Joyful Change FOUR

Joyful Anticipation:
Converging Trends towards a Changing Future

(and how to get where we want to go)

Anne Beversdorf

June 2009

(Part Four:  Synthesis.  How do the destructive and creative trends combine to make a perfect “caterpillar goo” of new possibilities, and what these might be.)

This is the exciting part.   We are changing our image of the cosmos itself, and when we change our understanding, our deepest approach to the world, the world itself changes.

Cosmos 1

Figure 10: The Cosmos (NASA photo)

“Imagine…” says Richard Tarnas in his groundbreaking book, Cosmos and Psyche, “that you are a deep souled, subtly mysterious cosmos of great spiritual beauty and creative intelligence.  And imagine that you are being approached by two different…suitors, who seek to know you.

Cosmos 2

Figure 11: NASA photo of a distant galaxy

“To whom would you open your deepest secrets?…  Would you open most deeply to the suitor…who approached you as if you were essentially lacking in intelligence and purpose, as though you had no interior dimension to speak of, no spiritual capacity or value; who thus saw you as fundamentally inferior to himself…who related to you as though your existence were valuable primarily to the extent to which he could develop and exploit your resources to satisfy his various needs; and whose motivation for knowing you was ultimately driven by a desire for increased intellectual mastery, predictive certainty, and predictive control over you for his own self-enhancement?

Saturn by nasa

Figure 12: Saturn—NASA photo

“Or would you, the cosmos, open yourself most deeply to that suitor who viewed you as being at least as intelligent and noble, as worthy a being, as permeated with mind and soul, as imbued with moral aspiration and purpose, as endowed with spiritual and mysterious depths as he?”

Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche, pg. 39


Figure 13: NASA photo of cosmos—Stars and Galaxies

The answer to Tarnas’ rhetorical question is clear.  Despite Dick Cheney and his minions, most people today know that treating conscious beings with respect for their very essence—with namaste—is far more effective for learning their deepest secrets than is treating conscious beings as something that can be exploited and abused.   The only real question is whether the cosmos itself is a conscious being, and even this question is being answered differently in recently decades.

Ever since James Lovelock envisioned the earth as Gaia, we began to seriously consider the earth herself as a conscious, living entity.  To those with this mindset, that awareness can extend into infinity itself.   For some, understand the vast consciousness of the infinite space and time of the multiverse itself is as close an understanding of the concept of God that can be reached.  Truly, this envisioning of God-ness (goodness) being everywhere and everywhen is a change of vast proportions.   As more people sense this new conception of the universe, the way humans treat each other, animals, plants, the earth, and the cosmos itself will change—and is changing.

Let’s look at some of the vast emotional, spiritual, conceptual and, yes, material changes that are placing us firmly on a path to a new world.

Signals on the Path to Change

  1. Time Unhinged:   TIME itself–or our understanding of it—is changing.   This is a note of significance when we consider the Mayan 2012 prophecy of “the end of Time as we know it.”   In what ways can we see this shift?
  • The PEAR’s Random Number Generator experiments.   PEAR, the former research lab at Princeton (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) is quite famous for many researches involving their random number generators.   They have demonstrated that whenever vast numbers of people are simultaneously focused in the same thing, random number generators no longer produce random numbers.  This was observed for televised Superbowls (except for TV ads, when numbers reverted to random for the duration), for international events such as the wedding of Diana and Prince Charles, the funeral of Princess Diana, the OJ Simpson televised car chase, and then, most spectacularly BEFORE the bombing of the World Trade Center Towers and BEFORE the tsunami of December 1995.   In those cases the random number generators ceased to generate random numbers up to A DAY before the event.   For one thing, this speaks to the ability of consciousness to operate outside of the timing of events.   For another thing, it speaks to the consciousness of humans to change the functioning of physical equipment.   (To drift a bit from the TIME topic, but to make this even more WOWIE, Gregg Braden points out that these mass-consciousness events also have measurably strengthened Earth’s electromagnetic grid in the earth’s stratosphere—the energetic system that protects us from dangerous cosmic energy bombardments.)

