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August 29, 2009

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Here are the quick announcements for THIS month!  More later, I promise. 1. Spiral Manifesting Visualization.  Check my blog for a totally cool and REALLY powerful visualization technique for manifesting change in your life.  I created it, I’ve tried it, I’ve shared it, and IT WORKS.  And here it is for you to use, FREE.

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2.  If you’ve visualized a new love and want to check out your potential together, try my Super-Cool INSTANT Relationship Reports. Maybe you’ve been together for a while and are just  trying to figure out your sweetie’s peculiarities.   Click HERE, and you can have an astrological analysis in your inbox in 5 minutes.   Instant gratification for only $25, day or night!  3.  CLASSES!! Astrology from the Inside Out.  If you’re in or near Austin, Texas, you can attend.   Starting October 1st and continuing for 6 Thursdays, I will be teaching a class on understanding how to recognize and what to do about astrological energy systems as they enter your world.   This is not to teach you how to be an astrologer.  It’s about recognizing archetypes and knowing how to use the energies in the best possible ways.
Classes will be in Austin, Texas;  7pm – 9 pm, and are $15/each or $75 if paid for in advance.  (If you think you’ll attend all, but aren’t sure, the pre-paid choice is the way to go.)   If you want to attend, email me here and I’ll give you sign-up and location details.
Now, I’ve gotta say that October through March will be particularly intense times for many of us in particular and for the world in general, so these classes can give you a heads up.

3. “Catch Me If You Can” is a great way to get quick astrological answers without the waiting and cost of a full 60-90 minute reading.  If you are already a client, just call me afternoons or evenings Central time.  If I’m free we can talk right then.  If I’m not free I can call you back.  It’s only $2/minute.  (5 minute minimum).  If you aren’t on my client list, email me and I’ll get right back to you.  (Put Catch me if you can in the subject line so I can retrieve you from my schizoid spam filter!)
4.  Everything Old is New Again… Are you wondering why and how the 60’s are being repeated in the 90’s??   I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  The obvious is the repeats of powerful Uranus, Saturn and Pluto hard aspects.  But what does it MEAN, and what can we expect this time? Here are my most recent musings.

There’s more good stuff below if you continue to scroll down…

Happy Stars to You,

—-Anne Beversdorf

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Thanks for reading, emailing, and calling me.   I love hearing from you and love interacting with you, so don’t feel I’m a stranger!

Blessings and abundance to you…

Anne Beversdorf
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Spiral visualization to manifest change

August 29, 2009


The ONE is The Many. VANDORN (see

Here’s what happened to me, and here is the visualization that was created/resulted from what happened.  The resulting visualization I have shared with clients and friends and which has created dramatic results–so I’m sharing it with you now.

For those of you who want to cut to the chase, I’ll tell you the technique first.  For those of you who want to understand how it came about, the “backstory” will follow.

Manifesting change with spiral energy.

  1. First, imagine and feel fully the situation you are in now–the situation you want to change.  Feel the limits to your sense of possibility–allow yourself to stretch to the limits of your beliefs until you bump against the ceiling of “this is just wishful thinking” and then settle into a place that you absolutely and deeply feel is possible.
  2. Now imagine a HUGE (and insulated) electrical wire with a live and open end spiraling up your body.  In my experience, and counter-intuitively for me, this wire travels up your body in a counter-clockwise direction.  But don’t worry a lot.  Just allow the wire to spiral up your body without worrying which way it goes.
  3. Spiral the live wire up your body to about solar plexus level, and grab the loose end with your left hand.  See the ‘sparks’ of live electricity coming from the end of the wire.
  4. Now fully imagine the situation you’d like to bring into your life, without worrying about whether you believe it is possible.   Imagine it as fully as you can, with the feelings and details that would be in place when this happens.
  5. With the desired situation in mind, imagine another huge electrical wire spiraling down from above your head.  Some people see this as counterclockwise also, others see it as clockwise.  Allow whatever feels right for you.  Let this wire spiral down til it reaches your solar plexus.
  6. Reach out and grab the downward spiraling live wire with your right hand and “see” the ‘sparks’ of live electricity at the end of the wire.
  7. Now it’s time to bridge the gap.  Imagining bringing your current situation to meet your desired situation–so the desired situation becomes the current one, bring the two live wires together til they join.  Watch the shielding move over the join until they are seamlessly connected.
  8. Check your body for any physical reactions.   Some people feel a jolt, some people feel a rush of energy, some feel a “click”.  This is telling you that the connection is made.  If you don’t feel the jolt, don’t go “cut” the wire.  Live with the new alignment for a while.
  9. I’ll repeat here, whether you do or do not feel an energy surge, do NOT repeat the process.  Repeating it implies that you’ve cut the existing connection, because how can you bridge these wires if they haven’t been separated.   You can remember the experience of joining them, but do not repeat the exercise.
  10. Wait and see!

