2011 Important Degrees

November 18, 2010

in Chronological Order

(Central Time Zone)

by Anne Beversdorf

Cap 13 Jan 4      Solar Eclipse, widely square Saturn (at 16)

………..*  Jan 13     Mercury enters Capricorn, conjunct [email protected] and [email protected]

………..    Jan 15     Mars enters Aquarius

Can 29    Jan 19 Full Moon, partile trine Jupiter, quincunx [email protected] [email protected]

………..   Jan 22     Jupiter enters Aries

Lib 17 Jan 26    Saturn stations Retrograde (til June 23) partile square [email protected]

(Sat at this degree from 1/10-2/12)

Aqu 13  Feb 2 New Moon, conj. Mars @14, trine Saturn @17

………..   Feb 3      Mercury enters Aquarius, semisext. [email protected], sext. [email protected]

………..   Feb 10    Chiron enters Pisces (conj. [email protected])

Leo 29   Feb 18 Full Moon opposing Mars @26, quinc. [email protected], opposing [email protected], [email protected]

………..   Feb 21    Venus enters Pisces, conj. [email protected], semisext. [email protected], sext. [email protected]

………..   Feb 22    Mars enters Pisces, conj. [email protected], Chiron, Neptune

…………  Mar 1      Venus enters Aquarius

Pisc 14  Mar 4 New Moon, conj. [email protected], sext. [email protected]

…………  Mar 9      Mercury enters Aries, conj. [email protected], widely conj. [email protected], square  [email protected]

…………  Mar 11    Uranus enters Aries, conj. [email protected], [email protected], square [email protected], [email protected]

Vir 29   Mar 19 Full Moon, opp. [email protected], [email protected], square [email protected]

…………  Mar 20    Vernal Equinox 6:21 pm, partile opp. [email protected]

…………  Mar 27    Venus enters Pisces, conj. [email protected], [email protected], square [email protected]

Lib 14 Mar 28   Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction, square [email protected]

Ari 24 Mar 30   Mercury Stations Retrograde (til April 23) widely conj. [email protected] (at this degree from 3/27-4/1)

…………  Apr 2      Mars enters Aries, partile conj. Moon, conj. [email protected], square [email protected],  Pluto @7

Ari 13   Apr 3      New Moon, opp. [email protected], [email protected], square [email protected]

Pisc 0 Apr 4 Neptune enters Pisces, conj. [email protected], [email protected]

Cap 7+ Apr 9      Pluto Stations Retrograde, square [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Lib 28   Apr 17    Full Moon, opp. [email protected], [email protected], widely opp. [email protected], sext. [email protected]

…………  Apr 21    Venus enters Aries, conj. [email protected], square [email protected], [email protected]

Ari 12’53 Apr 23    Mercury Stations Direct, conj. [email protected], opp. [email protected], widely opp. [email protected],  square [email protected] (at this degree 4/22-25)

Tau 12 May 3    New Moon, trine [email protected], with [email protected] 11 Lib (Venus rulership) (note Jupiter conj. Mars @22-23 Aries, exact May 1)

…………  May 11   Mars enters Taurus, widely conj. [email protected]+Aries, sext. [email protected], [email protected], trine [email protected]

…………  May 15  Mercury AND Venus enter Taurus, conj. [email protected], [email protected], sext. [email protected], trine [email protected]

Sco 26 May 17  Full Moon, widely trine [email protected], square [email protected]

Gem 11 June 1    Solar Eclipse, trine [email protected]+

…………   Jun 2       Mercury enters Gemini, square stationary [email protected], [email protected]

Pis 0’56 Jun 3      Neptune Stations Retrograde, conj. [email protected], square [email protected] (at this degree 4/4 – 8/5)

…………  Jun 4      Jupiter enters Taurus, sext. [email protected]+, [email protected], trine [email protected]+

…………  Jun 9       Venus enters Gemini, square [email protected]+, [email protected], trine [email protected]+