  • Delayed Choice Experiments:  A series of experiences have suggested the possibility that a decision made AFTER the fact can actually change the results of an experiment already performed.  Originally an extension of the particle-wave experiments with a double-slit and a photon, it appeared that if, after the experiment was complete, if you looked for a particle of light you found the particle, but if you looked for a wave you found a wave.  Later this experiment was changed to change the charge of a subatomic particle going through an electromagnetically sealed box.  A charged particle going through the box could be changed from positive to negative (or vice-versa) by flipping a switch in the box before sending the particle through.  However, it was discovered that the particle would also change polarity if the switch were flipped AFTER the particle went through, even though it had no physical connection with the switching device or its energy.   The PEAR’s lab reported time-delayed experiments completed AFTER the printout of random numbers from their famous random number generating computers.   Groups were told to meditate on changing the numbers on printouts for particular past time periods to make them show a majority of odd numbers or a majority of even numbers.   When the experiments were completed, the papers (previously never seen by human eyes) were examined, and they indeed showed a shift in the direction the focus group intended.  In once sense, this appears to demonstrate that current actions can change past results, but in my opinion, it actually shows that ALL time is simultaneous, and the focus group’s efforts, in a larger sense, was actually synchronous (because ALL time is synchronous).   And in a further set of experiments, Larry Dossey reports a similar results with medical tests:   If, after a medical test, but before the results have been read, a group prays for a particular result, there is a statistically valid shift in the percentage of outcomes to match the prayers.  In other words, if several people had blood tests for leukemia, and after the blood was drawn and the test completed a group prayed for no leukemia in those patients, there was a statistically higher percentage of healthy results as compared to a control group without prayers.  (The specific leukemia example is made up—the tests were more complex and for different illnesses).
  • Half-Past Human Language predictor.   The Half-Past Human web project has been running ALL internet language through computer counters, counting how many times various words and kinds or words are introduced into the WWW, on average, each day.   Then they’ve been analyzing the words that defy the averages over a small group of days.   They have found that the unconscious increase of certain types of words are actually predictive of upcoming world events.   For instance, if there is a sudden and significant above-average use of words like floods and tsumani and other watery-disaster words, there is a high correlation to an event of that type occurring in the world in the next few days.  Google Half Past Human to find out more about this site!
  • The WHETHER MAP of the Arlington Institute.   This project from the futurist research group, the Arlington Institute, is a voluntary collection site for dreams, intuitions, etc.  They are tracking future events on the basis of a finding a confluence of intuitions/dreams peaking before significant world events.   It’s a new project, but Arlington Institute head, John Peterson reports that there is a significant correlation for some kinds of events.   On the other hand, Larry Dossey reports that horrible disasters seem to have FEWER than normal precognitive “hits”.  In fact, the “test your ESP” web sites show a market decrease in people’s ability to test well just prior to major disasters.  Apparently horrible future events on the subconscious awareness horizon set off warnings to people to shut down their awareness abilities!  I suppose that dramatic drops in ESP scores could themselves become predictive of world disasters—but then, of course, we’d not be able to predict the nature of the disaster because we’d be shut down!
  1. Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Fields.   This is the theory behind the “hundredth monkey” syndrome.   Sheldrake has amassed a ton of evidence that once a newmeme enters the awarness field of a specific animal, and once it affects a significant number of individuals in that group, it suddenly becomes part of the awareness pattern of the entire group.   In the hundredth monkey example, washing tubers entered the field –what Sheldrake calls the morphogenetic field—of “monkeyness”, so that once enough monkeys started learning it by example, other monkeys, I suppose you could say, “intuited it” or “downloaded it” from the field of monkeyness!   I think similar things have happened to techniques like Reiki and the whole field of hands-on energy work, where once people had to be trained, but now more and more people are simply downloading the techniques from their own intuitive awareness—or from the field of “humanness”.  What does this have to do with Time?   Once something has entered the field, there is no time lag between the knowers and the non-knowers becoming knowers.  Once the need is there, so is the information.

  • The Knowing Field of Family Constellation work.  Sheldrake once said of this, “I developed the theory of morphogenetic fields, but this is the first time I’ve knowingly been inside of one.”  In the experiential healing work developed by Bert Hellinger, strangers are asked to step in to represent people, often dead for generations, about whom they know nothing at all.   In the service of healing living people, it appears that the ancestors step into these strangers, demonstrating their own need for healing.   In doing dozens of these constellation healing sessions, it seems that the healing that takes place actually affects those long-dead ancestors, which shifts the living descendants into a different modality—we could almost call it a parallel universe, in which the family issues have been modified and corrected to some extent.   The experiences of watching others reflect one’s own family dynamic, and of representing someone else’s family members and thereby feeling emotional issues new and unfamiliar to oneself is profound.  It stretches one’s own humanity and suggests strongly that our ideas of time and space, of the known and unknowable, are sadly restricted.  (for more information about this process, go to and click on Family Constellations.)
  1. Superfluids, Super-conductors, Coherence. This sudden-ness of transmission in the morphogenetic field is a lot like the Bose-Einstein condensate we discussed in part 3… where at a certain point in the development of a superconductor, ALL the molecues immediately reach the high-spin state.   For a condensate of Hydrogen, it only takes 3% to reach superconductor status.  At this point, the group (molecules, monkeys, humans) are said to reach Coherence.  At this point, messages, whether simply the energy output of a superconductor or new information or understanding in animals and humans, saturate the entire group.  In a coherent group of atoms (superconductor), there is more energy put out by the group than is required to power them.

