More, Better JUPITER

April 18, 2011

Getting More of the Good Stuff

Jupiter, or Guru, is the planet associated with the greatest good fortune. Each of us has Jupiter in our birth chart, but not all of us have great good fortune. This is where Upayas, or Astrological Remedies can be a valuable supplement to yagya participation (which you can do very inexpensively at
Ganesha is the remover of obstacles in the form of a deity, while Jupiter is the planetary form. In order to be successful, obstacles to getting started, and obstacles to success must be eliminated. As a general rule, befriending Ganesha is a good idea and the most simple Ganesha mantra is: OM Ganapataye Namaha. The mantra for Jupiter is OM Vrim Brihaspataye Namaha.  Repeating one or both on a regular basis is a surprisingly powerful discipline. You can do 108 repetitions once or twice a day outloud or mentally.
The principle of planetary remedies is to do activities that give you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. Jupiter’s primary difficulty is “too much of a good thing”, so we don’t often think of difficulties with this planet. However, too much of a good thing can definitely bring difficulties, as you’ll see below.


  • The qualities of a strong Jupiter/Guru:

Growth and expansiveness, mildness, soft-heartedness, humanitarian and spiritual outlook, wisdom, optimism, faith, geniality, generosity, joviality, humor, idealism, good judgement, nobility, benevolence, fruitfulness, bouyancy, good relation with father, teachers.

  • The qualities of a weak Jupiter/Guru:

Obesity, liver disease, diabetes, difficulties with children or difficulties conceiving children, lymphatic and circulatory congestion, ear problems, difficulties with teachers, difficulties with educational opportunities, overconfidence, overindulgence, extravagance, immorality, greed, “always right” attitude, immodesty, overly optimistic, tendency to entertain false hopes, carelessness, debts, bad speculations, bad judgement.

  • To improve your Jupiter:

It is best to do Jupiter activities on Thursday because it is Jupiter’s day. You don’t have to do all of the remedies. Start with something easy that appeals to you, and add more later on as you feel motivated to do so. The important thing is to get started and then be consistent. So, on nine consecutive Thursdays,

  1. Light a yellow candle, surrounding it as many of the following that you are able to; yellow flowers, gold, saffron, pictures of great teachers or your father, and spend a few minutes repeating the Ganesh or Jupiter mantra before it.
  2. Gold is the color of Jupiter, so give yellow or golden colored objects to your father, a respected teacher or spiritual guide.
  3. Spend some time being artistic using imagery of the divine (eg. Ganesha) or use stories about your father or great teachers, as your inspiration.

If you start this now, it won’t be long before you see an increase of good and a decrease in difficulties related to this planet. Good luck, and remember to have fun with this.

In Labor

April 16, 2011

Someone asked me today “when will things get back to normal”.  (It was an astrological question.)   I said “not in our lifetimes.”     We’re in a vast period of change right now.    And each punctuation point, each shock and each upheaval, is a step toward a new way of being on earth.

Why now?  As I’ve said before, the astrological pattern:  Three slow and powerful planets standing on 3 corners of the “cardinal cross” are literally changing our understanding of time.  These planets are all crossing, back and forth, over the points in the sky where we have soltices and equinoxes.  Solstices and equinoxes literally mark the changes of seasons:  They are how we keep time on earth.   They Mayans may say this period will be “the end of time as we know it”, and the planets now are telling us seasons are changing, the way we think of time is changing.   We can’t go back to “how it was.”   We can only discover the beauties of a new normalcy that hasn’t yet been born.

We’re in labor now.   Think of the course of a pregnancy:  usually the beginning is a lot of fun.  The pregnancy itself is literally an expansion period.  Mom eats more, her body signals her to rest, there is anticipation of great change and the discomfort of growth.  But Mom can’t just keep getting bigger and bigger.  There will come a day when the pregnancy ends, and usually that means some level of discomfort.   Labor, especially natural labor, is a difficult and  painful process.  It comes in waves, and often women fear they are about to die.  Some do.  But life can’t continue without this process.

In a fractal sense, the earth, the solar system, the universe, all go through similar processes.  The earth may buck and heave, people may shout and fight, the old, overgrown, too-large systems begin to break down.   And what is the result?   Something new–the new child, the new vision, a new social arrangement–that requires work and dedication, but which all agree is worth it.   The new life we are preparing to nurture will be worth the travail of birthing it, and worth the work to bring it to maturity.

Should we rail against the excesses of the dying age?   No.  No more than we should rail against the excesses of pregnancy.   That too, was part of the process.   And for the dear soul who worried that the pain of birth is woman’s punishment for Eve’s transgression…  I think not.   If giving birth were as pleasant as an orgasm, this earth would have been overrun with humans to die off in horrible plagues many more times than we’ve experienced so far:  my guess is that total plaguedom would have hit us about every 80 years, which is more trauma than most of us want to inherit.

We are the midwives of the process.   Our job is to watch the waves of change break over us and recede, keep adapting to the changes of the last series of pains, prepare ourselves for the next shocks, until we see the beginning of the new.   We will never “get back to normal”  because “normal” is in the process of change.  Our children and grandchildren will have enough time in the new arrangement to get a sense of “normal”, but our job is to keep riding the waves.