Backstory: How this came about.

In June I realized that not only was the monthly income I received from astrology not enough to cover my expenses, but that in my mind I couldn’t imagine how it would reach a point where that was possible.   I needed to increase my income by half again… for example from 2000/mo to 3000/mo gross income.   I realized that one part of the problem was my failure to feel the possibility was real, so I set to work on changing that.    What happened inside me was energetic and visceral, not visual at all.   What it felt like was twisting, writhing inside my skin to shed an old energy form and to bring (the twisting) a new understanding into connection with my old limits to “cross the bridge” from an old way of thinking to a new way of thinking.  When “it” happened, I felt an energetic click.   The immediate result was more focused energy on my work, my clients.  Now, two months later, I can say it definitely worked.  The first month was a success–I succeeded with the additional half-again income.  The second month (not yet over) is already 10 percent higher than the previous month.  So yes, it worked.

Then I set about trying to figure out how to tell someone else what I did.  The twisting and writhing on the inside and the click of something joining (it felt like the click of one of those light sticks that you have to twist until something clicks and the light turns 0n) was really hard to describe, so I wanted to develop a visualization that contained the elements of my experience in a visual form.

At this time I was reading a lot of new physics about the power of spin–the spiral, the vortex that many are now saying is the creative energy within the universe.  I could see the correspondence in my experience of “twisting” on the inside, so I started playing with idea of spirals, and of energy… and the electrical wire came to mind.  From there it was automatic to see the old way coming up from the earth, the root chakras and the new way from above the crown chakra.   I suppose if you are left handed you might want to shift the handedness of the patterns, but I leave that to your instincts to try (instincts are visceral, not mental/intellectual).

I tried the new technique on myself, with the goal of bridging the gap between what I believed was the love that could come my way, and the love that I want to come my way in life.  Within days I had a totally unexpected heart-healing experience that echoed back hundreds of years and forward through many experiences in this lifetime, and made me feel re-embraced by my “tribe”.   (I’ll write about this later).   So I can see that the visualization technique also works.

Now the only thing left is for you to use it.

I wish you the very best of  love, life, and wholeness!

Testimonial letter

August 22, 2009

With many thanks to the lovely woman who sent this to me, I’m sharing this letter (with identifying features removed) with the rest of you.

Dear Anne,

It has been over a month since we talked and I’ve had many opportunities to reflect on the information you’ve given me.  I’ve re-listened to our session a few times and I just want to thank you for your insights and the assistance you’ve given me (which is ongoing–believe me).
I’ve also read some articles on your website and want you to know how “in tune” I think you are to our times.  How interesting it is that we are here in this time to experience, to understand any coming changes, to be a part of it all.  I believe we chose it.  I agree with you also in your latest article regarding the me-ness of many who feel they are to lead…when it really seems to me that it is in the cooperation that the solutions come.
As a side-note, you asked me what happened when I was 28 and not much came to mind.  However, it dawned on me that that was the year my father (whom I perceived as being my safety net) moved [out of state] and I realized that I was no longer that protected child.  So, once again, the information you’ve given me has sparked some reflected thought that has brought some understanding.
Anne, I am very happy to have crossed paths with you.  It has meant a great deal to me.
Best Regards,
(name withheld for privacy)

Musings.. Aquarian Age?

August 12, 2009

I’ve been observing stuff and have a bunch of questions in my head with no clear answers.  So here are the ponderings, and perhaps someone out there can add some thoughts which will make things come clear to me.