Pis 5 Jun 10    Chiron Stations Retrograde, conj, [email protected], square [email protected], sext. [email protected] (at this degree 5/9-7/4)

Lib 10 Jun 12    Saturn Stations Direct, trine [email protected], opp. [email protected], [email protected],  square [email protected]+ (at this degree 5/18-7/9)

Sag 24 Jun 15    Lunar Eclipse–Total, opp. [email protected]

…………  Jun 16     Mercury enters Cancer, square [email protected], [email protected], trine [email protected]+,  [email protected], square [email protected]

…………  Jun 20     Mars enters Gemini, widely conj. [email protected], widely trine [email protected], square  [email protected]+, [email protected]

…………  Jun 21     Summer Solstice 12:17 pm, partile semisext. [email protected], partile trine, [email protected], square [email protected]

Can 9 Jul 1       Solar Eclipse, square [email protected]+, [email protected], opp. [email protected], sext. [email protected]

…………  Jul 2        Mercury enters Leo, sext. [email protected], square [email protected], trine [email protected]

…………  Jul 4        Venus enters Cancer, sext. [email protected], square [email protected], square [email protected]

Ari 4 Jul 9       Uranus Stations Retrograde, square [email protected], [email protected] (at this degree 6/2-8/18)

Cap 22  Jul 15     Full Moon, wide, out-of-sign trine to [email protected] Pisces

…………Jul 28      Venus enters Leo, conj. [email protected], square [email protected], trine [email protected]

…………  AND       Mercury enters Virgo, partile opp. [email protected], opp. [email protected], trine [email protected]

Leo 7 Jul 30     New Moon, conj. [email protected], square [email protected], trine [email protected]

Vir 1 Aug 2     Mercury Stations Retrograde with all-day Void-of-course Moon, opp. [email protected], [email protected], trine [email protected] (at this degree 8/1-4)

…………  Aug 3      Mars enters Cancer (Moon still void), sext. [email protected], [email protected], square [email protected], [email protected]

…………  Aug 4 Neptune enters Aquarius (Retrograde), leaving conj. Chiron @4, opp. [email protected], square [email protected]

…………  Aug 8      Mercury enters Leo (Retrograde) partile opp. [email protected]

Aqu 20 Aug 13   Full Moon, widely conj. [email protected], opp. [email protected], [email protected], trine [email protected]

…………  Aug 21   Venus enters Virgo, opposite [email protected], trine [email protected]

Leo 18+ Aug 26   Mercury Stations Direct, square [email protected], sext. [email protected]

Vir 5 Aug 28   New Moon, opp, [email protected], [email protected], trine [email protected], [email protected]

Tau 10 Aug 30   Jupiter Stations Retrograde, trine [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] (at this degree 8/16-9/14)

…………  Sep 9      Mercury enters Virgo, opp. [email protected], [email protected], trine [email protected]+

Pis 19 Sep 12    Full Moon, opp. [email protected], trine [email protected]

…………  Sep 14    Venus enters Libra, square [email protected], [email protected]+

Cap 4’53 Sep 16    Pluto Stations Direct, square [email protected]+, [email protected]+ (at this degree 8/27-10/7)

………… Sep 18    Mars enters Leo, sext. [email protected]+, trine [email protected]+, widely square Jupiter at 9+

…………  Sep 23    Autumnal Equinox 4:05 am, sext. [email protected], square [email protected]+, [email protected]+

…………  Sep 25    Mercury enters Libra, square [email protected], [email protected]+, sext. [email protected]+

Lib 4 Sep 27    New Moon, conj [email protected]+, square [email protected], [email protected]+, sext. [email protected]

…………  Oct 9      Venus enters Scorpio, opposite [email protected]+, sext. [email protected]

Ari 18 Oct 11    Full Moon, opp. [email protected], trine Mars @13+, widely sext. [email protected]

