Astrology of Supreme Court Decision.

January 22, 2010

If you looked at my Youtube video on January, you’ll recall my saying that the Pluto/Mercury/Saturn stationary exact square, exact Jan 13-15, indicates a BIG power play.  We saw this take place in the Supreme Court decision of Jan 21, giving corporations permission to put as much money as they wish into politics and candidates of their choice.  No point in even worrying about lobbying laws.   They now can just hand the money out directly.

When planets are “stationary”, (from the perspective of earth, they are standing still in the sky instead of rotating as they usually do), they are exquisitely powerful.   In this case, Saturn (rules) stationed in a collision position with Pluto (remember “plutocrats”?  –ultimate power, wealth, manipulation)  which was sitting right next to Mercury:  ideas, communication.    Pluto and Mercury are manipulations of ideas and communications.  Saturn makes the laws.  These planets were so close together, mathematically, that you could hardly see air between them.

We had a 3-truck pileup here, where a manipulation of the idea of “free speech” made it possible for the highest court in the land to hand over governance of our company to the wealthiest corporations in the world.   What a brilliant victory for the wealthiest of the world:  World corporations can buy and sell laws and policies of the most influential nation in the world.

But there’s another part to this story.   The solar eclipse that preceded this pattern was very tied to the chart of our Declaration of Independence.  In fact, it was on the PLUTO (power, wealth, manipulation, “plutocrats”) of that chart.   This will have the eventual result of eclipsing the “plutocrats”, which is exactly what the American Revolution did in the first place.

And if that’s not enough, we are heading toward the very first anniversary of Pluto’s position in our Independence chart.  Soon.  2021.

We have just seen the first shot fired in the next American Revolution.  Which, as was the case the first time, will be against government policies that favor corporations and hurt people.

(Historical note:  The tax on tea, the impetus for the Boston Tea Party, was a tax on any tea not sold by the British East India Tea Company.   You could still buy their very expensive tea without a tax.  But any other tea was taxed to the point that it was just as expensive as the British East India Tea Company’s tea.  Corporate influence, indeed.  And there’s an interesting parallel meme with the current “tea party” movements.)

Corporate America: MAKE IT SMALLER

January 22, 2010

I have been reeling from the Supreme Courts 1/21/10 decision that will allow unlimited corporate spending in the American political process.   This ruling is a game-changer for the United States and the world.   If you think this is hyperbole, remember the amount of corporate influence already in play in the health-care debate, and then think of the “greenwashing” tv commercials of corporate polluters like Exxon-Mobile, where in dulcet sunsets and soothing music they assure us that their highest priority is protecting the environment.   Not only will they choose the candidates–they’ll read the public interest and sell us what we want to hear, damn the consequences.  (Remember “compassionate conservatism”?).

Anyway, there is a silver lining here.  As we approach a cycle ending in 2012…   (I am reading THE only clear, definitive, non-hyperbolic book on 2012:  The 2012 Story by John Major Jenkins.  I recommend it. Not new age hyperbole, not doomsday scenarios, but the archeological and Mayan mythological underpinnings.)  The first thing about the cycle ending is that, in every cycle, the forces of ego and hubris become strongest just before the ending of the age.  Second,  in their fear of conscience and consciousness, the dark forces chase the forces of light into the great rift, where consciousness (light force) survives but ego (dark force) dies.   So there is an apparent sacrifice (light jumps into the rift) resulting in the real ending of darkness (darkness/ego dies).

How might this play out in the world at this time?   We’ve just seen the gigantic corporate monsters given the biggest power boost in the history of the world.   Not only can just a few of the biggest corporations buy and sell the population of the entire earth, they can now apply this wealth to setting policy and making laws.  They can start buying congress this very instant.

The next congressional election is 2010, when a bunch of senators and representatives will be “for sale.”   The next election after that is 2012.  The window is very small between now and 2012.   If laws are not enacted NOW, there will be no government unbought left to make them.  I repeat:  The 2010 election is likely to be purchased and the 2012 election will be, leaving only a tiny minority to try to stand against corporate dollars.   And don’t think that people of conscience will have a chance.  There are good public servants who may be perfectly willing to take a stand against corporate money.  But if companies decide someone else will serve greed better, corporate money spent on advertising and spreading lies and falsehoods about good people will drown good people out, make them invisible in the electoral process, and bury them at the polls.

What kind of legislation can stop this?   As quickly as possible–BEFORE the 2010 election, we need to enact legislation LIMITING FOREVER the size, assets, and profits of a corporate entity.  If corporations have less they must spend less.  Large corporations must be split into smaller entities…. Instead of Monsanto owning genes and food products, and poisons, and fertilizers, and machines, and paper goods, etc., they must own only one thing.   This will have the side effect of stopping the financial churning where the richest few make money on purchasing and killing great small companies.  This, indeed, would be a game-changer.  This could be the dawn of the new age.

And in the meantime, someone better come up with a new case to bring to the Supreme Court…  one without the ambiguities of the recent case….  and hope that by the time it actually reaches the top court, it will be possible to make a new law.   Dred Scott was revoked.  This can be, too.

Class Recordings: Meeting the Archetypes

January 17, 2010

Recordings are now available  for all the sessions in the class, Meeting the Archetype on the Road.   If you are interested in listening to all of them, email me at [email protected] with the word Archetype in the subject header.  I’ll send you a bill via Paypal, which you can pay from your bank or with a credit card and I’ll send you the password and link that unlocks the downloads.

The cost for the whole series is $45.00.  If you’d like to listen to a sample, check out the podcast called Knowing Pluto, in the drop-down list under Podcasts.

Here’s the link to the recordings

Jan-Feb Utube forecast

January 17, 2010

Here’s the forecast for Jan-Feb. It got posted after the earthquake in Haiti, which is not really a part of the astrological pattern described…  we’d need to look at the chart for Haiti to see how Uranus and Mars got empowered in this picture.  What I WILL say about the quake, is there is a lot of power manipulation behind the scene.  The two that I can see peeking through are elevating the USAID into a major coordinator for disasters for one, and the second is what I perceive as unconscionable racism by Gates, who is delaying life-saving health for “security” concerns–fearing people who need food and water will cause riots when it appears, and allowing the situation to get much worse because of these xenophobic fears…  a repeat of the Katrina upside-down priorities.