welcome the melt-downs.



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