The Fool Tarot scan0013

Figure 14: Tarot Card.   We must enter our new reality with the trust, innocence and confidence of the Tarot’s FOOL.

  • How does Coherence affect human beings?  The Heartmath Institute has actually measured coherence in individuals.   It is a state that comes about when one’s heart rate is regular—characterized by a smooth sine wave rather than a jagged line of irregular peaks and valleys.   When one lives in this state of coherence, whether for 5 minutes or a full lifetime, health improves dramatically, peace of mind improves, and the state of joyful anticipation is a given.  In this state, the electromagnetic field of the heart increases, so that the coherent individual is actually sending out these waves of joyful anticipation to everyone within reach of this highly extended field of energy.  For an individual, being in a state of coherence is characterized by
  • Excited Relaxation
  • Joy
  • Hope
  • Optimism.

And this state of coherence actually produces specific results:

  • Health
  • Happiness
  • High Creativity
  • Increased Productivity

A group of people in Coherence are in a state of Resonance.  Resonance is characterized by:

  • Harmony
  • Optimism
  • Joy
  • Creativity

And Resonance produces these results in a group:

  • Cooperation
  • Peace
  • Creative Solutions
  • Increased Energy
  • Social Responsiveness
  • Obviously, these are qualities that we need.  Equally obviously, if we can create a resonance field in which these qualities are actually infiltrating our immediate environments, these qualities can spread.   It’s one thing to say we can develop these qualities in one or two people.   It’s quite another to realize that, quite literally, each person who develops coherence will resonate with others and contribute to the instant shift to a unified field of consciousness.

Our Changing Consciousness Changes Worlds

When we talk about a unified field of consciousness, or a “global mind”, we aren’t talking about becoming zombies or mindless automatons controlled by a central authority.   We’re talking, on a global level, of something we’ve seen many times in small communities.   At a time in history when communities were small and relatively unchanging, when you knew your neighbors and indeed, the whole community, if one person’s house burned down everyone knew about.   Not only did the whole community know, but the whole community cared.  And within minutes the community would pitch in, first trying to put out the fire, then offering food, shelter, and then time and labor to rebuild the home.   This kind of resonance wasn’t dictated from the community officials:  it was a participatory and automatic response.  It was a recognition of the essential brotherhood of humanity.

Our world today is getting smaller and smaller.   Just today, as I write this, the emotions and experiences of individuals in Iran, have been shared with the entire world because individuals there blogged and twittered to other individuals who, in turn, volunteered to share these communications with the rest of the world because the Iranian government had shut down regular news and communications channels.   This was an organic and resonant response of people all over the world to try to help other human beings who were trying to reach out.   As we continue to reach coherence within ourselves and resonance with each other, we will (without any Pollyanna stuff here) naturally become a world in which the cares of others are important enough to us to naturally and organically reach out: where the health of children, the safety of earth’s animals and plants, the care for earth itself speaks so deeply to us that each of us comes together with others to nurture this tiny speck in our galaxy.

When all is said and done, no one can deny that we’re in a period of huge change.  When we consider how many malfunctioning systems may totally break down over the next several years, it is easy to become frightened.   It’s also easy to get frightened considering the big roller-coasters at the amusement parks.  Fear is a very uncomfortable end of a scale that begins with anticipation and continues with excitement.   Most roller-coaster riders feel excitement, not fear.   I suggest that we look at the next years with a deliberate attitude of Joyful Anticipation.

Tadpoles and Caterpillars

What can we expect?   As all these markers of change come together in the Perfect Shift, we quite literally are unable to imagine what will result from it.   We aren’t like the tadpole, swimming around in the pond as the fish shape grows legs and turns into a frog.  We are in the position of the caterpillar, who, once it’s eaten itself into a stupor splits itself open for the last time to reveal a cocoon and then just trusts, as only caterpillars can trust.