What I’ve noticed is how very many people I encounter have something to offer—wisdom through experience, teachings, techniques for life, and even land and property, a home, etc.   Me too.   People tell me about the class they are teaching, the land they want to turn into an intentional living community (kinda upscale adult version of what we used to call communes… but this time thought through a bit more).   Everyone wants others to come to THEM for wisdom, community, etc., and at the same time these folks aren’t wanting to go somewhere else.

There’s a Leo/Aquarius polarity here:  Leo is the king, the leader.   Aquarius is the coordinator, the community itself.   People are coming up with Aquarian goals but wanting to be the Leo personality.  (Leos love having company more than Being company.)   There’s another polarity here, which is about giving and receiving.  Everyone is offering something, everyone resists receiving what others offer.  (Obviously I’m exaggerating.)

I can’t begin to tell you how many friends and clients tell me they want to open some kind of wisdom/learning “center”.   They aren’t telling me they want to work at a center someone else is running.   Of course, if someone were to offer…

What interests me here is the upswelling of wanting to share meaningfulness.   If a certain way of looking at life has helped you, it’s great to want to share it.   This is really a nice thing.   I also wonder if more and more people now are actually getting great insight, so these wisdom experiences may not be as rare as they once were.  I don’t know.   I’ve surely been hearing more about them, and more frequently, each year.

I guess at some level I’m hoping that those of us with something to share would think in terms of coming together, so it’s not MY wisdom/healing center, or YOUR wisdom/healing center, but instead is an organic tide of sharing.   I don’t know how to help this tide to rise.   The skills necessary for running a business are not the same skills as those of a person seeking to share his or her wisdom or healing skills, and even if one person had all the requisite skills, taking time to run a business takes time away from sharing one’s wisdom.

At one level, it may be the “too many chiefs and not enough indians” syndrome, though I don’t believe that.   I think I may be running into more chiefs than indians.   And every chief will attract a different “tribe”.

OK… those are things I’m thinking about.   Love to hear from others here.

Gene Keiffer IONS/0709

August 9, 2009


The Evolutionary Energy Shifting our Lives Consciously? Or Not?

The podcast of the IONS meeting and live conversation with Gene Keiffer is here, with background information below.

Chuck and Karen Robison, of What If It Works Internet Radio,  conduct a telephone interview with Mystery School Teacher Gene Kieffer, author of The Secret Teachings: Unveiling the Luminous Sun Within who is a Gopi Krishna scholar.

Chuck and Karen Robison, a Church of Religious Science practitioner and spiritual guide, and authors of the Quantum Conspiracy, and presenters at the IONS Austin Chapter.  They will initially share an interview, with Gene Kieffer, an internationally published author and president of the Kundalini Research Foundation, who worked with Gopi Krishna, who authored: Kundalini: the evolutionary energy in man. Since the 1960’s, Kieffer has been recognized as an authorized scholar of this Indian mystical adept.  Gopi Krishna’s pioneering writing on the raising of the kundalini energies and expanding of consciousness and Kieffer’s have each been recognized as a master spiritual teacher and researcher.

An interview with Gene Kieffer is available on What If It Really Works Radio, accessed at website: The assembled IONS audience at the meeting was invited to ask questions of Gene Kieffer, via telephone, with Chuck and Karen Robison as hosts.

Questions:We are going through what is called a historically significant evolutionary shift in consciousness. Some are calling it the paradigm shift, others going beyond the turn of the millennium, so we call on the wisdom of the mystics to guide us.I. What are the main characteristics of the shift that is occurring and how can we prepare to live through this historic change, which is proving difficult for some……..?

II. Some people are having unusual experiences, and their perceptions of life are shifting rapidly and even expanding…  Sometimes these people have trouble talking with others about their expanding consciousness moments, since their shifts are do deeply personal?  What recommendations do you have for such people?

III. Once someone accesses a wider field of knowing, not just knowledge, but deeper and wider levels of knowing, such as accurate intuition, pain can come with that knowingness?   As one integrates these new levels of knowing, how does one live with expanded consciousness and what responsibility do they have to others to share that new level of knowing with others?

