01/15/09 Timeline of History last time the US was in this Dasa cycle

January 15, 2009

One way of looking at periods of history in a long timeline, like the lifetime of a COUNTRY, is to examine the Jyotish (India-n astrology) planetary “microclimates”, the DASAS.   Since these repeat every 120 years, we can gain some hints of the kinds of environment we will be in if we simply look for the same period last time it came around.

The challenge is figuring out which chart to use as a starting point.   I’m looking at the United States, and the “chart of the US” is truly in high dispute.   Most Indian astrologers (and many others) point out that the Declaration of Independence is not a birth of a nation at all.   It’s more like an “I want a divorce” statement.  England still owned us, and we had a bloody revolution ahead of us before we became a country.   We might be able to see ideals and dreams (and yes, rebellion) in such a chart, but this isn’t the birth of a nation.

The late David Solte of San Diego did a phenomenal amount of research into what constitutes “countryhood”.   Long story short, a place is not considered a country, among the nations of earth, until it has the capacity to borrow or lend money.   During the revolutionary war, we were in dire need of money, but no one would lend to a group of colonies.   There was no “United” here—just 13 colonies who had citizens who wanted free of British Rule (and King George III’s tax and monopoly policies!).   France and Holland looked at Franklin and Adams and said “who’s gonna pay us back???”

Sooo…   The Continental Congress came up with the Articles of Confederation  Saturday, November 15, 1777 at 5:52:56 PM (LMT) in York, Pennsylvania.    This document stated that the 13 colonies would be joined by a common government, and that our common government would vouch for the loans we requested.   Bingo.  Money came, we won the war, then came up with our own taxes and monopolies.

The period of time equivalent to 2009 in the last round of events was late in 1888.   Then, as now, we were running the Dasa of Sun/Mars.   Mars happens to be the avayogi planet (the planet bringing financial loss) for the Articles of Confederation chart.   We entered Sun/MARS on October 1, 2008.   Hmmm.

The timeline below shows event highlights from those times so you can see for yourself how tremendously active, politically, economically, and in social justice, 1890 was, and what came before and after.

Timeline of US history relating to dasas of now.


1873-1890—Gilded Age


1881        Rise of Robber Barons

1883    Birth of Labor movement

1885    Nadir of race relations

1886        Haymarket Riot

1887        Interstate Commerce Commission

1887    Yale College becomes Yale University


1888        National Geographic founded

1888    Internationally, the last country with legal slavery made it illegal


1889        Johnstown Flood

1889    Hull House founded

1889    Major political reallignment leads to progressive era.


1890        How the Other Half Lives book by J. Riis.

1890    University of Chicago founded

1890    Sherman Silver Purchase

1890    AFL founded

1890    Battle of Wounded Knee

1890    Women’s Suffrage Org founded


1890    McKinley Tariff (HIGH import taxes created economic chaos at home)

1890    Yosemite National Park created


1892    Carnegie Steel Strike (10 deaths)

1892    American Psychological Association founded

1892    Pledge of Allegiance started, to commemorate 1492

1892    General Electric Founded

1892    Sierra Club founded

1892    Homestead Strike—labor lockout


1893-1897 Depression  

      1893   Panic of 1893

                  Sherman Silver Purchase REPEALED

      1894    Pullman Strike

                  INCOME TAX starts

      1895    H.G. Wells publishes The Time Machine

      1895    Roentgen discovers X-Rays—used to see through matter

      1896    Gold strike in Klondike







Pluto in tropical cardinal signs


1760  King George II dies and George III takes English Throne (this is the George we fought against)


1762  Pluto enters Capricorn

Catherine the Great ascends to throne of Russia  (also Venus/Sun occultation)

Rousseau’s Social Contract

Industrial Revolution (steam)


1765 the infamous Stamp Act.


1823-1852 Pluto in Aries. 

This period saw the rise of insane asylums instead of prisons for the mentally ill.

1829—Election of Andrew Jackson: The People’s President

1839:  Amistad—slave ship taken over by its black “cargo”.  Subsequent trial when they land states that they are free men and women.

1842  Oregon Trail begins.

1850  Womens Rights Convention

1852  Uncle Tom’s Cabin published by Harriet Beecher Stowe




Timeline of US history relating to dasas of now.



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