01/25/09 Pluto Events Through History

January 25, 2009

Below are dates and events of Pluto’s transit through the cardinal signs.   The Cardinal Signs affect the world at large, and these time periods are roughly linked together.

1913-14 Pluto Enters Cancer


(1913-1924 births are experiencing a Pluto Opposition now and over next few years)


1913    World War 1

            Harriet Tubman dies (remember Hillary’s speech quoting her?)

            Federal Reserve Created

            16th Amendment removing restrictions to Federal Income Tax

17th Amendment authorizes direct elections of Senators AND

      gives Governs the  right to appoint them in case a senator leaves office

US Revenue Act of 1913—re-establishes new Federal Income Tax


1914    Federal Trade Commission

            Clayton Anti-Trust Act

            Mothers Day created

            ABC Powers (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, work together for S.Am interests)


1915    Birth of a Nation—film

            Lusitania sinks



1972, Pluto enters Libra


Nixon visits China & Soviet Union

Israeli Athletes killed at Olympics

HBO launched

Pong—first commercial computer game

Nike launched

Fedex launched

McGovern drops Eagleton

George Wallace shot

SSI (disability) begins


Joy of Sex—first edition

ERA passed congress

Title IX passed




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