IV.  How do we all evolve in such a way that we can all celebrate life, dance, sing, pray and feast together, with everyone’s needs met and everyone being happy together?

References:1)   Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in ManForward by Gene Kieffer

2) Interview of Gene Kieffer:

3) Branded by the Spirit: Founding of the Kundalini Research Foundation: article

4) Gopi Krishna reference site

Contact: 512-456-3614 and for more information.

Pictures uploaded on Part 4.

August 9, 2009

For a while it wasn’t possible to upload pictures to wordpress files, but that feature bug has been repaired, so now, if you want to read the conclusion to the article series  Joyful Anticipation:Converging Trends towards a Changing Future (and how to get where we want to go) the pictures are now up.   Click here to get there.

Times A-Changin’ (1960’s and now)

August 1, 2009

Sometimes I can be gob-smacked by the totally obvious.   It’s happened again.   About how this era is echoing and growing the themes of the 60’s.    Yes, we can see the unpopular war, new idealism for politics again, mass movements of a populist nature coming up against powerful established interests willing to do anything at all to crush the movements.

display revolutionThese are all themes we share with the 60’s, and both periods are characterized by the conflicts of hard astrological aspects between Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto.    And we can see that many of the social issues of that time are in front of us again.  Even health care for everyone, as a bookend to the 1960’s Medicare legislation that now no-one wants to give up.

But what is the larger picture?   When these aspects move around the circle for another round of events, it’s typical to see the same issue come up.   But there is a deeper theme.

Remember the old line “Never trust anyone over 30.”???   WHY was that a theme?   What was it about passing the Saturn Return that made people untrustworthy to young people?   Well, that’s the time people settle down to responsibilities.   More importantly, to the youth of that time, 30 was the point at which people sold out their ideals in favor of money and security.   They “sold out”.

Anderson and Ray, in their fabulous book, The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing the World point out how many of the “weird new ideas” of the 1960’s and early 70’s are totally mainstream now.   Back then, Yoga was “like really WEIRD man”.  Now there’s a yoga studio in every strip mall.  Meditation, organic food, eco-consciousness, even mind-altering experiences are part of mainstream reality and have merged into a new conciousness.   If you want to open a new yoga studio, you’d better put your advertising on recycled paper (or no paper) using eco-friendly (or electronic) ink, and you’d better serve carefully selected herbal teas and bottled water in your snack bar.   These trends got started in the 60’s, but they are very much alive today.

But what was the big deal about the “sell-outs”?   It was putting materialism over consciousness.  Putting matter above spirit, soul, conscience.   That was the big deal.  Selling out your conscience for power and money.  Now, in the 60’s, these change-producing planets were in mutable signs.  They could change feelings but they didn’t change the whole world.   Now our changes are coming in Cardinal signs… and at zero cardinal at that!   Why is this important?   Zero degree of a Cardinal sign is considered to be the degree that brings matters to WORLD attention.   Pluto is dancing around zero Capricorn.  Saturn is moving toward zero Libra, and Uranus is moving up on zero Aries.   This change will be forced on the world at large.

So what is the most pressing problem in the world today?   The staggering greed of rampant capitalism, which created “consumers” out of citizens.  This gluttony of overconsumption on the part of the rich (which includes the entire western world) and of businesses who sold out conscience in every way to grab as much money as they could in any possible way, has now brought the world economy into a tailspin.   Again, we are seeing the sell-out of values for money.   And this time we’re seeing it on a vast scale.

Those who were young people in the 60’s did their own sell-out.   They grew up to lead companies through this time of exponential greed.  And it’s interesting to think about the “over 30” expiration date.   It’s at age 29 that we experience our first Saturn Return, and decide how we want to spend our adult life.  Young people from the 60’s are now beginning to experience their Second Saturn Return… and we are now deciding how we want to spend the rest of our lives.   Let’s hope we can all stick together, old, middle-years, and young people, to reduce the materialism of our culture and bring spirit, soul, and conscience back into our world.

Out with the anti-materialism of the past, which brought us hippies and communes, and IN with the anti-materialism of now, which says that ALL of us need to live in a smaller footprint, with respect and reverence for all the natural forms of life on this living earth–including our fellow human beings.