01/25/09 Raw Lecture Notes: Astrology thru 2012

January 25, 2009



Astrological indicators for the years up to 2012


US Articles of Confederation as starting point


Vedic and Western indicators of where we are


Vedic and Western comparisons to past historical times


Saturn, Uranus, Pluto (and Chiron/Neptune) aspects upcoming, compared to 1960’s


Adding astrological indications to what else we know about these times (financial astrology; medical astrology—we combine the astrology with what we know about finance or health/medicine,  etc etc)  leading to “futurist” confluence of influences.





Scorpionic chart:  Why this chart:  Loans for war

(King of Tennessee)

How it speaks to the reason for the confederation

How it speaks to the country’s priorities (defense spending)

Yogi/Avayogi planets:   Mars=Avayogi   10 4 08

Dasas—microclimates (timeline)

Sun/Mars dasa


Predict:  flailing around til Feb 5, spending plans begin.  Rahu is like Mercury, money planet strong in 6th house.  Throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks.  Thru 12 31 09.  In the meantime repeated Uranus Pluto Saturn patterns disrupt more things.


Pluto in Capricorn.  Articles of Confederacy Pluto at 28 Cap.   Entire revolutionary buildup and war were Pluto in Cap.    If you were born between 1914-1923, or 1972-78, or if you are an early Capricorn Cancer Aries or Libra, your life will be disrupted directly during this time:  Pluto’s message Rut or Grave:  GET OUT.


Equivalent time periods in history:



Uranus/Pluto:  Widespread revolutionary upheaval, intensified emancipatory impulses, radical cultural innovation.  Collective Will to Power.  Violent rise of mass movements.  Labor unions, revolt of the masses, splitting the atom… p192-3

Saturn/Pluto:  Intense contraction: International crisis and conflict, empowerment of reactionary forces and totalitarian impulses, organized violence and oppression.  Atmosphere of gravity and tension, widespread sense of epochal closure, destruction of an earlier mode of life that in retrospect may seem to have been marked by widespread indulgence, decadence, naivety, denial and inflation.


·       Feb 7ish Uranus Saturn on US Uranus.

·       Mid Sept. Sat Uran on US Node

·       Mid Nov. Sat/Pluto on US Pluto

·       2010 1/31 Sat Pluto on US Chiron

·       End of April Sat Uranus

·       Mid May Pluto Mars on Chiron

·       End of July Uranus Saturn

·       2012 June Pluto Uranus on Neptune!

·       June-July Saturn stations on MC

·       Sept Pluto Uranus on POF


Prog. Moon to Sun in prog chart

Pluto to S. Node 2012


Innauguration chart,

Obama chart and

Swear-in Redo  SICK BABY but 1/6 lord exchange promises healing.  SLOW healing.  HARD work (Sat)  Led by Obama (Sun)

Obama and Redo, major 6th house emphasis.  Debt.  Health care.  Service:  

Predict health care early.  (Kennedy helped)

Predict Obama will lead world in methods for change.



Eclipses:  Saros Cycles

Jan 26th 2009:  6 Aqu 30

Concern with the need to make sudden reforms.  Old ideas or methods will fail and new systems are required to deal with the events brought by the eclipse.  As a consequence one must think of new ways of handling issues.  Any blocks could be violently or tragically removed. 


July 22 09  27 Leo 22

Opportunities to accept greater responsibilities come into people’s lives.  New commitments most likely come as a result of others being unable to carry on.  Although events which herald these opportunities may be difficult, the outcomes, in terms of harmony or self-esteem, are good.


Jan 15 2010  25 Cap 01

Brings successful outcomes to long-term worries or illness.  An issue which has worried or drained us for some time will at first seem worse and then clear with successful outcomes.


Jul 11 2010  19 Can 24

About groups and associations.  Its energy is about large, ambitious group projects.  These group projects will require a separation or breaking of a bond that already exists.  Individuals may experience this as a separation and then as joint achievement.


Jan 4 2011  13 Cap 39

Very similar energy to the previous one:  Expansive energy under which lies a more sinister flavor.  An urge to expand, but the expansion contains frustration, inhibitions, and loss or separation.


Jul 1 2011  9 Can 12

Heralds an acute time of confusion in personal relationships, unexpected happenings in financial matters, possible illness.  Unrequited love, despair, confusion, draining of energy, peculiar turns of events.  No important decisions should be made concerting incoming events as there is too much confusion and possible delusion to make clear judgments.


Nov 25 2011  2 Sag 37

Tends to bring success.  There have been long periods of hard work from which the success has grown.  There is also the potential for an obsessive idea to finally be accepted, which then leads to the promised success.  Individuals should push for the acceptance of their ideas or methodologies as this eclipse can bring the long awaited breakthrough.


May 20 2012  0 Gem 21

A sense of joy through commitment.  A time of good news which entail responsibilities or commitments, but ones in which there is joy in the undertaking.


Nov 13 2012   21 Sco 57

Release of tension.  A situation which has been lingering will suddenly clear.  In the clearing of the problem there is also a sense of grief or loss which is not so much personal as belonging to a group or collective.



Astrological considerations tell us about where the crisis points may appear and some of what they’ll feel like.   But astrologers must apply their knowledge of the situation to fully predict (stock market astrologers, medical astrologers, etc)….  

We’ve looked at the “bare bones” of the astrological picture.   What else is going on that contributes to this.








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