My ride through the Tsunami

December 8, 2016


It’s one thing to talk about gravitational tsunamis on a global level. It’s another to watch them in your own life. My own tsunami coincided with coloring my hair ox-blood and turquoise, having a past-life-regression that is still knocking the socks off of me (and a secondary set of memories that add to the story of that regression), and 2 weeks before the election going airborne in my car at about 45MPH and stunning my spinal column when the car hit earth again. I was still dealing with intense back spasms on election nite. To me, all these things turned my world upside down–the election was, for me, just one more literally unbelievable thing.
I’ve been debating for a while whether to share this past-life memory publicly. I’m still not sure of the answer. I’ve had literally dozens of past-life memories of much depth and complexity over my life, without the aid of hypnotherapy. I don’t think I could have accessed this level of memory without the skill of hypnotherapist Lynne Benton, who studied with the late Delores Cannon.
Apparently, historically (but what the h*ll do I know what’s true anymore) there is evidence that the Essene Masters, aware that there would be a teacher for the new age–the Piscean age–were hedging their bets by selecting a handful of boys for a century or so before The Christ, and training them with esoteric knowledge they considered basic.
It seems that I was one of those boys (or my multi-dimensional-self participates in that role). What was interesting is how my personality didn’t fit the role in many ways–nor did it fit me in this life. It seemed like my body-form had an immense ability to handle physical energy–and when they took me I was furious. I wanted to spend all my days running in the hills just for the pounding joy of the run. They confined me in small spaces where my body literally ached to run. They didn’t explain anything to me–they made me copy symbols thousands and thousands of times over days, months, years. As a man I realized that copying those symbols prepared my body and injected me with great pools of energy that were “like food and water” for the people who came to see me.
I didn’t have a spiritual or intellectual mind–nor even a verbally articulate mind. I carried energy and knew this is what the people needed. Later I wept rivers of tears when I realized that I’d created a political situation that generated hate between the authorities and the people. I had hoped to bring good to anyone who wanted to receive it and had no idea that a new hate would follow me. If you are interested in this session, I have transcribed the session and will share privately.  Just email me here
and ask for the transcript.

Gravitational Tsunami Hits Earth

December 8, 2016

  Thanks to Neil deGrasse Tyson for this story. Here’s the short version, with my comments. ….   TWO BILLION years ago, two black holes collided. This collision put out enough energy to light ALL the stars in the universe at that time, and sent out a gravitational wave traveling at the speed of light throughout the entire universe. At this time earth existed, as part of our solar system, and life had evolved to the point of microbes. Fast forward to fish, amphibians, dinosaurs, life extinction events, mammals, primates, homo-sapiens…  Einstein… 
     In 1915 Einstein published the special theory of relativity. In 1916 he posited the creation of laser tools that concentrated light energy for use by cosmic researchers. In 1916 he also added a gravitational addendum to the relativity theory positing that Two Billion Years ago two black holes collided, sending out gravitational waves that would travel throughout the entire universe at the speed of light. As the wave passes through objects in the universe it shrinks and then expands them physically. This is measurable: the wave hitting the earth contracts and expands earth by the diameter of a single atom.  At a time when we can measure NO effects from astrological planets and fixed stars, this is a startlingly large measurement. We could call this a TSUNAMI gravitational wave.  
      In 2016 astrophysicists utilized a laser-light tool, that measured, in 2016, this gravitational wave hitting earth in the spring of 2016. Yes, 2016: the year of Brexit, Trump, the CUBS winning the World Series, etc.  What else happens in a Tsunami? stuff is dredged up from the depths of the under-realms and is dragged across everything in its path. And it keeps rolling.  This creates changes of unprecedented nature. It tears down everything in its path, creating space for new waves of development, growth, innovation.
Many people on both sides of the political landscape recognize that ‘the system is broken’. News has become news-porn—fake stories showing up as real in places where that has never happened before, sucking concerned readers into spending their time and energy following ShockNewsPorn. Reliable sources suddenly repeating rumors (even Wash. Post headlining “Trump sold all stock market shares last June”) without research, evidence, and apparently without responsibility. 
Thank you to Pope Francis for saying following this stuff is coprophagia (literally “shit-eating”!).

    We are in a period of change. Gravity waves aren’t singular. Like a pebble tossed in a pond, the impact sets out a series of waves.  It’s taken most of 2,000,000,000 years for the first measurable one to reach us. There will be more waves, and each time we will dredge up more of the downside to replace the upside, and then churn it back around again. The dredges of the depths don’t live long in the light. There will be more change. Get used to it.
We are here now to midwife the changes to a new earth. We are here now for a reason. Avoiding coprophagia and panic, and spiritually connecting the golden net of support between all living beings is part of our work at this time. We have much greater inner support than we ever suspected.  


The world–via Pluto

December 8, 2016

    What just happened?!  Short news: for the past 18 months I’ve been saying the election of 2016 astrologically DEMANDS an out-of-the-box/outsider-type candidate. Status quo had no chance of winning. Then, watching Marc Boney’s analysis of Donald Trump’s vedic chart I could see the spectacularly winning nature of election day for Donald Trump. IMO, this wasn’t just an “inner” victory–it was a globally visible victory. Then I managed to convince myself that this wasn’t possible and spent months wondering HOW this winning chart could give him something other than the presidency.  (The other part of the conundrum is that a week after the election Trump goes through a “maraka” period: “death or death-like suffering” lasting for months, and that Inauguration Day is a ‘non-starter’ that offers him NO additional stature or benefit–or even attention. Haven’t figured that out yet either.)

    We’ve got national political astrology acting here, international astrological trends AND universal energy patterns.  Nationally, this is the first election in US History where transiting Pluto has been opposing the Sibley US Chart’s Sun: death/rebirth of our national identity. And this isn’t the only Pluto event happening now.  Pluto checks people, countries, etc to see when we’re so deep into a rut that it’s becoming a grave, then tries to get us out of the ruts. Most people facing Pluto transiting Sun will try to avoid change for as long as they can. The longer they avoid it, the more dramatically Pluto will force the change. Groups of people do NOT respond at levels higher than the group average.
    In addition to Pluto/Sun, we are also building to the first Pluto Return (248-year cycle) of the Declaration of Independence. Historically this means we are actively in the buildup period to the second American Revolution.  In literal terms this will take place in 2022-2024. In practical terms we won’t see the new beginning til closer to 2030.
Pluto demands change. We’ve had opportunities to change the way things work in the US. We’ve had opportunities to decide whether the oligarchy makes the rules or the people make the rules. We have repeatedly decided in favor of the oligarchy (Citizens United, Sanders losing the democratic primary among other choices). It seems to me we are doing everything we can to topple the old system. Apparently the only way left is to watch all the old rules collapse under vast realms of idiocy to see if anything can be rescued from the falling residue.
    World-wide, we are still very much in the period of the Pluto/Uranus square and Saturn/Neptune square global cycles. Pluto/Uranus is revolutionary change overthrowing the old system. Saturn/Neptune is illusion and reality in a boxing match of their own. We are seeing these effects play out all over the world at this time–and yes, we are still waiting for more “shoes” to drop.
     Astrological energy isn’t something science can yet detect. Other than the obvious gravitational effects of the Sun and Moon, no other planetary or stellar effects are discernable by current measurements…  But BIGGER energies are measurable, and they happened in 2016……