Figure 15: Monarch caterpillar

The thing we forget about caterpillars is that they don’t “grow” wings.  A tadpole may grow legs, but the caterpillar experiences a less gradual and more drastic metamorphosis.  First, it splits open and sheds its skin for a last time to reveal the chrysalis.


Figure 16: Monarch Chrysalis

Inside the chrysalis, the amino acids and cells of the caterpillar become an amino acid “soup” of imaginal cells, which are almost like stem cells.  The caterpillar’s insides literally melt down into soup:  “caterpillar goo”  and reform themselves into the butterfly.  The chrysalis is almost like a black box. Inside this black box are processes we can’t see or completely understand, but they take place anyway, disintegrating the caterpillar totally before it becomes a butterfly.

monarch cocoon 250808 (20)

Figure 17: Mature Monarch Chrysalis

Applying this metaphor to society during this period of huge change, we can see our society splitting itself open to reveal the black box of the chrysalis.   We can’t SEE what’s going on inside, but this “caterpillar goo” is also destined to become a butterfly.


Figures 18 and 19: Monarch Butterflies.

When I was a child, I would go through cycles of what I now recognize as depression.  To me, at the time, all I knew was that it was a cycle of turning inward that was often very painful.   But somehow I knew that if I mined that darkness instead of turning away from it, I would find some tremendous “aha!” that would lift the darkness and light my way for months.  I remember entering the slide into darkness and reminding myself to be excited, because I could get something valuable there.  Now I think of these slides into disarray as “caterpillar goo”.   The old structure (psychological or physical or structural or societal) is dissolving into a soup of amino acids and imaginal cells.   Out of this soup will emerge the free and beautiful butterfly.

The Power of Awareness

The changes taking place in our world now are physical, structural, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.    As we understand and experience the world in different ways, we are literally creating a New world.

Even scientific and technological changes can contribute to this shift in perception and concurrent shift in reality.   In a remarkable book by Glenda Green (You Are Truly Loved), a master remarks that (I’m paraphrasing here) “Ever since humans discovered fire, they started down a course that equated energy, heat, and power with an act of destruction [burning resources].   The result of this has been war, and destruction of every kind.  But it IS possible to get energy, heat, power from love—from sources of attraction instead of destruction.   The moment humans turn to this source of power, the destructive nature of humanity will vanish in an instant, and humanity will find that love and attraction are the most powerful energy of all.”   I think it’s quite instructive to examine the “source of power”, and it’s quite likely that the language equating energy power with power over others is not an accident, so that when power comes from attraction rather than destruction, a great shift is an obvious result.   The shift is from the “love of power” to the “power of love.”

Ancient Prophecies

This time period contains a confluence of ancient prophecies regarding a shift between one world age and another.   From the Hindus’ Kali Yuga (age of darkness, the end of a cycle, which is followed by a new Golden Age), to Hopi prophecies of a new world age, to the Mayan prophecies reflected in the flat-out ending of their calendar, representing the “end of time as we know it”, we are seeing a message repeated again and again.   In addition, we are at the end of multiple cycles of astronomical time:  We are at the end of a 248 year period represented by the cycle of Pluto (the last time Pluto was at this position was in the years of discord and unease leading up to the American Revolution); the end of the precessional age of Pisces, a 26,000 year cycle bringing our galaxy to a recognizable “point” in the circle of the galaxy, and a 215 million year cycle represented by the turning of the galaxy to align our sun quite exactly with the Galactic Center (the black hole power point which is the power source for our galaxy just as the sun the power source for our solar system).

Milky way

Figure 20: The Milky Way.  Photograph taken in Hawaii by Wally Pacholka (

Humans have long recognized the importance of these cyclical changes.   We still celebrate the solstices and equinoxes that mark the turnings of the seasons.  It is fascinating that the highly likely date for the end of the Mayan calendar 12/21/2012, is also the day after the winter solstice—the day the “sun stands still” for three days as it does every winter solstice, as it begins its movement back to a higher position in the sky.  It’s this movement upward in the sky that makes the days finally longer than the nights again.   The ancients recognized this as the Returning of the Light.   It’s also interesting that this date, 12/21/2012, is the exact date when the sun will be dead-center in the trough of the Milky Way galaxy.  This 12/21/2012 position is marked by South-American monuments.  If you can imagine a football goalpost made of massive stones, on each winter solstice the sun shines exactly through the center of this goalpost.  In the Milky Way, there is one spot where stars are few and far between.   This is what is seen as the “trough”.  For the last 15 years or so, it has been possible to see, each solstice, the trough of the Milky Way move into the goalpost “viewfinder”.  It is well within the goalposts now, but on 12/21/2012 the day AFTER the solstice, the sun will be dead center in this trough.  This means energy of the Galactic Center will be transmitted directly to the Sun without the interference of other stars in the galaxy.   It is our Sun’s “day in the Sun”!  According to John Majors Jenkins, this is a once in 215 million year event.