…………  Oct 13    Mercury enters Scorpio, partile trine [email protected], conj. [email protected], opp. [email protected], sext. [email protected]

Sco 3 Oct 26    New Moon, opp. [email protected], sext. [email protected]

………… Nov 2     Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius, partile square [email protected], trine [email protected]

Aqu 28 Nov 9 Neptune Stations Direct, opposite [email protected], conj. [email protected], trine [email protected] (at this degree 9/12-1/5)

Tau 18 Nov 10   Full Moon, no significant aspects

…………  AND Mars enters Virgo, trine [email protected], [email protected]

Pis 0 Nov 11   Chiron Stations Direct, partile opp. [email protected], conj. [email protected], sext. [email protected] (at this degree 10/15-12/8)

Sag 20 Nov 24   Mercury Stations Retrograde, conj. [email protected], sext. [email protected], (at this degree 11/23-26) 1:21 am Central time—Thanksgiving Day

Sag 2 Nov 25   Solar Eclipse, square [email protected], [email protected], trine [email protected]

…………  Nov 26   Venus enters Capricorn, partile square [email protected], conj. Moon, [email protected], trine [email protected]

Cap 9 Dec 10    Lunar Eclipse-Total, widely conj. [email protected], conj. [email protected], trine [email protected],  sext. [email protected] 1, widely square [email protected]

Ari 0 Dec 10 Uranus Stations Direct, same aspects as Eclipse (at this degree 11/11 – 1/9)

Sag 3+ Dec 13   Mercury Stations Direct, square [email protected], trine [email protected]

…………  Dec 20    Venus enters Aquarius, partile square Moon, [email protected], partile sext. [email protected]

………… Dec 21    Winter Solstice, 11:30 pm.  Sun partile square [email protected], conj.  [email protected]+

Cap 2 Dec 24   New Moon, conj. [email protected], square [email protected], trine [email protected]

Tau 0 Dec 26   Jupiter Stations Direct, partile semisext. Uranus (at this degree 12/2 – 1/15)

*Degrees are not given for planetary ingresses, or solstice/equinox dates as these degrees will always be zero.  This makes it possible to scan the the degree column for significant repetitions or for significant contacts with your own charts without meaningless repetitions of ingress degrees.

Tibetan Healing, cont.

November 18, 2010

After waking from the dream, I decided to practice the technique.  In a minute I’ll try to describe more clearly the internal process, but I’m still trying to figure out if this is ‘real’.   So first I tried, in the shower, with my vision (which isn’t great).  It might have been my imagination, but it seemed like I could see more clearly.  Then I tried thinking of a friend with some chronic health issues, including exhaustion and frequent depression.  I practiced on her, and was simply filled with a sense of love and joy as I did the process.  Then I remembered another friend whose husband had been in a serious motorcycle accident.  I “rolled him around” in my brain a bit.  And then I emailed them both.

That evening I got a phone call and an email.  The friend with chronic health issues was bubbling over with energy.  She said she was in a circumstance that afternoon that was usually unpleasant and challenging, but suddenly she realized she was incredibly happy.  And her energy levels went up, and she kept apologizing for talking a hundred miles an hour, but she had so much energy…    And the email, the husband had noticeably less pain that afternoon.

I don’t know if this does anything long-lasting.  I don’t know if it’s supposed to.  But I’m still playing with it.

More Description:

As I said before, trying to describe the process the teacher was showing me is SO difficult, because it took place entirely on a non-verbal and non-physical level.   But I can’t describe it without referring to physical things–like a blast of water, or pushing it around with fingers.

It’s more like an energy blob of indeterminate shape is placed in a spherical chamber inside my awareness.  As my attention is on the blob, energy pressures in the chamber knead the shape, changing it.  In the process, the blob shape twists and rolls in the chamber, with parts of it seemingly pushed in, others bulging out.  I have no idea what the shape is, or why there needs to be this twisting or rolling, but the Teacher would reach inside my mind and nudge it one way or another as a way to demonstrate what I was to do.

