Vedic View of 2012

January 31, 2012

This is a short audio section (26 minutes) of my part of a panel presentation for the January 2012 meeting of Austin’s astrological society.  It starts with a view of 2012 strictly from the vedic perspective, and ends with my commentary on how to prepare for the energy changes, based on tropical astrology (the Great Saturn/Neptune Divorce).


Lecture: Who Are We Becoming

January 12, 2012

Here’s the audio to the lecture I gave on Jan 10 for the Austin IONS group.   Soon I’ll be able to add a link to a video of the session, which includes being able to see the powerpoint.  But if you’ve got an mp3 player and want to listen as you go about your life, here’s the spot.

Subject:  Who Are We Becoming…   A Symphony of Symbols.

We are nested within cycles of time.  In addition to the larger patterns, we are also subject to the energy fields of shorter-term cycles, and these all interact to create the conditions of our times.   How will it affect you?  How will you affect our times?   Listen here!


Review of Anne’s Lecture, Jan 10

January 10, 2012

Audio AND Video of this lecture/powerpoint presentation will be coming soon.  In the meantime, Jeannie Goldwire wrote to an astrologer’s group on Facebook:

“I went to Anne’s lecture for the IONS group. It was So packed, I had trouble finding parking! And I sat on the floor for part of it (gladly so). Anne is one of our best diplomats — spreading the word — making astrology appealing and palatable to the more general public (although I must say IONS people are definitely more open-minded that the regular general public). Every time I hear Anne talk, I feel validated in my experiences … like I am not crazy, there really is a reason why certain things have been going on. If you read her newsletter, you will find the same will be true for you. Example: my To Do Lists nowadays are empty threats and I often don’t follow through on them (= Saturn’s ways don’t work as well anymore); my “bug antennae” are my best guide for what is to be my next step (Neptune ingress to Pisces).”


WOW!   Thank you, Jeannie!