Let’s go back to combine some previous discussions here:   Remember Nassim Haramein’s new mathematical theories proving that black holes are CREATIVE points:  condensations of all the information in the universe.   Remember his point that every being contains a black hole energy:  We are ALL holographic creative points in this universe.   Now think of Heartmath’s coherence patterns and the resonance these coherence points create.

And now, for the cherry on top, think of the Galactic Center’s energy reaching our solar system directly in December of 2012.   This is a resonance moment in the clock of our galaxy.  Moments of extremely high resonance create changes in our magnetosphere that are very protective to Gaia herself (and thereby to the interdependent creatures and lives living in Gaia’s space).  It seems to me that our job is to increase our coherence, increase our resonance fields, so that we can create the joyful and peaceful new age by our own efforts.  This is “create our own reality” time.

Are there disharmonious elements on earth?  Of course.   Will there be in 2012?  Of course there will be.   But disharmony, hate and fear are NOT creative principles.  They can’t create anything at all.  They can only destroy.  We are in a “birthing the new world” process… and as a wisewoman once said, “all births are accompanied with blood and pain, and the new child is greeted with great joy”.   I suggest that one tool in the process of creating a resonance field of Joyful Anticipation is to understand that the disharmony in the world today is the unavoidable pain of labor as we move to the future.

I do want to say something about this “create your own reality” thing.   On a superficial level I am highly suspicious of anything that suggests our tiny little wills are wise enough to demand multi-million dollar mansions and expensive cars and still be in harmony with the needs of our planet.   To me this kind of demand-for-gratification may work, but I don’t know if it’s wise.   On the other hand, I do think there is strong evidence that when we all stop demanding, but simply LIVE IN an attitude of Joyful Anticipation—expecting plenty for all, harmony with nature, energy sources that supply our needs without endangering earth and its creatures, we can create the environment that nurtures this infant we wish to birth.  Think of it:  the largeness of one’s home or price tag on the car makes NO difference at all to the child in the womb.   But the attitude and emotions of the mother and others in the environment clearly do help nurture the child-to-be.   We CAN affect our future—each one of us, acting individually.

Why Each Of Us Matters

  1. We can add to coherence, or we can add to fear.
  2. Our individual “energy systems” create the world each of us lives in.
  3. Our individual energy system fields have a resonant effect on our environment.
  4. Our coherent creative energy is being multiplied by our sun’s alignment to the black hole at the creative center of the galaxy.
  5. We are at the cutting edge of the most powerful creative time shift in millennia.  Each of us is “the butterfly’s wings” capable of causing subtle shifts that magnify positive change in the entire multiverse.


Figure 21:  Chinese pictogram: CHAOS–  “Before a great vision can become reality, there may be

difficulty.  Before a person begins a great endeavor, they may encounter chaos.  As a new plant

breaks the ground with great difficulty, foreshadowing the huge tree, so must we sometimes push

against difficulty in bringing forth our dreams.   Out of Chaos, Brilliant Stars are Born”

I Ching Hexagram #3

So how do we nurture an attitude of Joyful Anticipation?   It may be simple, but it’s also one of the greatest spiritual challenges of our time—and probably the most rewarding to master.

The steps are easy:

  1. Remember that Joyful Anticipation is the attitude needed at the chaotic boundary of change.
  2. The change itself is just “caterpillar goo”!



  • and don’t worry about your worrying!
  • It’s all OK.
  • Everything is a beautiful part of the unfolding.

OK.  That may sound too easy.   Here are a few more tips:

  • Attitudes are Habits.
  • Habits are Decisions.
  • Deciding to change deep habits is a profound spiritual practice.  To change habits:
    • Notice your thoughts.
    • Notice your body tensions.
    • CHOOSE uplifting thoughts.
    • CHOOSE physical non-resistance.
    • REPEAT
    • Change your Habits, Change the World.


Figure 22:   Butterflies, All Together.