I think it’s OK to use familiar images, like blasts of water, or manipulating the blob with imaginary fingers, but I also get that the visuals connected to the world we know are a film that may interfere with the process.

I’ll let you know as I continue to play with this.   If you want me to do this during a reading, I’ll be happy to.

Tibetan Healing Method

November 14, 2010

In a mountain pasture high in Tibet, children are playing some sort of running game on the field, their parents going about their business along the sides of the field.  I’m hovering above with some Tibetan monk teachers who were teaching me healing.   And making me practice.  And what they taught simply can’t be described or translated accurately to words, but I’ll try.

It all took place in the mind/heart.  Without specifics, I looked at a child and, without knowing details, absorbed the essence of the issue to be healed.  Somehow this was moved into my mind-field where I performed very active manipulation of the thought-form of the issue-to-be-healed.  There was both focus and intent, but the focus was on observing how the process reacted to the (loving) intent.
To read more, click here

It is almost a kind of mental/emotional gymnastics, almost like tumbling the issue and pulling/stretching the issue which, when I did it, I could feel throughout my body (not the suffering, but the Issue.  Sometimes it invited pulling it apart like a cats’ cradle made of string, and seeing light stream through it.  Sometimes it would flip itself inside out like a balloon turning inside out.   And the process would continue until it didn’t want to continue anymore,  and then, in a little ‘burp’,  it would release like  a soap bubble.    It’s much harder to do awake than it was in my dream.  The whole issue is completely and lovingly accepted before being released.  There’s nothing about making something go away.  It’s mentally turning and massaging the issue with complete acceptance, kind of like “until it wants the massage to end.”

Oh!  I just practiced again.   A better description might be a process of taking the issue in–not even knowing the details, but just accept the Lump of it inside and then from all sides of it sending in streams of love, like a power-washer, tumbling it,  but instead of water it’s a stream of LOVE, that Penetrates completely. rotating, love, rotating, love.   It’s very fun.  You get to Feel the Love.  Then release the bubble and watch it pop free.

Astroweather, Nov-Dec 2010

November 6, 2010

We’ll all be glad that Venus is getting better.  As the planet of desire, pleasures, love and money, her retrograde journey in Scorpio (NOT her favorite sign) has been compounded by sharing much of that journey with Mars in Scorpio, where it’s home and powerful.   This means she had no good influence at all.  Her rulership of money was used against her desire for harmony as money purchased our elections.

And did October feel like Merc Retrograde?  It almost was.  Mercury was in Libra from Oct 3-19, acting like Venus.  Since Venus was retrograde and weak in Scorpio, This means Mercury was acting retrograde and weak because Venus is Libra’s ruling planet, describing what Mercury can do.

Good news comes slowly, but it comes.  We’ll get a bit of a break with Venus in Libra, starting Nov 7 (but this day brings some delusions, or even outright lies, as Neptune stations direct, square Mercury.).  She stays retrograde til Nov 18, and stays in Libra til Nov 29.  Then she’s back in Scorpio, but at least no longer sharing it with Mars, and no longer Retrograde.

The theme for November will be some blend of “Magic, Illusion, Delusion, Lies”.  At best, we can experience personal breakthroughs.  At worst, we’ll waltz into a mass delusion together.  How come?

All month, Neptune, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus will be dancing a waltz, with occasional cut-ins by Mercury and the Moon.   These are excessive, idealistic, fantastic (as in fantasy or amazing) planets, and in general are associated with huge spiritual breakthroughs.  I’m not optimist enough to predict a global breakout of higher consciousness,  but these combos could do it.  Most likely it’ll be a widespread series of individual mini-awakenings, but these do add up.   Here’s the planetary reasoning:  Nov 7:  Venus stations, square Neptune station, square Mercury.  Nov 18:  Venus stations direct, trine Neptune.  Nov 21: Full Moon opposite Venus, sextile Jupiter and Uranus and square Neptune.   Whew!   Find an ashram!  Get an energy treatment.  Have a meditation retreat!

December will bring us some sharp wake-up calls, compounded by Mercury Retrograding for the entire holiday season (Dec 10-30).  The chart for Dec 10 demands self-discipline.  If you don’t have it, no one will.  Rage, anger and potentially violent outbursts are described by a chart with Mercury, Pluto, Mars and the North Node all together within only 3 degrees (click here to read more).

The big story starts with a Dec 5 New Moon, sextile Saturn.  Just to let you know this cycle is SERIOUS (Saturn).   On the same day, and bringing shocking surprises and a tendency towards mass anger, we see Uranus stationing direct, conjuct Jupiter and square Mars.

The story amplifies on Dec 10, when Mercury stations Retrograde conjunct Pluto, N. Node, Mars, and sextile Venus.  Jealousy, envy, out-of-control rage will be the substrate for everyone, so I’m reminding you now to deliberately KEEP YOUR COOL on the days around Dec 10.  This pattern has uncomfortable similarities to the 9/11 chart, so hold on to your hats.

If this weren’t enough, Dec 21st gives us a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse, squaring Uranus (the revolutionary) and opposite Mercury.   A message to be delivered, and a shocking one.

It could be, and we can pray and direct energies toward this outcome, that all these amazing energies are simply a build-up to some dramatic scientific/engineering/technological inventions that will surely come our way once Uranus re-enters Aries for most of the next decade.   Quite often these inventions happen below public consciousness and it’s only later that the public recognizes their significance.  So let the breakthroughs begin.  I’ll vote for that!

Introducing Evelyn

November 6, 2010

4. Evelyn Talmadge: Austin-Based Healer

This is a blatant and free advertisement for my friend and healer, Evelyn Talmadge.
Evelyn has been an amazing catalyst for me.  This has been one of those “growth years”… and Austin-based Evelyn Talmadge has turned chaos into new patterns for me.  She has a process and a name for what she does, but as far as I’m concerned, her skill is in asking the right questions.  Her questions have turned up issues I wasn’t even conscious of, and her process transforms them.
Here are two examples.
1.  Evelyn’s questioning made me aware that I was afraid of people in some deep way–that my behaviors were based on a fear that I would be “discovered” for something which would place me in danger, and that I had to trust myself only, and couldn’t trust others to help me.  As she probed for when I began feeling like this (pre-verbal stories about my infancy even showed this trait) I suddenly had a FLASH vision.   I saw myself as a slave girl in ancient Rome who was doing Everything Possible to get free.  This probably included blackmail, kidnapping, and other actions that could get me killed.  I finally did get free, living a long and comfortable life in the country–but in that entire lifetime I was always afraid of meeting someone who would recognize me, and always kept my story hidden, in case I’d be captured and killed.  After this vision, my experience of others has changed.  The San Diego trip felt like a love-fest–I was able to receive the love freely given to me rather than fearing and not trusting it.  This shift is holding, too.
2.  More recently, a sense of “emptiness” was traced to my Dad’s feeling that he got the short end of the fairness stick in his own childhood.  This made him feel empty and unrecognized.  Even though I had a blessed childhood, I was carrying my Dad’s issue.  Feeling unrecognized (this was also probably related to hiding, as in the previous issue!), I tried to fill the emptiness with unnecessary snacking, worries, and even by picking up his asthma.  Immediately after this session I was able to Choose whether to snack late at night (and said No several nights in a row), and am sensing a shift in my sense of fulfillment.
The bottom line is, I’m recommending Evelyn to anyone with issues, large and/or small.  She has a way of shifting you into a new experience which immediately feels more natural and less stressful.  You can contact Evelyn Talmadge HERE. Her Facebook page is HERE and her web page is HERE.